On any journey of self-improvement it is important to give yourself rewards. For some, this may have been food or treats in the past. We need to change our thought patterns. Here are some great ways to reward yourself without sabitoging your efforts:

*a new workout outfit – it makes you feel good to look cute while working out, even if you are just home by yourself

*a great healthy magazine – there are lots to choose from. They have great recipes, ideas, and success stories to keep you motivated!

*book a hair appointment just to have your hair styled! – booking appointments that are just for you that make you feel fresh and vibrant is essential – and lets face it, no one can do our hair like our stylist!

*Invite your spouse on a date! – Leave a suprise note on the counter in the morning before work asking them to be ready at a certain time and keep the location a surprise. Have the babysitter pre-booked and reservations made. Choose a place you don’t normally go and dress up a little more! A healthy diner, a play, or just out for a glass of wine and music.

Have fun and spice it up! There are lots of things that make you feel invigorated that don’t include junk.

Amy Layne

Dave and I in the Okanagan Valley at the Mission Hill Vineyard.