Summer is arguably the most difficult time of year to get a workout in. Many are hitting the beach, hanging out with family and enjoying BBQ’s in the sun. It is also vacation season! During vacation it is really difficult to stay on track and many cannot. There are ways to stay on track during vacation… it is possible! You can stay on track! Here are a few tips that will help you get to the gym when it seems impossible.

Tips to Get to the Gym this Summer

Workout at the same time everyday

Routine, routine, routine. If you can, schedule to workout the same time everyday. We find the best time to workout to be first thing in the morning. That way it is done and over with and the rest of the day is free to do whatever you wish with. Having a schedule keeps you accountable and creates a worry-free workout schedule. If you miss your timing don’t worry, get right back on track tomorrow!

Find a place to workout where you feel comfortable

Gyms are not for everyone. If you don’t feel comfortable at your gym grab a few dumbbells and an exercise ball and you have everything you need to do complete workouts at home. Working out at home is much more time efficient and your workouts can be done on the road so you don’t need a different routine for your vacation workouts. If you don’t mind the gym find one that suits you. Find a gym that is clean, has newer equipment, and a friendly environment. It is also essential to go to a gym with air conditioning. Before signing up make sure to do a walk-around to make sure the temperature is cool enough for these hot summer days. You want your trips to the gym to be positive and inspiring.

Workout with someone you enjoy

Getting to the gym is much easier if you have a partner, teammate or friend who has similar goals. Simply being there for each other is extra motivation to workout. There is an element of safety that can be taken care of by having a partner by your side as a spotter. Schedule to go together every chance you get. Having someone to keep you accountable will push you to not miss a day.

Listen to what makes you feel good/motivated

Either use uptempo music, quiet time for yourself, or motivational cds from inspirational teachers like Wayne Dyer and Michael Beckwith. Your choice of music may be different with each workout depending on your mood and what type of workout you are doing. I rarely listen to the same thing two days in a row. Some days I like to simply chat with my workout partner and other days I like loud music to get me motivated. Organize something to listen to that you love. This adds an extra something to look forward to when getting to the gym.

Read over your goals everyday

Check your vision board each day. Read your goals out loud. Think about what your goals look like on you. Having your goals on your mind will keep you motivated to not miss a workout. You goals are an important motivator during a hot summer.

Take your workout outside

Think outside the box. Take your workout to the beach or to a park on nice days to keep things interesting. Shaking up your workout location is key to keeping this summer’s workouts interesting. I love a good run on the beach or a functional workout at the park. The hot sun adds an extra element to the workout that increases the intensity. Make sure to be safe in the sun by staying hydrated and wearing waterproof sunscreen.

Try something new

Trying a new workout style can be really challenging and exciting. Have you heard of a new workout that someone you know has done? Now is a great time to try it. You may find something different that works for you!

DAMY Members – Remember, if you are traveling or going to the beach the private site is loaded with exercises that take little/no equipment. There are different intensities available as well. If you have any questions or would like to see a program suited to a certain location let us know on the forum.

Make sure you are eating perfectly on your DAMY Program. It will give you the fuel you need to workout and keep you focused on your target goal. In order to get a summer workout in you need to be hydrated and fueled. Stick to your meal plan. By missing a meal you will be lacking the necessary calories you need to workout at 100% intensity. The harder workouts are the ones that change your body the most.

Exercising is an extremely important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t skip your workouts this summer! If you miss a day do not feel guilty just use the above tips to get there the next day. Do you have any tips that motivate you to workout in the summer? Leave them in the comments below.

David Duizer working out


David Duizer is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at DAMY Health and a Royal Military College Graduate. He is currently a Second Year Candidate for the degree Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. To learn more about David Click Here.

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