Bring a small cooler to work!! It is 2010 ladies!!!! There are LOTS of products out there to help you transport our foods to and from work or school. There is no reason to not have healthy choices with you! The night before work pack your cooler! Have all your go-to foods with you. This is easy and will save your diet. It only takes 15 extra minutes to pack your lunch at night. Make a bit of extra chicken, make a salad, put your portion of nuts in a zip lock, pack your yogurt and your fruit, measure some hummus and raw veggies! Easy! And let me tell you, there are some very sharp looking lunch bags out there now! Have fun with it!

I want you all to remember Sunday cook night! Here we cook up some things in large batches to make our lives easier! For those of you that have a bigger family you may want to have Sunday and Wednesday cook night! Plan ahead! Make the most of your time! Great things to cook in large amount and have on hand:

Steal cut oatmeal


Brown Rice

Baked Sweet potatoes (have you tried them in coins??? soooo good!)

Baked Chicken

Turkey Balls



*Etc. So many great things that can make your life Easier.

*Put your nuts and dried fruit in zip locks in the portion you use them! Put your hummus in some small to-go containers.

* Portion out your serving size of nut butter in small containers.

* Portion out some yogurt in small containers

*Cut up some fresh veggies that are easy to grab for a snack.

Take these steps to make your success easy! These are really peanuts when it comes to thinking of your overall health! I read a quote tonight that really stuck home for me, and all of us that say we are “too busy” for a healthy lifestyle

“Those who don’t take the time for their health will have to take time for illness.”

It really rang true to me today! Hope it does the same for you!

Neoprene Bag

Amy Layne

DAMY Health