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“Stop wasting time and money jumping from fad to fad. Follow this plan and its simple principles and you are guaranteed success. I completely changed my body in only 12 weeks! I feel it is extremely important to try to put words to the fact that my physical transformation is sincerely only 40% of my results.

What you can’t see and I can only explain is that this program has transformed every aspect of my life.

I went from severe breakouts, mood swings, feeling that there was always a cloud over me, major PMS, and an overall negative attitude to living my dream life. I have an abundance of energy from the time I wake up in the morning to the time I decide to go to bed.

I am actually physically on an athletic level (I never played a sport and barely moved in my younger years). I feel younger, my hair is thicker, my skin is glowing,

I wake up excited for every day and have a passion for life that is intangible. This is why I am so passionate about my program! I know what this program can do for you and want to share it with the world! I am no different that you. YOU are able to do the same!

Feel better within days and see results within a couple weeks. Make the decision and commitment to yourself and get started today!”

– Amy Layne (Founder of


J – Bikini Body Program Success Story“The weight starting dropping off (15 lbs and 10 inches total), I felt more energized and my grocery bill dropped significantly!”

“The fitness had never been a problem for me. I had been active my whole life, recently ran a half marathon and was very happy with my conditioning. Despite all this I could not for the life of me lose the 10 lbs I wanted to drop to get the cut look I was dying for! I generally followed the clean eating rule of thumb and overall had what I considered a healthy lifestyle.

I had been following Amy on Facebook and really liked the recipes and ideas she was posting. I sent Amy a message stating the above and asking what she recommended. I signed up for the Bikini Body Program that weekend and the next 12 weeks was nothing but great results. The weight starting dropping off (15 lbs and 10 inches total), I felt more energized and my grocery bill dropped significantly (I was eating clean before but I was eating huge portion sizes!). A month into the program I found I wasn’t even thinking about it as a diet anymore as the eating style had become my norm. I am ecstatic with the change I have seen in my physique as well as my energy levels. It has really made me realize how important it is to maintain a good balance of exercise AND proper eating.”

– J (Bikini Body Program Member)
J Before and After the Bikini Body Program by Amy Layne
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Emily’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“The thing I love most about DAMY is that you don’t have to count calories!”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

Although I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, I had plenty of room for tightening and toning. In the first two weeks I lost 5 lbs. After the initial drop in weight, my number plateaued, but I continued to notice changes in body composition. I was looking longer, leaner and more defined each week. I couldn’t believe the difference in my before and after pictures!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

I dreaded taking my initial pictures for the program. A back surgery sidelined me from exercising for four months. Prior to that I was in the best shape of my life (until now). I had found damyhealth prior to my surgery but knew that I would not be able to complete the exercise regimen during my recovery. Looking back, I wish I had joined for the nutritional aspect because diet is so important to health maintenance.

Before surgery, I was exercising regularly and was eating many of the same foods on plan, but was eating them at the wrong time of the day which stalled my results. After surgery, I was not eating healthy and was not able to exercise. I was not happy with the way I looked and wanted to get back into shape.

When I first started the program, I found that it was easy for me to adjust to the nutritional program since I was eating healthy before surgery. I loved experimenting with the recipes and am still amazed at how creative and delicious many of them are. The workouts were challenging enough so that I was able to complete them, but still felt as though I was being pushed.

I am still amazed at how much my body changed and how much I accomplished in three short months on the Bikini Body Program. I feel so much better about myself and how I look. I love to see peoples’ reactions when I show them my before and after photos. It really is remarkable how Amy has fine tuned her program to suit the needs of so many different people.
What do you love about DAMY?

The thing I love most about DAMY is that you don’t have to count calories. I was driving myself crazy day in and day out logging caloric intake and burn. There were days where I would eat even if I was not hungry because I had not taken in enough calories. DAMY alleviates that stress and lets you focus on eating clean, healthy food without the guilt. The recipe variation is good and the desserts are simply amazing! The hardest part for me was choosing which treat to have each week!

Amy is very motivational. I wanted to try her program after reading her own success story. You can see from her testimonial that she has walked in the shoes of women like myself. She knows how much hard work and dedication it takes to transform your lifestyle. Amy was always supportive and non-judgmental, even when I had an extra treat….or two.

