This morning I was thinking about the best advice I have ever received. It made me think about something I read a few years ago in a magazine that I feel really was a bench mark in my life. It was a short write up called “this is it.” The basis was: This is Your life. This is not a dress rehearsal. All the things you want to be, achieve, do, see, feel, have, think about them. This is your life. Your chance to fulfill all your hopes and dreams. I cut this out and put it on the inside of my cupboard where I could see it every day. It really changed my attitude in so many ways. They say about “ahh haaaa” moments. Well it was one that has lasted. I stopped living from the “when I’m fit enough,” “when I’m rich enough,” “when life is perfect.” I shut that all off and started living from right here and right now. What if this was all there was??? What if this was as good as it gets?

From then on I decided that I would act on my desires and let go of the worry. I give thanks for everyday and make the very most of life. I wake up grateful every morning. I try to scare myself by doing one thing a day that I didn’t think I could do or wanted to do. I try a little harder in all that I do. I embrace all those that I love and are a positive part of my life. Those who have made me feel bad or uncomfortable I let go. I learned to love my body and live in an attitude of continual patience. When I find myself thinking “I would love to do that” I make a plan of how to do it and go for it. I let go of the littleness that often consumes us. I help where I can and make sure I really listen when someone is talking to me. I take the time to sit and think about what I really want. Not what he, she, family and friends feel about what life should look like. I don’t speak down to myself and I walk around with the overwhelming feeling of pure gratitude to be here and be who I am. I feel in love with myself and my life.

It’s an amazing feeling to let your head hit the pillow and think “I did my very best today.” I wish this feeling and inner peace on everyone. What if this was it??? Well you would have to feel happy and blessed. If just for today fall in love with yourself, all those around you and your life. Say thank you. Just for being here. Let go of all the littleness and do things that make YOU feel good.

Saturday evening after a long day of work (actually my 14th day of working in a row) the last thing I wanted to do was go get my cardio in. At the end of my cardio this was my sight. How can I be anything but grateful? This beautiful artwork in the sky, a booming business, and a healthy physical body that is capable of exercise. What a beautiful reminder.
Have a blessed day,