Are you ready for this recipe? It’s sugar free, natural and tastes delicious! It reminds me of freezies from when I was a child.

The only two things you need to make these delicious summer treats are 1 can (or more) of Zevia Pop and Homemade popsicle holders.

Here you go!


  1. You take 1 can of Zevia.
  2. Pour it into popsicle holders (Approximately 5 small popsicles per can).
  3. Freeze overnight.
  4. Boom! Zevia Popsicles!

DAMY Members – You can have this any time of the day including meal 6. The serving is up to 1 can of Stevia Pop.

The great thing is Zevia comes in a lot of different flavors. I made mine with the Cream Soda Flavor and added 5 blueberries to half of my popsicles. This made half white and half a purpley color. It was really delicious to have that frozen fruit in some of them as well.

Don’t know what Zevia is?

The long and short of Zevia Pop is it is a natural pop using Stevia for its sweetener. For more information on Zevia Pop click here.

Hope you enjoy this super easy, sugar free, delicious popsicle recipe! PS – Zevia Ice Cubes rock too!

The Easiest Sugar Free Popsicles Ever


Zevia Sugar Free Popsicles
Zevia Popsicle
Zevia Pop
Zevia Cream Soda Popsicle

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