– Emily (Bikini Body Program Member)

Emilys continued success

Kimi – Bikini Body Program Success Story“Now I’m a Perfect Size 6!!!”

I followed Amy and the DAMY Health blog for about 3 months! I combined clean eating with my high intensity workout regimen and the inches just start to melt away! I am still 154 pounds, but now I’m a perfect size 6!! For the first time in my life I feel like a woman should! I still have curves but I’m lean and toned… I have abs!! I can actually see them! My butt is firming up and my arms are sculpted! People at the gym notice how hard I train and compliment me for motivating them to push harder, even some of the men! For the first time in my life, I am excited to go shopping!

I look in the mirror every morning and say wow… You go girl!

Amy has changed my life from good to AMAZING! She provides such motivation and inspiration! She believes in each and every one of us and knows that we have the inner courage, strength and will to succeed! Life can be negative and full of obstruction, but if Amy has taught me anything, it is that you can always find the light in the darkness! She taught me to achieve excellence in everything you do in life, pursue every challenge and overcome any obstacle with courage, zeal, and an unwavering spirit! This is the new me! Not even the new me… the me that has always been there but never truly had a chance to shine! Clean eating is my lifestyle and hard core training is what makes me happy! I feel sexy, feminine, fiery and unstoppable!

Amy always said… take it day by day and trust in the process! That’s what I do! Everyday I say, today is going to be a good day! I have a new life and I have surrounded myself with the right people… you’re environment is everything and with people in your life to motivate you, inspire you, believe in you and push you… anything is possible!

Thank you Amy for all of your words of wisdom and encouragement! Thank you for being a friend, a coach, a confidant, and a true inspiration! You are a beautiful person inside and out and words can not express my gratitude for having you in my life!

Thank you Thank you!
Love ya!,

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Sarah’s Success Story“I kept seeing results even without working out!”
Sarah Before and After Bikini Body Program Weight LossI first found out about the DAMY Programs from two friends of mine from the gym (Kimi and Nikki – both of whom you have seen in their awesome transformations on the site!). They are always researching great webistes, blogs and recipes online and came across Amy’s site and shared some amazing tips, recipes and tricks with me. They were raving about the results they were getting from the BBEC and I wanted in! After having tried other clean diets with some success, I was ready to take it to the next level. Coming to DAMY with a good understanding of clean eating, and with a very active lifestyle, I knew pretty well what I was getting into. I got my daily stress relief (and adrenaline fix!) from high intensity workouts like bootcamps, spinning, sprints, and weight training 5-6 times per week. I felt I had a pretty good start to the program and was already noticing my clothes fitting better after just a few weeks!

Then a crazy thing happened. I had a stroke. I am sure you are thinking the same thing I was-how could a healthy, young, non-smoker (who is not on any medications) have a stroke? Well, it actually happened at the gym (and apparently it is not super uncommon in young, healthy individuals who are very physically active-so I found). I was REALLY lucky in that I did not have any side effects like paralysis or weakness on either side, and I thank God that I am ok. The only thing that happened was I had some funny blurriness in my vision once in a while, and I had severe headaches. Once the diagnosis came, I was ordered out of the gym for 3 months. I was pretty bummed about that one especially because I had finally plucked up the courage to try a fitness competition in April with my two pals Kimi and Nikki. But, health comes first and so I diligently (yet begrudgingly at first) obeyed.

My first thought was, “OMG I am going to blow up like a balloon if I can’t workout!” But then I remembered something that I have heard from Amy and several other trainers. DIET IS 80%! Well people, it is so true. I kept seeing results even without working out! When I first started, the numbers were not really changing on the scale so much. I did have to go out and buy new jeans and pants though. I have lost a total of 11 lbs since the beginning of the Bikini Body Program, but some of it has definitely been due to the fact that I have not been able to workout.

This program has really guided me to adopt this “plan” to become my lifestyle. Have you ever heard anyone say, “if you do something enough times, it becomes habit?” That is certainly what the Bikini Body Program has helped me with. I don’t really miss anything. I have become more creative with cooking and have been able to make substitutes for most of my favorite foods! And sure, going out for drinks or out to a party means I might have to plan a little in advance, but I know that it is not worth having something that is bad for me if it means I cannot fit into all my new clothes!

