Before I get into the fastest way to look and feel amazing for the holidays with all my best secrets, tips and tricks I want to make one disclaimer. The ultimate way to glow from the inside out, look and feel lean is to create real, lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes.

That is done by living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods at the right time and doing workouts that promote overall health while creating a lean, strong body.

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We all know the holidays are the same time every year yet somehow with all the hustle and bustle it seems to sneak up on us.

The holiday parties, family get-togethers, travel, events, etc can cause us a lot of stress. One thing that used to stress me out was the pressure I felt to look amazing for these holiday events.

It always seemed that my workouts would slide off at this time of year and my eating would become a lot more “loose”. This would contribute to bloating and just an overall feeling of not looking my best. This went on in my life for years until I decided to get out in front of myself and create change.

I changed the way I went about the Holiday Season and, in turn, I was able to lower my holiday stress. I no longer become sick this time if year, I do not stress about feeling great in my holiday dresses and I now LOVE the Holiday Season.

My holiday guide below is for everyone who needs a little “tightening up”, has slipped off their program a bit or hasn’t yet kicked off their healthy lifestyle yet.

It is all okay and we all deserve to feel great this time of year (and all year round for that matter).

The holidays are busy! Lets face it.

There is added stress, events seem never ending and there are tempting treats all around. Below I am going to give you my best tips and tricks for not only looking great from the inside out this holiday season but how to handle this intense time of year and actually feel great in your clothes.

Yes, you can have a great time, indulge and still be able to zip up that sexy dress. Follow my tips below and you will feel lean, in control and vibrant over this next month and heading into the New Year. (also feel free to pass this onto anyone and everyone you love!)
The Fastest Way to Look & Feel Amazing for the Holidays

The Fastest Way to Look & Feel Amazing for the Holidays

1) When you are not at a special event eat super clean and lean. This means the most natural, whole food choices you can find. Focusing on vegetables, fruits, proteins, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

The holidays bring on a lot of fabulous, indulgent high carb treats. So if you know you will be enjoying some this year focus your other meals on mostly veggies and protein. Huge salads with grilled proteins or beans is a great way to fuel in-between those big holiday spreads.

During this time of year I focus on reducing extra condiments, salts, etc. I avoid dairy, refined carbs and processed foods. I keep my meals super clean, lean and full of fresh nutrients.

2) Water, water, water. I am known as a “water pusher” and I am okay with it.

This year focus on drinking a lot of water and keep other drinks to a minimum.

I drink 2.5L to 3L a day no matter what. Just make it happen.

This is great for your skin, energy levels and helps you stay hydrated so that you can tell the difference between being hungry and thirsty. Water also helps you reduce bloating and lose excess body fat.

Stay hydrated!

3) Never go to a party/event/indulgent meal starving. This can lead to bad choices and over indulging.

There is a difference between having a treat and binging.

The key to taking control of over doing it with naughty foods is to feel satisfied before you head out. For myself, I will have a small salad, some protein and a hand full of raw nuts.

When I head into a situation where I do not control the food this sets me in a position of power over my choices. I am never starving when I head in so I can pick and choose small treats that I will savour and enjoy without feeling bloated.

4) Alcohol is overflowing this time of year and enjoying yourself here and there is going to happen. Making smart choices is the only way to go when it comes to holiday booze.

Here are the rules around alcohol I follow for success:

  • If I know I am going to have some drinks I avoid heavy carbs at lunch and dinner. I instead have huge salads with a protein for that day/night.
  • I stick to a 3 drink maximum.
  • I drink a large glass of water before and after each drink.
  • I enjoy less sugary drinks like vodka and sparkling water with lime and stevia and white or red wines.
  • I avoid drinks with sugary juices, mixes and/or dairy.

5) I continue to take my B vitamins no matter how busy I am. I take a “stress B” complex daily which helps me manage stress, maintain energy and overall health.

6) If I find myself feeling extra puffy or experiencing PMS I will have a cup of dandelion tea in the morning and at night for a few days. This helps me shed any added bloating in a hurry. (This has to be in combination of eating super clean and working out. There are no substitutes for these.)

7) Sleep. Get as much as you can.

There is no substitute for true rest. This is when you recover physically and mentally. Your body also needs that rest to heal and burn body fat.

My best advice for a great nights sleep are below:

  • *Avoid caffeine after 2 pm.
  • *Avoid tv before bed. Instead try reading for an hour before sleep.
  • *Remove all electronics from your bedroom. No computers or cell phones.
  • *Make your room as dark as possible. We recently changed our curtains to blackout blinds and our sleeps are now so amazing. It is truly life changing.
  • *For more tips on getting a great night’s sleep check out these tips from Dr. Duizer.

8) Get in daily workouts. Just move your body.

Everyday is not the same and some days you just don’t have time. I get it! But do something.

Pick up your weights and do a few sets of upper body workouts, get outside for a power walk or jump on the treadmill and run a few sprints.

