In the winter we have to ensure that we are exfoliating our skin at least once a week. I love using a sugar/salt scrub while I am in the shower. Step out of the water and apply your salt scrub. Scrub it all-over spending some extra time on the knees and elbows. Then, rinse off. I will list my favorites below. Make sure you have a rich body butter or lotion that you are using everyday. Right out of the shower in the morning is the best time.

A must in the winter to keep yourself looking vibrate and unaffected by the miserable weather is to add a self-tanner or tinted moisturizer to your regimen. Tinted moisturizers are wonderful because they build a natural looking tan over time. You can use these everyday (I suggest before bed) or every second day. If you are going to choose a self tanner I recommend mixing it with moisturizer on the days after you initial coat (you want to look natural with a glow not fresh from Mexico…hehe). Mix in a couple drops of self-tanner in your regular facial moisturizer. Here are a few self tanning products that are a great price and available in most places (the NBW and Hemps can be found at the Glamorama in Amherst).

Jergens Express Body Moisturizer – Jergens is a stand-by favorite for everyone. Great colour and great price! They haev the express (shown below) and regular tinted moisturizer. The Express is a more saturated colour that achieves a dark tan within 3 days. The tinted moisturizer could be used daily.

Hempz Shimmer Bronze – Great for before bed! Wake up with a glow!
NBW Body Butter – I literally order this by the gallon…

NBW Sugar Scrub – My All-Time Favorite Sugar Scrub
Amy Layne