There are so many things about this program that are so amazing! The blogs, the daily motivation, the yummy recipes, the testimonials, the emails, and of course, the accountability. Amy has been the most supportive, kind, caring and compassionate cheerleader to me even just through emails. I feel like she has a personal investment in me and she really does care. I know it is her job to care, but she does it with passion and conviction which cannot be forced. She has helped me to be more kind and patient with myself through this difficult time, and it has truly meant so much to me. I really hope that this testimonial might help some of you out there who cannot workout as rigorously or frequently, or if you might be discouraged for any reason. If you take anything away from my story, it is to just remember that keeping on the DIET PLAN is just so important!

Thank you so much Amy!

– Sarah
Sarah Before and After Bikini Body Program

Zoe’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I lost 52 lbs with DAMY Health, and went from a size 18 to a size 10!!!”

how to lose 50 poundsI lost 52lbs with DAMY Health, and went from a size 18 to a size 10!!! I really regret not measuring myself in the beginning and if you are just starting… take good starting pictures and measure… trust me you may not feel like it but you won’t regret it!

DAMY has helped me in every area of my life, I originally signed up for weight loss, but soon discovered it was far from my priority, being healthy, feeling vibrant and strong in my own body, and also discovering my energy and zest for life after years of depression have been the best gift to me and my family.

Amy & David are nothing short of amazing! DAMY health is an amazing programme, it’s easy to follow, and the best part of all the whole family eats the same, yes some portions are slightly different but being on previous “diets” you feel like the leper at supper time.

DAMY is not like a diet. It’s a program that gives you the tools to succeed.

Amy comes up with the most incredible life saving recipes!! I am a chocolate addict, unfortunately I don’t think this will ever change, however Amy creates the richest most decadent recipes so that you can indulge and still be “good”. My favourite treats are the Chocolate Ganache cookie dough squares, the icy square chocolates and the maple pecan ice cream.

I just welcomed my fourth child into the world, and before DAMY I quite easily would have gone out of control with my diet, but DAMY kept me on track and now 2 1/2 weeks post partum I have 20lbs to lose.

I feel ecstatic about this number, it’s so doable. Before I met Amy I struggled to lose 26 lbs. It took me 4 years!!

I found Amy and lost 52lbs within 6 months!! If I can lose 78lbs and feel this healthy and have this much energy I can do anything!!

– Zoe

Alyssa – Bikini Body Program Success Story– “I lost a total of 10.5 inches from my hips, bust and waist! What is even better? I know that fat was replaced with muscle! I feel toned and strong!”

About a year ago, I quit my job, gave up my lease, and began to pursue the passions in life that I really wanted to pursue. I was tired of existing, I wanted to LIVE. I had finally paid off a lot of debt and was ready to face my fears and chase my dreams. I started another job that allowed me time and also didn’t stress me out so much that I still had AMBITION to continue pursuing outside activities. I began to work on life goals one at a time, crossing each off the list as I went. One of these goals was to lose the nearly 20 lbs that I had packed on while working my previous job, as well as gain muscle and lose body fat percent. I have always been very into exercising but my diet left a lot to be desired. I knew if I was going to become healthy, my diet needed to change. I had accomplished a lot of other goals, but still wasn’t ready and didn’t know HOW to tackle my weight gain.

Finally one day, I was browsing Facebook and came across a recipe that my friend had posted from the DAMY Health website. It looked so good! I clicked into the site and I started browsing around. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the site for hours! I didn’t purchase the DAMY Health plan at that point, but I kept going back to the site for about 3 days! Finally, I knew that I had to join DAMY Health. If I kept going back, obviously something was attracting me to it! I felt like it was a program that was going to allow me enough time to really get into healthy eating habits that I could continue for life and was going to challenge me. Also, it appeared to be a program that wasn’t going to leave me on my own, rather I would have continual support. I was ready to lose the weight, no excuses! I was open to dedicating myself to a new way of living and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!

