It has been raining and damp here the last few days. I’ve been tempted time and time again to just stop at Starbucks for their Peppermint Mocha. BUT! It is not in-tune with my goals. I’m currently leaning down for some upcoming fun stuff (more details to come). And also, we are continually on a strict budget with my husband being a med student.

The great news is I have created something that fits all my goals. It’s sugar-free and inexpensive which means it’s guilt-free! Aside from these great facts it’s delicious and gets me in the Holiday mood! (that’s right everyone the Holidays are coming and I’m going to be talking about them for the next two months… lol).

The product I’m so excited that I found is the PC Candy Cane Flavored Ground Coffee. It gives a mint aftertaste that is cool and refreshing. If you can’t find this coffee (which I highly recommend trying to find) you can always use a drop of mint extract in your regular coffee. So here’s all you need.

PC Candy Cane Coffee


Easy Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte


  • President’s Choice Candy Cane Flavoured Ground Coffee
  • Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze
  • Stevia
  • (optional – regular coffee with mint extract and some chocolate shavings for the top)


  1. Place all ingredients in a cup that you love, stir and enjoy.
  2. I like 1/3 of my cup to be chocolate almond breeze.
Unsweetened Chocolate Almond BreezeSkinny Peppermint Mocha


Evidence of the best nap ever!

Last Sunday I literally passed out for two hours. It wasn’t intended it just happened. When I woke up I told my husband it was the best nap I’ve ever had and he said I know it looked so cozy I took pictures. So, here’s the evidence:

DAMY Health Dogs Nap CuteCute nap at DAMYAmy Layne and DAMY Dogs NappingAmy Layne and DAMY Dogs cute

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