Hey Ladies! I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer. You all deserve to enjoy this wonderful season.

I just wanted to drop a note to you all on something I feel is very important and I am not sure if I am clear enough about this on a regular basis.

I was emailing with one of the beautiful DAMY Member souls via our check-in form and was reminded of something we all do.

This wonder woman (lets face it…we all are!!!) was on an awesome roll in the program, having great results then she injured herself. It is nothing terrible and she will bounce back in a week or so but it is one of those things that is enough to “throw you off your game.”

She was doing everything right, she was having great results, feeling awesome and BAM something out of her control happens.

We talked about it and I was clear with her that being healthy is number one. So let this heal, eat on plan, drink your water and you will still have results.

Well, a week passed and during the week she started picking at herself. Because she could not give the program “her all” she started to beat herself up from the inside out. She started letting those little whispers of lies get in her ear and the next thing you know “the scale isn’t moving and she is basically the worst human ever, she sucks, she will never get to her goal and she may as well just give up.”

You know what I am talking about. Sounds familiar?. We have all been here.

We are not on our “A Game” so we freak out and take it to our “Z Game.”

The truth is this:

1- Our “best” looks different from week to week. Life happens, things change. It is all okay! As long as you are not abusing yourself by binge eating, telling yourself you are not good enough or going of control you will still have results. No, they may not be as fast or grand as those weeks where everything is perfect but that is okay! This is a lifestyle!

Yes, there are goals but it is fluid thing. You want to get to your goal weight and then live there! In life every day is not the same. So, if you focus on just doing your very best each day with what you have the overall results will be perfect! You will get to where you want to go and you will live there.

2- Beating yourself up when you are already down is insane! Most of us women have been raised this way. It is not our fault that we go down this mental spiral when we feel “we could be doing better” but as adults we have the choice to change the pattern.

Next time you find yourself saying one mean thing about yourself I want you to laugh and say something kind about yourself. I want you to love yourself as you would a child. For some it helps to vision yourself as you were when you were a child. See her. How perfect she is. She is you and you are still the perfect little girl. Only now you are a perfect woman.

Yes, you have goals, things you want to change, etc. That is all great. But right now, as you stand/sit there today you are perfect. And then there is more. You are only improving on perfection. I want you to deeply hear this. Read this over as you need because it is pure truth. YOU are perfect. And then there is more 🙂

You are on a journey of actualizing your greatest yet to be. I want you to look at this “weight loss” as raising a pillar in your life. You want to be healthy, vibrant, confident, feel sexy, free, beautiful so that you can shine in all your glory. That is it.

I want you to drop all other attachments that have a negative ideal to them. Being at your goal weight is achieved by loving yourself enough to only nourish yourself, mind and body with healthy life-enhancing foods, working out to respect this container you have been given to live in and telling yourself that you are beautiful, smart and perfect because you love yourself. I want this journey to be different. I want you to heal. I want you to know how perfect being you really is.

This week = knowing (on a soul level) you are improving on perfection.

Say this to yourself often. “I am prefect…and then there is more”.

Namaste you beautiful beings!!!

Amy Layne is the Co-Owner of DAMY Health Online and Coach Specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, Self-Love, Inspiration and Living Your Best Life. She is the creator of the world famous DAMY Method and Bikini Body Programs. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here. For Amy’s complete story go

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