I often in check-ins will reinforce making a plan about 1 week ahead to have something off-plan.  Maybe a nice dinner out, a couple glasses of wine, or some dark chocolate on a Friday night!  There is a method to my madness.  I’m not trying to control your actions but I am trying to get you to control your actions.  With women we have somehow been groomed and perhaps hormonally displaced to react to a bad day by saying things like “well I had a bad day I deserve a treat” or “I was so upset I ate junk.”  When we remove the emotional response to turn to food for comfort we realize that these two things have nothing in common.  When you are upset or something terrible has happened and you consume junk you are your own worst enemy!  

A – you are completely out of control of your actions
B – you are spiking your blood sugars and causing mood swings and/or depression
C – you are actually hurting yourself further by totally ruining your efforts
D – you are taking the joy out of having a treat
E – you are not dealing with your emotions

One of the major differences with the Amy Layne Paradigm is the fact that I recognize emotional eating and emotional barriers.  I’m trying to set you free into a lasting lifestyle.  When you change your habits this is where lifelong changes occur.  Anyone can tell you not to eat crap and workout.  Essentially this is the basis of any healthy eating program.  If you truly want to change your life, you need to change your thought patterns.  I am here for you.  Talk to me!  I am never in judgment and have felt and/or deal with about 98% of anything you can throw at me!  Be your own best friend and allow me to help you reach and exceed your goals! 

Plan your next treat! 

Amy Layne