Your environment – A direct reflection of yourself and how you feel

If you follow my blog or are a member of DAMY Health then you are not new to the idea of “who and what surrounds you directly affects you.”  I always go back to the saying that our mothers were famous for when we were teens… “you are who you hang with.” It turns out that in studies this has proven to be true. If your friends are inactive, negative, gossips, or consume junk food you are way more likely to partake in the same activates/lifestyle. Positivity is contagious! Success and happiness are contagious! I always want to focus on being proactive and dealing with the things in life we can change. No, we can’t change our family, friends or co-workers but what we can work on is our environment. Think of your surroundings, are you taking the steps to surround yourself with positivity and reminders of your goals? Having visual reminders of your goals in life can bring them continually to the forefront of your consciousness. Writing your goals on January 1st and then never looking at them again doesn’t help you. You need to see these goals to work towards them.

Having books that motivate you and inspire you around in places that you can easily pick them up when you have free time is another great way to stay in tune. I think there is nothing better then a great book. There is so much to be learned in a great read. Have some inspiring books on your coffee table. Instead of running to the TV or to the internet every time you have a free minute break your time in half and read a great book. It is not a race. Read one line if that is all you have time for. Take it in. Really understand it. Here is a list of great books that have changed my life. I have these books always out and will go back and read them often. When you get to different points in your life you can expand your thoughts and learn more by reading these same books over again.

  • – The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes
  • – The Psychology of Winning – Dr. Dennis Waitley
  • – Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill
  • – Spiritual Liberation – Michael Bernard Beckwith


Everything down to the magazines you choose affect your thoughts and in-turn your environment. If you’re drawn to the gossip magazines focused on taking awful pictures of celebrities and making up lies about their lives, maybe you should re-think your choices. Next time you are out picking up a magazine focus on the magazines that are positive and are there to better your life! Here is a list of great choices:

  • – Success
  • – Oxygen
  • – Clean Eating
  • – Dream Homes


De-cluttering your home can make you feel 100 pounds lighter! Make it a habit that you can’t bring something into your home unless you remove something. Every season go through your home and look at the things you have not used since the last season. Clothes is a BIG one. If you have lost weight get rid of any clothes that are now too big. Do not give yourself the permission to go back to your previous weight. You are now smaller and never plan to go back there. Get rid of those clothes!!! If you have not worn something in your closet for one year, you are never going to. Get it out of there! Now, I am not speaking of the garbage, there are many great organizations that are looking for clothes. Give them to a greater good. Try to minimize your environment and you will be shocked with the feeling of weight lifted. Look around your house, if you don’t love it, get rid of it!

Vision board. I know everyone talks about this but honestly do it! I can’t express enough how important this visual reminder of your goals is. The creative process of making your dreams come to visual life is exciting, makes you feel great and also can bring to life great ideas that you’ve never had before. We are all guilty of limited thinking and vision boarding can help you break through this! Here are some great areas or ideas to vision board about!

  1. – Love life – Maybe you want to meet the perfect someone, or you want to aim for a romantic dinner once a week.
  2. – Success – maybe it is a new career or you want to improve your productivity
  3. – A great vacation
  4. – Great friends – it could be to spend more time with your friends or wanting to meet new amazing friends
  5. – Health – having a healthy, fit body.
  6. – Happiness
  7. – Beautiful environment – You may not have your dream home, or even a home you like but you can take some simple steps to make it better
  8. – Treating yourself – a picture of a bubble bath, pedicure, relaxation massage.
  9. – Spirituality
  10. – Inner Peace


Make your home your sanctuary. In my home I try to make our environment as clean and relaxed as possible. My husband and I don’t live in a place that we “love” and have really learned that the little things can really change the feel of a place. We are very busy people and have no extra cash with David in medical school. He is studying all hours, I work 24/7, we workout hard everyday and cook clean meals. We have found there are many ways to create a welcoming space without breaking the bank. Candles are my secret weapon. Candles can change an environment and how you feel in moments. You don’t need hours with candles. Light them whenever you can. It can be for the family dinner, for 10 minutes of alone time after the kids go to bed or my personal favorite, light candles for a night shower. This is an easy way to make you feel like you are indulging in luxury. Get lighting!

If you don’t want to eat it, don’t bring it into your home. No one needs junk in his or her house. Your kids don’t need it, your husband doesn’t need it and the company doesn’t need it. It is that simple. If you do not want to eat it, do not bring it home. Keep your house full of quick to grab healthy snacks such as:

  • – Any hard fruit
  • – Portion out some nuts in small ziplocks for quick to grab snacks
  • – DAMY Trailmix
  • – DAMY Muffins
  • – Turkey muffins
  • – Humus
  • – Roasted chickpeas
  • – Fresh veggies
  • – DAMY Protein bars
  • – There are so many more! (check out my DAMY approved snacks blog HERE)


Take these simple steps to change your environment and watch your life change for the better. It isn’t magic, it’s direct cause. Start taking control of all aspects of your life and stand in amazement as your dreams and goals come true!


What conscious choices do you make to improve your daily life?