Everyone needs inspiration…To me, inspiration is to be motivated by an experience.  To be inspired by something or someone and, in turn, being motivated to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals!  This applies to everyone!  It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or someone looking to lose the last 10 lbs… you need to be inspired!

There are many different ways to be inspired.  You could be inspired by a person or figure.  This could be someone you can model your actions after because you like the way they hold themselves.  It could be someone you learn from.  You might learn from their mistakes or from their accomplishments.  This person could literally be anyone…and it can changed often….and it can be more than one person.  Many people are inspired by athletes, celebrities, musicians, parents, or other role models.  
You can also be inspired by an action or an event.  Something that always gets me is when a person, a group of people, a team, or a community overcome something unimaginable.  I have to be inspired by the people of Haiti and how they are about to stay strong in such hard times.  It makes me think about how I should be reacting to situations and how we all need to keep our heads up.  You may also be inspired by a song.  Something that speaks to you.  Something that says what you need to hear.  Amy and I are affected by this all the time.  It could be anything from an emotional song that tells a story of achievement to a Rap song that stresses how awesome you are.  SING IT!  It feels good and it is inspirational.  
Who inspires you?  
For me, it’s easy!  My wife inspires me.  She is a champion.  She has the work ethic, the desire to succeed, and an incredible faith.  She knows about things before they are even going to happen…she is in-tune with something special.  It is amazing to watch!  I’m also inspired by athletes who have overcame obstacles or who have developed superior skills through hard work and determination.  It is amazing to see someone succeed on a professional level.  You know how much hard work has gone into their journey and it just feels good to experience the end result with them.  I like to watch and learn from people who are confident and professional.  A lot of the time I see these traits in musicians and television personalities.  I take their lessons and use them to build these traits in myself!  Everyone should be doing this.  Finally, I’m inspired by people who speak/or write things that make sense to me…Michael Beckwith, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra…I can’t read enough of these men’s books.  They inspire me to become a better person.  
Let me know who inspires you!