Focus on what you are working for and not on what you are trying to be relieved of. What you focus on expands. If you focus on your problems you are giving them power and control of your emotions.

Instead, focus on what you want to feel, experience or be. If you have a negative attitude you are standing in your own way and there is no one in this world that can change that for you.

Get out in front of your day and decide to have a great one! Focus on where you are going and on what you want… Period. If your goal is weight loss or becoming fit, focus on becoming more healthy everyday, improving your workouts everyday, giving it your all in every moment and visioning your end goal. What you give energy you feed.

Feed only what you want to experience in this life.

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Amy Layne is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert at DAMY Health. She is the creator of the popular DAMY Method Program and world famous Bikini Body Program. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here.

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