Do what you can but do something.

I always love to hear about my members getting outside for 45 minute speed walks when they can. This is amazing on so many levels for the body and the mind.

Connecting to nature helps up stay grounded. Breathing in fresh air is refreshing and healing. Getting a good sweat on will help you stay lean, energized and better able to cope with stress.

Think of your daily workout as “your time”. It is your therapy, your fuel!

“Bodies in motion stay in motion” is something I say to myself anytime I feel a lack of motivation. It gets me right up and moving again!

9) If you have a running dialogue with yourself that says you hate the holidays, the holidays are stressful, you always gain weight during the holidays, you always get sick during the holidays, etc. Whatever negative thought patterns you may have I encourage you to change them.

The holidays are whatever you decide they are.

Today you can change your past negative experiences by starting anew. And it all begins with a thought. A decision that the past has no power over you and this year is going to be amazing.

Put less pressure on your outside experiences and expectations and focus on yourself. Focus on loving yourself and others. What could you do to make this season amazing for yourself and others?

Maybe it is shifting your focus from your family dramas to helping the less fortunate.
Maybe it is letting go of the over spending and focus on love instead.

It is different for everyone but if you take the time to become quiet and listen to your inner self you can find out what works for you and what is causing you stress.

For myself, the expectations of the holidays always fell short. My family didn’t celebrate the way I wished, I lost my Father and the holidays seemed like just another reminder that he was no longer here with us, I was always very stressed about the excessive spending and gift giving.

A few years ago I decided (with my partner) that we were going to change our thoughts around the holidays. We now focus on experiences, giving to the less fortunate and being cozy. We do not buy for each other and instead choose experiences together.

We focus on the love, the children around us, the kindness, the warm tea, the light and cold cozy nights cuddled up. I went from truly dreading the holidays to loving every minute of them.

10) Decide what you love and enjoy it. Savour it.

When you are at parties or family events there are things that you look forward to having all year long. For me, this is mulled wine. I never have it so once a year I will have a couple of glasses. I enjoy that treat and that is what I stick to. Avoid eating the half box of crappy chocolates just because they are there.

Treat yourself like the queen/king that you are and enjoy only what you love! Stick to that and you will experience what it is truly like to enjoy a fantastic treat guilt-free.

11) When I comes to what you wear pick something that makes you feel beautiful, cool or powerful.
Whatever the vibe you enjoy.

I know this sounds kinda silly and implied but for some of us this is a lesson learned. For years I would try and shove myself in the “hot-this-year holiday trend” and most of the time it left me feeling like my body was in the wrong.

Not every trend is for everyone. We are all different and no matter what your body shape you are perfect and beautiful as you are. Even if you have a goal to lose weight. “You are perfect now and then there is more” is the motto.

So pick something that makes you feel good, works for your current body shape and that you love.

12) When times get busy and stressful turn up your spiritual practice. It is the only way to create more peace, more time and slow down.

I know it sounds crazy but taking the time to connect to your higher self gives you more time and more peace, confidence and flow in your life.

It is something I cannot live without.

I connect every morning and every night. I read from A Course in Miracles or Science Of Mind and then sit for 10 – 15 minutes. It puts you in the right mindset and shifts you away from the little small self to the bigger Self.

One other thing I do if I am heading in to a high stress situation is take a moment before I leave home and pray. I will send love to everyone who is going to be there. I will see them all happy, healthy and glowing. I send them all light and love.

I also pray for myself that I may be love, give love and receive love.

13) This last tip is the most important of all. When you mess up forgive yourself immediately.

Immediate unconditional forgiveness sets yourself free and everyone else around you. Guilt is what keeps us bound to the habits that hurt.

Forgive yourself and move on in an instant.

It is okay. You are safe and all is well.

That moment is gone and you are here, now.

Focus on the things you want to experience and let anything that isn’t that go. The past has no hold on you unless you decide to let it.

Even when the past is 5 minutes ago when you ate a huge box of doughnuts over the kitchen sink because you are stressed about all the family and work parties coming up and that “you-know-who” will be there.

Take a deep breath, forgive yourself, go drink some water, get out for a walk in nature if you can and plan to eat a healthy meal next.

It is okay!

Set a plan for the next time this stress comes up. I love a candle light bath with sea salt when “I can’t even”. I always come out anew.

I hope that my tips and tricks can be helpful to you this Holiday Season and all year round. Not all these tips are for everyone. Take what you need where you are on your journey.

I am sending you so much love and deep peace for a wonderful month ahead.

Amy Layne is the Co-Founder of DAMY Health Online & The Healthy Rebel App. Here at DAMY she is our Head Coach Specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Secretly Healthy Recipe Creation, Fitness, Self-Love, Inspiration and Living Your Best Life. She is the creator of the world famous DAMY Method and Bikini Body Programs. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here. For Amy’s complete story go

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