From a biochemical standpoint we know being stressed above our coping/physiologic thresholds can greatly diminish our health but in order to do anything about it we need to tap into exactly what our stressors are.

We need to know clearly and confidently what is causing us to gain weight, eat poorly, skip workouts, be depressed and have anxiety. When we know what is holding us back we are free to heal. We are free to release suffering and achieve health and happiness again.

It is time to discover what is holding us back from true health. Full speed ahead. No more lollygagging.

Fear and Anger

Louise Hay is one of my ultimate mentors. To her iconic book “You Can Heal Your Life” she has recently added an addendum. Of the major emotions contributing to dis-ease (or pathological illness) in the original copy of the book fear and anger were related to many different conditions. In her new edition she considers them present in all disease.

Of course when dealing with any physical setback, including weight gain, we must consider our mind and spirit and their interconnectedness. Where is the best place to start? Fear and anger.

On her website she describes potential manifestations of fear and anger as follows:

Anger can show up as impatience, irritation, frustration, criticism, resentment, jealousy or bitterness. These are all thoughts that poison the body. When we release this burden, all the organs in our body begin to function properly.

Fear could be tension, anxiety, nervousness, worry, doubt, feeling not good enough or unworthiness. Do you relate to any of this? We must learn to substitute faith for fear if we’re to heal. Faith in what? Faith in Life!”

Like I have stressed in previous posts – to be free of disease we need to be stress free.

Lets take active steps to reduce our stress.

Lets address fear and anger and allow our bodies to work harmoniously in nature (our surroundings) as they were meant to.

Lets stop gumming up our lives with pointless trials and tribulations.

Lets let go of fear and anger once and for all and just enjoy the peace of life we are supposed to naturally have. This is when true healing happens and opportunities for optimal wellness present themselves.

Read the following affirmation to yourself once before continuing. Move on with an open mind about your own personal healing. Identify your fears and causes of anger and then consciously release them today. Make this a daily habit.


How to Identify and Release Your Fear and Anger

Step one in identifying your fear and anger is always one of meditation, deep thought, contemplation or receiving one on one counseling. Some form of looking deeper into your own life, evaluating what upsets you and looking at why it may be causing you such stress.

Use these tools to figure out where your fear and anger are coming from. Ask yourself the following questions “Who do I need to forgive?” “Where am I restricting myself?” What am afraid of? Why anger? Why now? Even if you aren’t scared or angry you need to do this contemplation. Clear up your past by going through your major stressful events and acknowledge the effect they have on you today.

Once you have figured out where your fear and anger come from begin to consciously release them. This is the key process in growing as a person and ultimately healing. The tools provided are simply a starting point for the personal work you can do to release fear and anger. There are many other techniques out there that work.

Begin with these and move on to more advanced tools as you discover them or vice versa.

Here are a few tools to help you release your fear and anger:

1) Forgive – forgive yourself and others. Enter a state of overall forgiveness. For more details on where to start with this check out my previous post here. Be sure to forgive yourself for having anger and fear. Actively let them go.

2) Affirm – affirm what is true. Affirm your personal safety, health, self-worth, finances and relationships. Simply state to yourself “I am safe” “I am loved” “I am healthy” and so on (or use the affirmation provided in the featured photo of this post). Do this everyday. This is about setting an intention for greatness through using your conscious mental capacity. It is activating on all levels. It will uplift you if you leave your personal judgements about the statements behind. Speak these “I Am’s” multiple times per day with an open mind and heart. They are true. That is all you need to know.

3) Be Grateful – be grateful for anything and everything. From the smallest, most seemingly minuscule daily occurrences like your morning coffee or tea to the deepest most spiritual events and people such as your relationships, career and hobbies. More time spent in gratitude is less time spent in anger and fear. They become worthless. You begin to recognize that they have no function in your life. There simply is no place for them.

4) Give Back – giving is our most freeing, spiritually releasing, activity. Give to others. Give to yourself. Give to your animals and give to nature. Give back to those who look out for you and give to those who don’t. It is difficult to be angry when you are giving. Fear dissipates after you have provided a service.

5) Love All – tap into the deep caring in your heart for yourself and others. Recognize it as love and know that you have an abundant amount.

Now repeat these 5 steps again with renewed love in your heart. Continue the process.

This is a basic introduction to recognizing your fear or anger and releasing it.

It really is about connecting mind, body and spirit and understanding how they affect each other. Be kind to yourself and nurture each part of your own being – Your health and happiness will thrive.

David Duizer is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at DAMY Health and a former varsity athlete, Royal Military College Graduate and Naval Officer.

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