Fast forward 12 weeks. I have completed the Bikini Body Program and I feel healthier than ever! I started at 159 lbs and now weigh 139 lbs. The pounds never mattered that much to me though. What am I really psyched about? My body fat percent as well as how fit and healthy I FEEL and look! I know that I now glow and light up a room with my confidence!

I started at 26.5% body fat when I began with DAMY Health. Last I checked, I was 19.7% body fat. I lost a total of 10.5 inches from my hips, bust and waist. What is even better? I know that fat was replaced with muscle! I feel toned and strong! Not only has my appearance changed with DAMY, but my endurance has as well. Since beginning the DAMY program, I have done biking races and even in my every day running, I notice that I am faster, stronger and endure longer! I recently came in 40th out of 250 women in a bike race. I don’t think I would have come even close to that prior to DAMY. I know this program has given me so much!

I recommend DAMY to anyone who is ready, willing and dedicated for a real change in their life! DAMY doesn’t just send you a packet of information and leave you in the dark to figure it out on your own. You get to check in every week and they always respond quickly to any questions or help you need. Not to mention, that Amy is there to celebrate your success with you every step of the way! It is so great to have another friend there to cheer you on but also keep you in check! I am so grateful to DAMY for helping me bring healthy back to my life, for their support and their expertise! Am I done with DAMY now? No way! I’m now a DAMY Lifestyle member and working on my six pack! After all, I have to have another goal! Thank you DAMY for helping me help myself! Your support and encouragement is second to none!

– Alyssa (Goal Getter Gurl)

Alyssas Bikini Body Program Weight Loss Success

Tammy’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I have gone from a size 8 to a size 2! I lost 20 lbs in all.”
Tammy Before and After Front
What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I have gone from a size 8 to a size 2! I lost 20 lbs in all. The best part about it, I got a new wardrobe! I feel great about how I look.

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

The DAMY Health Bikini Body Program has been a real eye-opener for me and exposed many unhealthy eating habits. This program taught me to make the right meal choices for the time of day and showed me the correct portion size that I should be eating. I feel energized throughout the day and rarely feel sluggish in the afternoon. Before the Bikini Body Program, if I was hungry I didn’t give it much thought as to what I was snacking on. Now I plan ahead to make sure I have a healthy option available to me. I am not hungry in between meals because I am giving my body something that sustains me until the next meal.

What do you love about DAMY?

I loved that Amy was so supportive along the way, giving encouragement and that extra little push to kick it up a notch. I really felt a part of something larger, it wasn’t just me struggling on my own, but I had support along the way with the daily emails or with the weekly check in feedback. DAMY offers a lot of great recipes on their site, my family has been enjoying many of the new meals I’ve created (especially the treat recipes). I didn’t have to cook two meals, one for me and one for my family. All the recipes were perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

The main thing that drew me to this program was that I could do all the fitness exercises at home with the limited equipment that I had. Yes, you can still do them at a gym, but for me if I had to go to a gym it just wouldn’t have happened. One time, while doing some floor exercises, I was absolutely exhausted my arms and legs flailing, it wasn’t pretty. I laid still to catch my breath and my dog came over to sniff me to make sure I was still alive! There were times where I wanted to give up, but I pushed on knowing what my goal was and I persevered.

– Tammy
Tammy Before and After Back
Tammy Before and After Side

Crystal’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“By the end of the 12 weeks I lost a total of 38.6 pounds!”
Crystals Bikini Body Weight Loss
What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

By the end of the 12 weeks I lost a total of 38.6 pounds. I lost 5.5″ from my bust, 6″ from my waist, and 5.25″ from my hips for a total of 16.75″ lost. As of this point I don’t even have to unbutton or unzip my pants to get them off…I guess I need to go shopping!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY has helped me in so many ways! I actually look at myself in the mirror now and know how much I can accomplish and how far I have come. I am okay now with looking at myself and seeing myself as “beautiful.” That wasn’t something easily done before for me. I enjoy waking up at 5 AM to go to the gym, it is really something I look forward to! My husband has even commented on the confidence in which I carry myself with now! I can’t imagine moving forward without carrying what I have picked up through DAMY everyday!

What do you love about DAMY?

