*Smoothie Guide*
Shake Breakdown
Print me off and reference me often!
Amazing shake recipes!
Build your own shakes!
All kinds of yummy ideas!
After receiving an email from one of my Fab Clients saying she is going to be getting braces and needs some new smoothie recipes I got the creative urge and this is what happened!  I encouraged all my clients to print this off and add it to their DAMY binders.  This is an awesome “Build Your Own Shake” kit.  There are enough combination’s and recipes here to last a lifetime.  Enjoy and get creative with that blender!  Thank you to my awesome clients that motivate me and inspire me everyday!  This was a lot of fun!

Build Your Own!

Here is my basic list of great Smoothie ingredients!!  Pick and choose one or more from each group and build your own amazing smoothies!!!  Have fun with this!!!  Make sure to send me any great new ones you come up with!!!


*Always buy plain protein powder and add your own flavor!  You want Chocolate?  Nothing is easier, or better tasting than just adding natural cocoa powder and some Stevia!!  Yummy Chocolate without the added sugar or chemicals!

Same with your Yogurts!  They say “low fat strawberry” but they are loaded with chemicals!  Natural is always better!!

Greek Natural, Plain Yogurt
Natural, Plain Whey Protein Powder
Natural, Plain Yogurt
Natural, Soy Protein Powder
Natural, Plain Brown Rice Protein
Natural, Plain Hemp Protein

Liquid (Always add water to desired consistency)

Brewed, chilled Chai Tea
Soy Milk (*when choosing these “milks” make sure to buy unsweetened)
Skim Milk
Almond Milk
Rice milk
Coconut Milk
Green Tea


There are so many great way to flavor your shakes!! Here are some great ways to shake things up!

Natural Peanut Butter
Pure, Vanilla Extract
Natural Coco Powder
Almond Extract
Chai Tea
Green Tea
Matcha Green Tea Powder
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Canned Pumpkin

Healthy Add Ons
Add in a little “Power Booster!”  Here are some great ones to choose from!

Bee Pollen
Flax Seed
Spirulina Powder
Udo’s Oil
Coconut Oil
Wheat Germ
Canned Pumpkin
Liquid Vitamins
Green’s Plus

Fruits and More
* Having frozen fruit on hand makes these smoothies thick and cold.  Cutting up bananas before you freeze them makes the blending process that much easier.  Here are just some ideas!

Spinach (yes, spinach! Throw it in your shake and you won’t even know it’s there)
Lemon and Lime