I found these a few weeks ago when Dave and I were having our “treat” night (yes we plan our treat night every week having something we both have been craving) and wanted to share with you all then. We tossed the bag out in a Saturday morning cleaning frenzy and I could not find the name!  Well we went camping last week and we both decided to bring this as our treat. When I talk to you ladies and gents about treats I always say I want you to choose something off the everyday plan that you crave but keep it healthy. There is always a way to have your favourite treats in a healthy fashion.  Keep the ingredients whole and if you can’t read them OR you know they are terrible skip it! Find a whole foods treat that will not defeat all your hard efforts! Read these simple ingredients that a four year old can read and feel great about having a treat with your new lifestyle in mind!

Seriously you have to try these!!!!

Sweet n’Salty Kettle Korn

The original kettle korn that made us famous. Crafted in small batches with a minimum of ingredients. Truly a healthy indulgence!

corn, pure cane sugar, coconut oil, sea salt