What to fit into that little holiday outfit? Here are some short term tricks to help you feel smooth and slender for your next big event! All tips should be started one-week from your event date for best results.

1) Increase your water! We should all be at 3 liters by now. Try for 1 week to have 3-3.5 liters each day. No juice, no pop, and only two cups of coffee per day.

2) Cut artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners make us bloat and hold water. Studies have not proven yet that they don’t also contribute to weight gain.

3) Keep all complex carbohydrates and fruit snack to before 1 in the afternoon. For afternoon snacks have protein and vegetables (broccoli/hummus, tuna/red pepper).

4) Make you last meal of the day green vegetables and protein.

These tips are proven time and time again for anyone preparing for an event! Try these out!