I love everything I have been blessed by through DAMY! The extensive support from Amy, the workouts, the food, the fact that I have a choice! DAMY has helped me to be on focus and more organized than ever before! I have developed the habit of prepping my meals every night so they are ready for the next day, as opposed to the past when all I may have had was a cup of coffee for breakfast and then dinner. I also LOVE the recipes! I have to admit, I’m very quite possibly addicted to the Vegan Brownie Batter Smoothie…and I’m not even a vegan! It is AMAZING! I also crave the protein pancakes and have begun making them for my hubby each morning! In fact, I love DAMY so much I’m continuing on with the Lifestyle Program. How could I NOT want to live, eat, workout this way? It’s finally the TRUE lifestyle change I had been yearning for.

Amy Layne, I must say, is an angel walking among us! I honestly wish I could just give her a hug and tell her face-to-face, “Thank you!” Thank you for what you do, who you are, what you have created! I would recommend DAMY to anyone, any day, any time, without hesitation or reservation! Thank you for letting your light shine, for spreading that light to others, and for helping us “fight the good fight.” I don’t know if Amy or DAMY could understand their impact, or how far reaching it is, but you all are amazing! Amy, David…thank you.

– Crystal (Bikini Body Program Member)
Crystals Bikini Body Weight Loss Success Side

Angela – DAMY Health Bikini Body Success Story

“In August I knew I had reached a plateau and needed to do something different to break through. I had been following DAMY Health on facebook and liked what I saw. I started with the 12 Week Bikini Body program. The program exceeded my expectations it was easy to understand & had awesome workouts. What I wasn’t expecting was how amazing the support system was. Amy was with me every step of the way through emails, checkins & facebook. I truly believe this is what will always set DAMY Health apart. I followed the program & everything Amy told me to do and go figure it worked :) I started with DAMY weighing 135lbs (size 4) and was in the lean down stage. I lost 12 lbs (size 2 is now loose) but the biggest difference was how much I had leaned down. Everything had tightened up and the muscle I had worked so hard for was finally showing…”

– Angela (Bikini Body Program Member)

Angela Blue Natural Weight Loss Success Story - Bikini Body Program

Berenise’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Amy is incredible and I love her holistic approach!”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?
I lost 9.8 lbs with the program in just 12 weeks. I went from a size 2-3 to a size 0 in pants.

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

As I’ve expressed to Amy in previous emails, I saw a HUGE change in my energy levels. I cut out breads and dairy (with the exception of eggs) completely from Day 1 of the program and felt like a completely different person. My complexion cleared up and I just felt a lot better about myself.

What do you love about DAMY?

What I love about the program is that Amy was always very approachable and willing to help. What drew me to her program initially was that we are the same height and I saw her results and read about her fitness journey and was immediately inspired to be apart of the program. I put in 110% during the program. I ate on plan and added the superset options, kick it up options, heavy weights and also simultaneously followed her half marathon advanced program. I am pleased with my results and loved how easy to follow the program was. It allowed me a flexible diet and made me learn more about nutrition and a well-balanced diet. I also became quite the chef and I love it all!

Amy is incredible and I love her holistic approach. It made me love eating healthy (I used to HATE veggies) and love gym workouts (I was always an athlete and never needed a gym since I just played the sports and was in great shape). All I’ve got to say is you get what you put into it. She gives you the tools you need to succeed and the tools to get the body you want and it’s up to you to get it–with her help every step of the way if you’d like it, of course!

– Berenise (Bikini Body Program Member)

Berenise Before and After21
Berenise Before and After31

Sara’s DAMY Method Success Story“I have lost 51 pounds on the DAMY method program!”
Sara Before and After Testimonial
I can not be more thrilled with this program. Prior to starting this program I thought I was content to be a larger size forever. I now know that I do not have to accept that reality! I also know that there could never be a more beautiful me, no matter what size I am!

I have lost 51 pounds on the DAMY Method program. When I started DAMY I was 250 and the end of the 16 week program I weighed 199.

My one regret is not doing any measurements on myself. I know that I am leaner and healthier than I have ever been when I weighed the same many years ago. I am wearing clothes now that I could not fit into until I was under 180 pounds.

How has DAMY helped you?

