No matter what your fitness level or athletic involvement I have to recommend Crossfit Training.  Crossfit is a super popular style of training that involves short interval/circuit style exercises.  I have done Crossfit style training in the past and I have reaped the benefits.  No matter which workout you do you are going to get a full body burn.  It is an amazing style of training for ‘whole-body strength.’

Another cool thing about Crossfit is that it’s like a cult.  People who do Crossfit LOVE Crossfit and they are extremely dedicated.  Their website has a huge following and has 1000s of amazing workouts posted for you to try!  Some of the worlds greatest athletes are Crossfit enthusiasts.  Check out some of their videos on Youtube and you will be impressed.
If you are an athlete training for a specific sport don’t be scared of Crossfit.  It will build your core strength like nothing you have ever tried.  It is great for building stability and power.  Football and Basketball players especially should include Crossfit as part of their off-season training.
If you are looking to get started with Crossfit or would just like to supplement your training schedule with a few Crossfit workouts don’t worry it’s super easy to get started.  Go to their website… everyday a new workout is posted to the home page.  You can either try that workout or search older ones until you find one that is suitable for your physical ability.  Either way, TRY it.  Seriously, you will see results.