I received a great message from a dear friend today that is about to make a huge change in her life.

It is wise to remind yourself often that this is your life. Get out there & do everything that calls to your heart. People may not understand you or see your vision. That is okay.

Seeking approval of others is not your job in life. They will understand when you are standing in your joy. Get out there and shine. You need permission from no one to live the life of your dreams.


Setting Boundaries

Only those who can be truly honest about how they have treated you (actions, words & how they speak of you to others included) and want to change how they treat you will.

Owning up heals – “you can’t pour whipped cream over garbage and call it dessert.”

So if the roots aren’t healed move on.

Set your boundaries without guilt.

There are times to motivate yourself and there are times to be nurturing. Both are important to creating a great life 🙂

Remember when your parents said “You are who you hang with”… Well it still applies and you are an adult now that can make educated choices.

Choose to spend your time with those that inspire you & bring more love to your life.

Authenticity is breathtakingly beautiful.

Because life is too short to not drink green juice out of wine glasses in the morning for no good reason at all & to not fully embrace your “weird” #BEYou

You have the power to change

Over 5 years ago I lost 30 pounds of body fat from my small 5″ frame, gained muscle, created consistent energy, balanced my moods, found my true Self & so much more.

The outside change of my body has turned out to be secondary compared to the freedom I have created living a vibrant healthy life.

After years of abusing my body, mind & spirit I found true peace in my body. I wish this peace for everyone no matter what path you take to achieve it. Always pick the journey that feels right, that challenges you enough to create change & encourages you to love yourself no matter what.

I work as a guide to assist others finding their body freedom – whatever that is for them…..but what I know for sure is this journey is about so much more then losing a few pounds.

***It is about finding & liberating who you really are. Making peace with yourself. Loving yourself truly enough to let everything be ok. And discovering what doesn’t feel ok… you have the power to change.

Now go set your fears on fire…









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