Amy helps me daily. Her daily emails and facebook posts have kept me motivated. I was very nervous about starting the program because I did not think there would be any accountability for me to stick to my plan.

Accountability was the reason I have failed all my other “diet” plans. I have to have someone there to cheer me on, support me in hard times and tell me the truth when not following the plan. Amy has been there every step of the way! I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized emails returned to me weekly. I did not want to disappoint myself or my coach by not following the plan.

For the first time in my life I feel like I finally have more energy. I am able to do my workouts 6 days a week.

I feel the best I have ever felt. It is so hard to explain how my body has changed, but the one thing I notice is I now know when I am not just full but satisfied!

What do you love about DAMY?

Oh man, what do I love about DAMY? What is there not to love?

Everything is fantastic! I will not lie, at first I was angry with the plan because I did not feel like I could cook or bake any more, which was what made me happy and content. I then was able to try some recipes and was instantly in love. Once I figured out how to cook with healthy ingredients, I have not looked back!

I hate it when people ask what diet are you on? I tell them that I am not on any diet, this is how we eat! Eating healthy can be so fantastic and enjoyable! Thanks to Amy!

I am truly grateful that I stumbled on your site when searching the internet one day! I really think God was looking out for me when I was searching for help! I tell everyone what plan I am on! My entire family to my husband, kids, parents and sisters are on this plan. They all love it! I can not wait to see their success!

I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I could not have gotten this far without you! I am looking forward to continuing this plan forever! I have about another 30-50 pounds to go, but I know that I can get there with your program! I pray that you continue to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals. Thank you for all you continued support and inspiration.

– Sara (DAMY Method Program Member)

Update from Sara:

I feel great! One thing I wanted to say to you that I forgot last week: When I uploaded the pictures and compare them to how I feel and look now, I never felt I looked that heavy. Nor did I feel that I did not look beautiful. I have always been heavy and have known that I look heavy, but never did I not feel beautiful. I would get down and upset with myself about the way I looked and I would wish I was smaller.
I have never felt this good (that I can remember). In the past I have weighed less than I do now, but I have never felt I look better! I feel that I look younger, my hair and skin are healthier and for once I finally feel that I can keep the weight off permanently!
Thank you for your help and inspiration.

– Sara

Linda – DAMY Method Success Story

“I am a 43 year old mother of a 7 year old girl… she is full of fun and energy. I work 32-40 hrs a week… sometimes it’s pretty hectic. My weight has been a constant battle for years. I’ve tried all kinds of weird diets even the cabbage soup diet where I thought I was going to starve to death. I had put 20lbs back on in a two year period. I am a compulsive eater, I eat with my emotions all the time. I used to stuff myself with junk when I was sad, angry or bored. I used to eat for no reason and everything I ate was sugary crap. I felt like crap all the time, I was in a brain fog and sluggish. I needed to take stomach pills on a regular basis, everything hurt. It near took all my breath to climb the stairs at work. It felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks on my back. I couldn’t get down on the floor and play with my little girl my hips would hurt so bad.

One day I clicked on the DAMY Health link on a friends Facebook wall. I had heard how awesome it was from a friend who had done it and had lost 75lbs. I thought, “what do I have to lose?” I opened the page and there was Amy’s beautiful smile . She was going to help me! I read her info and it sounded like something I could do… “EAT CLEAN.” I love fruit and veggies and I knew I could eat five times a day no problem.

I signed up for the DAMY Method Program. The first week was a bit overwhelming but Amy was there to help me every step of the way. I knew I could do this. When I got on schedule the weight seemed to melt right off. In less than four months I lost what took two years to put on. I didn’t even mind the exercises. Once I got started it felt so good I couldn’t wait to do them again.

When I stumble Amy is there to pick me back up. She is awesome. My mind is no longer foggy, I am full of energy, and taking the stairs at work isn’t a challenge anymore (I can run up them!). I can get down on the floor and play with my little girl and get back up with no popping hips. God, I can even jog, it’s not pretty but I can do it. I basically feel great. My clothes all fit me again and some are even too big . I lost 20lbs, 6″ off my waist, 3″ off my hips and I am back into my size 8 jeans. I can’t wait for summer I won’t be embarrassed about the way I look and hiding in sweats.

