I had to share this with everyone!  I made the best, healthy, natural iced tea!

I have made it with a few different teas and my favorite has been with the Tazo “Green Ginger” tea.  It is the Starbucks brand but can be found in most grocery stores.  This tea was so refreshing and sweet!

In a tea pot (mine was a 1.5 Liter) Fill with water and 4 tea bags.
Boil for 10 minutes (remove from heat after 10 minutes)

Let the tea cool and add to a pitcher.  Add 1/2 tbsp – 1 tbsp stevia  (depending on how sweet you like it).  Add frozen one cup of frozen blueberries to the pitcher.

Refrigerate for one hour.

Before serving add some frozen blueberries to each glass and some ice.

You can do this with any herb tea!  Great variations would be:
-Tazo passion tea with sliced orange and strawberry slices
-Yogi kombucha tea with frozen raspberries
-Regular tea with sliced lemons

I love drinking mine in a wine glass. It looks so pretty and is amazingly refreshing!  You could also serve this in a martini glass for a great mocktail.  Serve this to your girl friends or any guests!  Just because you are eating healthy and working out doesn’t mean you should skip out on refreshing summer treats or making what you are having more indulgent.  This means doing those extra things for yourself that make you smile.  They don’t have to cost much or take much time.  For me, drinking out of a classy glass in the middle of the day makes me feel great.  I love looking for ways to “Diva” day! I hope you enjoy this as much I do!