I adore working with women from all over the world! I love that we all have our own goals and ideas of what is our “best self”.

When it comes to healthy eating and working out we all have different ideas of what type of body consistency we would like to have. And that is perfect! It should be what “we” truly want. We are all different in our choices and we all are right! Some ladies want to have a long, lean frame, some want to be noticeably muscular and some want to be more curvy and soft. ALL are equally beautiful!!!

There is no right and wrong. I, myself have been more “long and lean” at times, more muscular at times and at times more curvy. I tried it all to see how I felt! This is how I know where I feel most comfortable. At each “phase” of my life I was told I was “too” something by someone else (usually on the internet).

I have heard “you are fat” “you are too skinny” “you are too muscular” …the list goes on.

Aside from learning where I feel the most comfortable in my body consistency when testing them all out I learned that… You can not listen to anyone else when it comes to your aesthetic appearance! These people that judge your body and say mean things are not even talking about you. They are pushing their own self-hate, issues and fear onto you.

If you are brave enough to put yourself out there in this life and be your true authentic self there will be resistance from others. When people are truly happy and free it stirs things up in people (good and bad). Just by living your truth you set other people free to do the same. Just by living a life that you love inspires others to do the same. It is like a wave that goes on, and on. It will also stir up those that want to blame, point fingers and push their self-hate outward.

Just always know it has nothing to do with you.

If I could ask our community here to do one thing it would be to love yourself and love others. Ladies, it is our job to stop the attack on women at this simple level. When we stop attacking ourselves and other women I believe there will be a huge shift in this world.

I ask each of you for 3 weeks to not say a mean thing about another woman or yourself. No mean comments, no comments on others looks or bodies. Only kindness.

If a hateful thought about yourself or another comes into your mind let it go like a passing cloud. Do not speak it or dwell on it. You can also notice things about yourself that you would like to change or improve and work towards this without being mean to yourself (or hitting the preverbal rock bottom).

You do not have to be “bad” or “wrong” to want to change. Change happens with grace and energy when it comes from a loving place. You can fully love yourself and want to improve things in your life, mind or body. Lets just try truly loving each other and supporting each other without trying to verbally tear each other down and lets see what happens. I bet you will feel amazing.

Good things will happen and your life will flow more peacefully.


Forget ‘All or Nothing’ Attitudes

I say this to my DAMY Members that are being hard on themselves or are having “a bad day”. Forget “all or nothing” attitudes and just do your best in each moment.

Some moments you will feel are your best and some will not. That is ok. They are your best for that instant and the next instant is an opportunity to change course. Take a deep breath. Know you are in the drivers seat of how you perceive and experience your life.

Your are not a “bad person” because you have a “bad day”. Love yourself, pick yourself back up and dust yourself off. You are ok. Keep going 🙂


Visualize, Action, Realize

Hold a clear vision today of who you want to be. Take 3 new actions that this “new you” would do today. Place your attention on the positive in your life. Today I dare you to jump into who you truly want to be.

Give yourself the permission to be great.


What I’ve Been Up To So Far This Summer

Most of you that follow my blog know that for the last three years my husband and I have been pretty much soley focused on our careers, work and David’s Education. For three years we basically put our heads down and just did what needed to be done to get ahead. So, this Fall I found myself becoming burnt out. My job is my passion but it was starting to take more from me than I was able to give to myself. I realized to be able to continue to guide others to their best lives I have to start taking more time for myself. I give this advice to others on a daily basis and now is my time to really embody this message for myself.

Something I adore doing is hiking. It is fantastic cardio plus I get to connect with nature. It is heaven on earth for me. So, each day I have been carving out two hours to head to the woods and explore. Here are some sights from recent adventures I have been on (around Vancouver, BC).





This is something that is really special to me as well. Along a flat trail that I frequently go to I was shown a Hummingbird’s nest. So, each week I have gone back to see the hummingbirds to watch them change and develop.

It is truly an amazing sight. (That is my pinky finger)



Oscar and Baby B are having a wonderful summer of relaxation and adventure. Here are some recent shots I took of them.


We have even committed to going on some dates (gasp!). That’s right this summer is about bringing balance back to my life. As insane as it sounds this summer I’m focused on having more fun.

I’m sending you all the same wishes for summer – To find your perfect balance of health, joy, freedom, fun and success. Life is so abundant. Dive in with me.



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