Being a fitness coach and a former varsity athlete I know the benefit of having someone on your side. Personal coaches provide the guidance, support, and knowledge needed to succeed in sport or in lifestyle improvement. Below is a list of reasons why I believe having a personal coach is so beneficial whether you are a professional athlete or someone trying to lose a few pounds.
1) SUPPORT – Having a goal is great but if you don’t have anyone who believes in you it can be very difficult to accomplish.
2) GUIDANCE – Someone to hold you accountable is incredibly important, especially in those times of doubt. Working with someone who has been in your footsteps before can make the journey much easier.
3) KNOWLEDGE – Thinking you can improve your athletic ability without the correct knowledge is naive. Yes you will be able to get to a certain point…but that won’t necessarily be the top. For someone looking to lose a few pounds it is important to workout smarter not harder…that is where a coach comes in. They have the experience and expertise to guide you!
4) GOAL SETTING – We all think we know what we want to achieve. A coach is there to show you what you really can achieve and it is usually much more than you thought! Coaches are there to push you to your limit…to help you be your best!
5) TRACK RECORD – If a coach has proven his or her ability to transform peoples abilities then you know they can do the same for you. Look at their careers…what have they done? Have they excelled? Have they helped people excel? These are things you need to look for in a good coach.
These are 5 great reasons to enlist a coach on your personal or athletic journey!