This week that past was crazy hot! It was so beautiful! I loved it but found it very hard to cook or get out for my daily cardio. Side note – I did try to bake this week and attempted 3 new recipes… This is how that turned out… Fail…

Healthy Muffin Fail

So, where I lacked outdoor cardio and baking I replaced with going to the beach! David and I went every chance we could after school/work and on the weekend. One night we actually fell asleep… in public… who are we? Anyway, it was great and so relaxing. One other great benefit to the beach is it locks me into reading and actually finishing books (my mind races and I often will be reading then think “oh did I do such and such” then have to put the book down, write a note to do “such and such” then get occupied with a million emails, life ect).

This week I finished “A Place of Yes” – by Bethenny Frankel. I loved it! It was real, down to earth, funny, motivating, everything I love! I highly recommend that any women that is interested in being a fierce entrepreneur starting from the ground up read this book. She has great tips broken down in a very basic manner. It is funny because she speaks of things that a lot of spiritual teachers also speak on yet she breaks it down like a girlfriend chatting over cocktails. Just wonderful! But speaking of cocktails, she is also the creator of Skinny Girl Cocktails. After reading this book and falling in love with Bethenny’s theories on life I ran out to find the cocktails. Great news, first stop I found a bottle.
Healthy Skinny Girl Cocktail
Warning, this stuff is strong to taste. But hey, that is not too shocking, it is made of agave, tequila and lime. Simple, basic drink. It is really refreshing and nice. I recommend having it over a lot of ice and letting it melt some. It is a sipping drink in my books. It is roughly 110 calories per drink. Which is great for a premixed drink. It is the best pre-made drink I have found calorie and diet wise.

Bethenny Frankel Skinny Girl Cocktail
Ice Picture

I always recommend to DAMY Members that when having an alcoholic drink try to stick to the clear drinks with fresh fruit for the flavor and no added sugar. If you want to make your own skinny girl drinks here are the rules and guidelines:

  • Think for the mix – water, sparkling water, kombucha or stevia based pops.
  • Think for the flavor – fresh fruit and for sweetness stevia or a small amount of agave. Never go for the sugary bright colored drink choices.

 Amy Laynes Mojito Water


DAMY Recommended Healthy Cocktail Choices 


Vodka – My favorite is with water, stevia and fresh squeezed limes. Other great choices are sparkling water with berries, any of these flavored water recipes or any of the Zevia pops (an all natural cola made with stevia).

Tequila – With agave or stevia and fresh limes is so yummy! There you have your own homemake Skinny Girl Cocktail!

White Rum – With water and lemon or lime slices, some stevia and some fresh mint for a skinny mojito. Or, if you love cola try Zevia pop.

Gin – With sparkling water and lemon it is refreshing!

White Wine – Made into a wine spritzer using sparkling water and berries OR kombucha! Feel free to use any of these natural flavor options to shake up your wine spritzer.

Sangria – For a special cocktail treat you can always make my famous Strawberry Ginger Sangria! Click here for the fabulous recipe.


Healthy Sangria

I also always suggest drinking a glass of water before and after each drink. This way you are keeping hydrated, drinking less alcohol and flushing those toxins.

*For DAMY Members make sure to check your program on what to eat on a day you are going to have drinks to make sure you stay on track.

Welcome to all the NEW DAMY Members for the fall season! Best of luck to all members heading into the Best Body Ever Challenge! If you have not read all the details and found out how you can be $500 richer click here!

Hope everyone has had a great start to the week!

Amy Layne is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert at DAMY Health. She is the creator of the popular DAMY Method Program and world famous Bikini Body Program. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here.

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