Many occupations and sports teams have fitness tests.  I have participated in fitness tests all my life.  One common movement that has been in every fitness test I have ever done is pushups.  It seems like pushups are the basic measure of strength.  I think the main reason for this is because they are so easy to test for and so easy to measure.  They are also extremely easy to get good at.  Throughout my life I have gotten really good at pushups many times.  Each time I have done it the same way.  I’m going to share my secret with you today…it’s not really a secret…it’s really very very simple.  It comes down to the fact that the more you do something the better you will be at it.  My method takes a lot of discipline but it is not time consuming…

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Okay, so a good score on any pushup test is between 60-70.  That is if you are really competitive.  Many people are happy with 40 and if that works for you you’re not going to need as much time for my technique.  So here is how you do it.  Everyday you need to do 5 sets of pushups with exactly 1 minute of rest between each set.  This means that the workout will only take about 7 minutes.  You should do the same number of pushups each set and the last two sets should be too difficult for you to accomplish.  Basically I want you to max out your chest everyday.  Trust me, it works!  You should stick to the same number of reps until you can do all the sets perfectly…at that point it is no longer a maximal effort.  This usually takes about 5 days to accomplish.  When you are ready to move up you should add 5 reps to your total.  For every 5 days of effort you should take 1 day of rest.  If you like your rest day on the same day each week then extend your workouts to 6 days and have day 7 as a rest.  Here’s a sample workout schedule:

Days 1-5 –     5 Sets of 15 Reps
Days 7-11 –   5 Sets of 20 Reps
Days 13-17 – 5 Sets of 25 Reps
Days 19-23 – 5 Sets of 30 Reps
Days 25-29 – 5 Sets of 35 Reps
Days 31-35 – 5 Sets of 40 Reps
Days 37-41 – 5 Sets of 45 Reps
Days 43-47 – 5 Sets of 50 Reps
Days 49-53 – 5 Sets of 55 Reps
Days 55-59 – 5 Sets of 60 Reps

In 60 days you can be one of those guys doing 60 or more reps on the fitness test… If you don’t understand this schedule try this simpler one.

Week 1 – 5 Sets of 15 Reps

Week 2 – 5 Sets of 20 Reps
Week 3 – 5 Sets of 25 Reps
Week 4 – 5 Sets of 30 Reps
Week 5 – 5 Sets of 35 Reps
Week 6 – 5 Sets of 40 Reps
Week 7 – 5 Sets of 45 Reps
Week 8 – 5 Sets of 50 Reps
Week 9 – 5 Sets of 55 Reps
Week 10 – 5 Sets of 60 Reps