Ten Quick Tips for People Who Want to Gain Weight the Healthy Way by Kyle Stewart

If youíre going crazy trying to pack on weight without getting fat, you know how difficult it can be. Donít get sucked into the latest gimmick or resort to illegal drugs. Here are 10 ways to increase your body-weight.

1. Eat more protein. If you add more lean protein to your diet you are giving your body the materials it needs to build muscle.

2. Donít eliminate fats from your diet. Some people try to cut fat entirely out of their diet, even when trying to gain weight. Your body needs fats to run on all cylinders, so donít deprive it.

3. Get more sleep. If you are only getting a few hours of sleep each night, your body wonít have a chance to grow and repair itself. You have to get plenty of sleep to gain muscle.

4. Cut back on cardio. If you are doing a lot of aerobic exercise ñ cut back now! Too much cardio work will burn up calories that your body could be using to build muscle.

5. Add an extra small meal or two to your diet. You should be eating lots of healthy foods if you want to gain weight. To speed things up add a meal or two to your eating plan.

6. Avoid stress. We all have stress but you need to minimize it to get your body in a state where it can really grow. Too much stress will short-circuit your plans to add muscle mass.

7. Lift heavier weights. If you are working out, try upping the amount of weight you lift for each exercise. Your body will adapt by getting stronger. Getting stronger means more muscle.

8. Take your vitamins. Remember Hulk Hoganís old advice to take your vitamins? Well Hulkís a little bit out there but his advice from 20 years ago still holds true. Your body needs the right nutrients to grow.

9. Drink more water. We always hear about how the human body is 90% water. Well, we are made up of a lot of water, so take in more to increase your chances of adding muscle weight.

10. Add a meal replacement supplement to your diet. Spend a few bucks to get a high quality MRP to add to your every day eating plans. You need more healthy calories and these drinks are a great way to get the extra stuff you need to grow.

Written by Kyle Stewart of Ultimate Fitness Gear, Getinsanity