To anyone out there who feels like they don’t fit in: I have never felt like I belonged. When I was younger I cried a lot. I was “bullied” by girls, boys and even grown women. I was told many lies about myself during my younger years. These words of others deeply impacted what I thought and felt about myself.

I was a young, confused, very sad little girl who thought I was wasn’t good enough. That pain and confusion was so real for me that at a time I didn’t want to live.

I walked through the fire and have created a life I am proud of and that I believe in.

I still make mistakes.

I still have things about myself I want to heal and I’m still building on my dreams but I have made some things happen and have learned a lot from doing things the hard way as that hurt little girl from my past.

I want anyone who feels connected to this story to know that you can get through things in an easier way by focusing on what’s real, your divine purpose, over what others think of you or tell you about yourself.

People who haven’t changed or haven’t experienced change will tell you change isn’t possible. People who haven’t reached their goals or achieved optimal health will tell you that you can’t do it either.

So you have a choice.

Listen to that little voice inside you and the whispers of others cheering you on who have accomplished things in their life or be drug down by the loud voices that unknowingly keep themselves in prisons of their limited beliefs.

I want anyone going through any of the same things I experienced to know that being different is the most beautiful thing in the world. That being who you truly are is powerful and your true calling.

When you stand out there are people that will be afraid and they may try to dim your light. The faster you can understand that anything anyone has to say about you that is less than kind…has zero to do with you…the better.

The truth is people can only see what they are. If it isn’t love, it’s fear.

So stand tall.

Don’t waste any time on those voices that may try to pull you down. There is nothing personal to those words. Go do good in your life and let your life speak louder than words.

And know there are so many “weirdos” out here cheering you on.

To the misfits, you are loved.

to the misfits


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