This week all the news outlets have been promoting their predictions for top health trends of 2016.

A variety of topics have been discussed ranging from very simple ideas, ideas that most of us would consider passé and out of the box (most-likely not going to happen) concepts.

A few of these lists that Amy and I read over stuck us very funny.

Such trends were listed as:

– fiber
– secretly healthy desserts (… we feel like we were on to these a while ago aka almost a decade ago)
– Vitamin C and D

As you can see this list was on the “simple idea” side of things but as you will see below Amy has decided to kick it retro, bring it back to the basics and predict a year of trendy foundational health activities and ideas.

Below you will find both of our predictions for the year. Enjoy!

Amy’s Top Health Trends for 2016

Hey it’s Amy! I just want to say my goal this year is to bring it back to the basic – what works, what’s real and what can change your life for the better.

(Dave thinks my list is geeky and simple).

I, on the other hand, think it’s awesome and foundational.

In the same way that coloring has just hit the mainstream for adults (something I have been doing for years) I believe that my trends will find their spotlight this year.

1) Walking

Almost everyone can walk. All you need is a good pair of sneakers and you are set. If you live in cold climates – bundle. If you live in wet climates like us in the winter – dress accordingly.

No matter what you can get out.

I believe that walking is great for the body and the mind. Walking as you become more fit can turn into speed walking or hiking. All of these activities are low impact and easy on the joints.

I firmly believe in keeping a daily connection to nature and moving our bodies for at least an hour per day.

Walking ticks all the boxes for me and is as challenging as you make it.

2) Journaling

For all of you who have followed me through the blog or have done my programs – you know I am a big believer in journaling. I believe that journals can be used as wonderful tools for things such as self-reflection, life affirming exercises, gratitude exercises, as a goal reaching tool and for anxiety dumping.

You do not need a fancy journal. All you need is a paper and pen and you can use this tool in a powerful, powerful way.

Journaling works, period.

3) Vegetables – Plant-Forward

I firmly believe that this is the year that we are going to, as a global society, embrace a plant-forward diet. I really believe this is the year that we are going to lean off of our dependence on meat and fully embrace the magic that is vegetables.

Once you do you won’t regret it I promise.

4) Dairy-Free Lifestyle

I used to love greek yogurt. I used to heavily push greek yogurt. This was all before I completely stopped consuming dairy and my health became exponentially better.

All the reasons why I quit dairy and think it is so “2015” can be found here. For the cliff notes version – since eliminating dairy I have experienced clearer skin, zero adult acne, hormonal balance, zero digestive issues and optimal immune function.

PS – have you ever really thought that we are the only mammals that drink another mammal’s milk?

5) Sleep

Sleep is cool. Okay maybe it’s not trendy or cool but it is necessary. I feel like in the last few years it has been considered cool for entrepreneurs to explain how little sleep you get and how stressed you are.

Speaking from experience I have gone through burnout and there is nothing hip or cool about it.

Sleeping an appropriate amount of hours each night is a non-negotiable for me. It is the only way that my body and mind can fully recover so that I can show up present each day and be able to give my all.

When I don’t get enough sleep I’m not recovering physically, mentally, hormonally and I’m essentially not filling up my tank for the next day.

I have some fairly strict rules around sleeping that include not working at night, not watching anything stressful before bed, I remove all electronics from my bedroom and I make sure that my bedroom is completely dark.

I’ve also found that since I have been disciplined about achieving adequate sleep each night I can sustain a low body fat easier.

These are my top health trends for 2016. Please remember how cool my 5 health trends are and make sure to tell all your friends and family to check out this hip, cool list.

Okay, maybe David’s are cooler.

David’s Top Health Trends for 2016

Amy is so much about the foundational components of a healthy lifestyle that she thinks she also is “on trend” all the time. Well it turns out this year she kind of is.

Many news outlets are talking about getting back to the basics of health and taking a holistic approach to wellness. Of course being a Naturopathic Doctor I love this.

This is what I spend my days teaching people.

My list doesn’t really reflect those values. My list reflects what those values contribute to in a positive way and where I think natural medicine is going to make its biggest moves this year.

1) Hormone Regulation

Natural medicine has been treating hormone disregulation for a very long time. We spend a lot of time measuring and balancing female and male hormones using vitamins, minerals, specific nutrient supplementation and bioidentical hormone prescriptions.

This has been in the news off and on over the course of the last 15 years but I strongly believe this year it will hit the big time. Women are starting to recognize that unpleasant or extreme premenstrual symptoms are not necessary and can actually be avoided.

This year I believe the treatments will go mainstream.

2) Marine Collagen

Collagen supplementation is in right now and I believe the media will pick it up. Companies are running placebo-controlled studies. People are seeing skin, hair and nail improvements. Absorption is being confirmed (this was my initial concern with these products).

My most sited study is one that states over 8 weeks of supplementation women saw an overall reduction in deep facial wrinkles on a specific dose of marine collagen (see your Naturopathic Doctor for details).

This has to hit it big this year.

3) Adrenal Fatigue

I have written about treating burnout. Amy has outlined her burnout story on the blog. We have been on to this for a while.

This year adrenal fatigue or cortisol and adrenaline over-release and subsequent burnout (whatever name this occurrence takes) will make it into the media and trends will take action.

Conventional medicine has denied a syndrome called “adrenal fatigue” recognition. That is absolutely fine with me but we can’t deny that when under stress cortisol levels rise and stress will continue until the body cannot support such high hormone levels anymore. This is often the “burnout time”.

In burnout physical fatigue and mental/emotional exhaustion set in.

Naturopathic Doctors have been treating these hormone swings for many years will great success. This year mainstream media will catch on.

4) Vegetarian Protein

These last two are all over the news sites and blogs and I agree with their predictions. I believe the world will recognize Plant-Forward as being the way of the future for optimal nutrition and overall health.

The price of meat is rising, the studies on processed meat and red meat are turning heads and the overall value of plant based foods and protein sources are being recognized in a major way.

Hemp, pea, brown rice proteins are taking over the market. People are seeing benefit from increasing their bean and legume portions. Plants are in and it is going to continue.

5) Bugs as Food

This final prediction is based on global changes. According to global food distribution channels and major business publications North America is ready to accept a new sustainable protein and fiber source – bugs.

In many parts of the world bugs are consumed as healthy additions to the diet. North America is next.

I do not believe I will be participating in this trend but I have a feeling it will happen on some level or another.

These have been our top trends for 2016. Let us know in the comments what you think will be “in” this year!

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