There are many women that inspire me just by who they are and what they do. I want to introduce you to my friend Webly. This woman is a living example of making no excuses and rising up when you fall. Webly is a mother, a wife, a friend, a fitness competitor, and works a demanding job. She has not had it easy or had anything handed to her. She is strength and perseverance. She did what many of us are afraid to do and that is to be honest with ourselves and really make the changes that need to be made. Enjoy the words from her mouth. I hope they inspire you as they do me. Oh, and please check out her rockin’ new photos!

I remember before starting my journey at 238 pounds, the biggest I ever was in my entire life, the only thing I always thought about was how much I used to weigh, what sizes I used to wear, how good I looked in those jeans and it went on an on. I hated the person I saw in the mirror and every time I felt like doing something about it, I started thinking about all the reasons why it couldn’t happen.  You know, the list, or should I say the dictionary of excuses we pull out:

– I don’t have time, by the time I get off work I am tired, I have to cook and take the baby away from my husband who didn’t have a chance to sleep after work.
– On weekends, well I didn’t have a baby sitter

– It’s so hard, I want to lose 20 lbs in 1 month (thinking about this product I saw the other night on TV).
– I just love eating…………….. (you fill in the blank).

Then one day my husband told me “Honey change your perspective and everything else will follow.  WHY do you want this?  “.   I did and I love him everyday for this piece of advice.

We keep saying we want to lose weight, get leaner, and build more muscles, yet we are letting our mouth control our destiny.  You don’t need someone to tell you not to eat this piece of cake or eat out all the time.   A common pattern I notice is that usually at that stage people want something and the WHY they want it is not enough to convince them to change their behavior.   An example:  I had a co-worker who smoked 1 pack of cigarette in the 8 hours we were together at work.  When she went home I don’t know how much more she smoked.  I asked her one day if she thought about quitting.  She told me to mind my business and did not want to hear about quitting.  Long story short, she was diagnosed with throat cancer and quit cold turkey because it was a matter of life and death.  I wished for her it didn’t come to that but it did.  The WHY was so big, she quit cold turkey and luckily had a happy ending.

WHY do you want to lose weight, eat clean, run a half-marathon?  If you were told your life depended on it, you would do it, no questions asked. Once the WHY is big enough, the how will be almost insignificant because every time you hit a wall, you will remember the WHY and put that Haitian griot (fried pork) with rice  and beans down.
One can say, it’s easy for you to say that.  Well,  took me  2 years ½ and I am still working on improving EVERY DAY.  It’s is not a walk in the park but you know something, if you change your perspective and think:

– I will focus on 1 lb a week
– At least 4 healthy small meals today

– 30 minutes of workout rain or shine.

The funniest thing I did was buying a pedometer and after putting Horizon to bed, while I was watching CSI etc….I was not on the couch but on my feet, with my sneakers on, walking in place because I was not going to bed without reading 10,0000 steps on the pedometer.

Slowly but surely you will get there, just take the first step and change your perspective.  Be kind to yourself.  This wonderful person in the mirror is a child of God, and God did not take his time to create a dumb, fat, ugly, lazy, incapable of committing to anything person.  NO, change the way you think about yourself and see the end result EVERY DAY in your mind.  See that person every time you make the choice that gets you closer.  Sometimes you will have to travel ALONE; that friend you were counting on to start the new plan with you will quit, she will try to talk you out of a healthy meal  “It’s only a small piece, commmooonnn girl……”.   You will get tested but you know what, you are stronger than a slice of pizza…..

Spread the love and get on board.

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