Processed Sugar is evil and I’ve always known it. Anyone can tell you that has had a sugar addiction that it is more than just a cookie. It can be a serious addiction. Sugar messes with our hormones and leads to great highs and terrible lows. The more you eat it the more you want it. It is a terrible cycle. I always have and always will encourage all of you to break your relationship with sugar. If these reasons aren’t enough here’s one that will make you think differently. Studies now show a direct link between sugar consumption and aging of the skin. Thats right…crows feet, sagging, and deep lines…(celulite, loss of skin elasticity, and loss of skin glow). If you are ok losing all of your youthful look then keep on eating it. Sugar breaks down the collagen in our skin that keeps us tight, able to rebound, and change our bodies for the better by eating healthy foods. Please join me in saying good-bye to processed sugar!! 

Acceptable sugars IN SMALL AMOUNTS:
  – agave nectar
  – maple syrup
  – honey
  – stevia
Amy Layne