Too much exercise can make us tired, sore and hungry. This is another way. This way is really important for overall health.

We need movement to lose weight and stay healthy but many don’t know how to safely accomplish this. I would suggest that volume training is a way to make it happen.

Volume training is very simple, get 10% stronger and fitter each week. The idea here is that we need to exercise but it doesn’t help much with weight loss. It helps with metabolism, blood flow, energy, mood and sleep but you still need to eat less to lose.

These other features are very important for overall health. We need them.

In order to accomplish this you need to drop the weekend warrior routine. Do not get hurt when you are exercising. Avoid delayed onset muscle soreness at all costs. Expend your energy on purpose. Track what you are doing and try to get stronger over time.

One good example of this pattern is take three exercises and repeat them 3x per week. When you do them do 3 sets of 10 reps. Next week do 3 sets of 11 reps. Continue in this manner. Over time your strength will skyrocket. With this change overall energy will go up and you will start to crave exercise.

I recently did this with pull ups. Watch the video for my story.

Try getting stronger and fitter over the next 6 months. There will be other benefits. You will see.

Best of luck,

Dr. David Duizer ND