What is DAMY Health?
DAMY Health is the business my wife and I started in 2009.  We provide online and in-person personal training, holistic nutrition, lifestyle counseling, and sport-specific training.

My wife Amy is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Esthetician, Make-Up Artist, and Lifestyle Expert.  She has an extensive education in Health and Wellness and is an extremely inspiring person to work with.  She has a profound impact on her clients and is changing lives.  She specializes in weight loss and is a success story herself!

I am a Certified Specialist in Sports Conditioning and a former CIS Varsity Basketball Player.  I have in-depth training in all different sports conditioning techniques.  I have experience training all different types of athletes including baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, track and field and cross-country running.  My specialty is agility related sports however my client base is well-rounded.

I love to train athletes because they are extremely motivated to improve in their sport and they know that with proper conditioning they can take their talent to the next level!  We work with most of our clients using services such as Skype, E-mail, and Phone Consultations.  We have many different programs to suit your health, wellness, and athletic needs!  Contact us today by emailing us at contact@damyhealth.com for a free consultation and to determine which program would be best suited for you!