“Opinion is our estimate of reality”

This is so important to remember when dealing with others “unsolicited opinions”.

They are nothing more than a projection of their beliefs about life.

It is life through their personal looking glass. It has nothing to do with you and has much to say about their thoughts instead.

I use my opinions as a guiding system for my own spiritual growth.

If I see a lot of darkness, hear gossip about others or have harsh thoughts I know I have some cleaning up to do. If, however, I see the good in each day, the true beauty of each individual and consistently hold gratitude I know I am on the right path.

Do you find yourself talking ill of other people? Are you really good at being the first to find a problem? Do you feel the world and people are wrong and/or bad?

Use these feelings as a guiding light to heal your own thoughts.

If you have felt attacked by the “mean spirited” opinions of another (or yourself) remember today – “opinions are nothing more than our estimate of reality based on our own perceptions”.
Amy Layne in the Woods

Amy Layne is the Co-Founder of DAMY Health Online & The Healthy Rebel App. Here at DAMY she is our Head Coach Specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Secretly Healthy Recipe Creation, Fitness, Self-Love, Inspiration and Living Your Best Life. She is the creator of the world famous DAMY Method and Bikini Body Programs. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here. For Amy’s complete story go

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