In the Fall my family can live on soups. We love simple Fall soups. We keep our soups fairly simple using flavors such as pureed butternut squash, creamy tomato soup, broccoli soup, etc.

To make my soups creamy I will use a little bit of coconut milk or coconut cream in place of milk or dairy.

To give them flavor I will often use leeks, onions, garlic and all different herbs and spices.

Here in Vancouver we are very fortunate to have organic vegan soups that we can buy in many local stores for those nights when we are in a hurry.

The one problem we were experiencing with soup whether we made it or bought it was that it wasn’t filling or we were hungry 15 minutes after a meal (we need and like to eat).

So I came up with a super simple, super filling way to make every soup satisfying.

Just doing this one simple trick can make your soup a whole meal, keep you full longer, keep you satisfied plus can help you burn fat.

This one secret adds a ton of fiber and substance to your soup making it the super filling skinny soup.


Steamed Pureed Cauliflower.

Sounds so simple its silly doesn’t it? But its awesome.

I will steam cauliflower with leeks or onions and garlic for about 5 minutes (or until tender), toss it in the food processor and blend until smooth. I then stir it in to any warm soup. It is amazing.

Just having the pureed cauliflower with either leeks or onions and garlic with a little bit of coconut oil, some sea salt and pepper is better than any mashed potatoes you can have.

For more awesome ways to use cauliflower make sure you check out my super famous post The Secret Life of Cauliflower or my All-Time Favorite Cauliflower Recipes.

I hope this super simple tip can help you this Fall make those soups filling, satisfying and delicious.
super filling skinny soup

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