Without this program I would have lost the battle. I now know that I have to stay on track so I don’t go back to where I was before. It’s not a boring diet if a fun change of life. There are lots of great meal ideas and tips. Amy is upbeat and has such energy she keeps me on track. On the days I stumble I can now get back up and keep on going.”

– Linda (DAMY Method Program Member)

Lindas weight loss success story with DAMY Health

Michelle’s Bikini Body Success Story“I am amazed at the results achieved, since I am almost 40 and have three children ages 3, 5 and 8.”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?
Michelle MahI lost 7.5lbs on my 5’0 frame. I gained 1.5″ on my chest, lost 2.5″ on my waist and lost 1.5″ on my hips. I saw a dramatic change in my body. My arms and tummy are much more toned and defined, which I never thought I could do after having three children.

I am amazed at the results achieved, since I am almost 40 and have three children ages 3, 5 and 8. My clothes fit better and everything feels “lifted”.

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY has helped me look at life with an energetic positive outlook. I feel that I have the power to choose to be the best person I can be and have the confidence to reach for my goals without fear.

Also, my energy levels have increased dramatically, especially when I chase after my three children ages 8 and under. I feel stronger, mentally and physically.

What do you love about DAMY?

I love the very flexible menu options. I am allergic to eggs, dairy, red meat, gluten and chocolate. Despite my special dietary needs, I had no problem with my meals, given DAMY’s extensive list of healthy food options. I did not feel like I am on a diet.

It was the perfect meal plan that I was looking for: a wide range of healthy fruits, vegetables and protein in generous portions. It has been easy to prepare meals for myself and my family. I am in the habit of making several vegetable side dishes, along with a veggie/hummus platter. My children are offered many different kinds of vegetables each day. Even with my food allergies, I was able to feel strong and nourished with the menu plan outlined.

The exercise plan is easy to do at home and realistic. I like that cardio varies between 30-45 minutes, but always under 1 hour. I do the weight exercises later in the day, which takes me 20-30 min. Perfect for a busy mom!

Anything extra to say about your DAMY Program, DAMY Health, or Coach Amy Layne?

Amy has been very supportive and a positive role in my journey to wellness and health. I have learned so much with holistic nutrition and exercise.

Before the Bikini Body Program, I wanted to start an exercise plan but had no idea where to start. DAMY Health provided EXACTLY what I needed to achieve my physical, mental and spiritual goals for the rest of my life.

– Michelle (Bikini Body Program Member)

Michelle Mah success

Ruth’s Success Story“You can live DAMY everyday no matter how busy you are in your life!”

DAMY is the whole package not just a quick fix it covers nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, lifestyle, spirituality, and encourages you to be your best self. Everyone can afford it! And no question is to big or small! The constant support is so very worth it. And such Incredible recipes – Protein Pancakes YUM. Daily motivation everyday in emails and facebook and if something is not working for you or need something tweaked Amy supports it and helps you find a way to make it suit. And those dogs if that’s not enough to make someone smile then what is!!

I love being part of DAMY because it empowers me, and inspires me to be my best. I never think about food anymore or feel like I am dieting, I love the kitchen creativity and flexibility I have with food choices. You can live DAMY everyday no matter how busy you are in your life. And the support network is so incredible there is so much love, passion and truth radiating from DAMY and the work that Amy does. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you have come from you are made to feel special and excited about life!

I first found DAMY when I read a blog post of Amy’s as a guest writer on U Rock Girl called this is your life. That day changed my life, it was just another day I had spent searching the net for another quick fix, another diet another exercise program (oh the time I have wasted!) and I have spent years doing this frantic constant searching/yearning to be something that I wasn’t, a constant battle with food, anorexia, bulimia, emotional overeating as long as I can remember I have been a slave to food and my body. I found that blog post and it really sat with me so that day I went home and threw out every diet book I owned and decided I needed to change my life for good starting with the inside! I looked Amy up and signed up to her website and a month or so later I had an email saying I had won a Month Free DAMY Program I was so incredibly grateful, so I decided this was meant to be and embraced it.

Amy was incredible – so helpful, so encouraging so amazing. I remember thinking oh my there is so much food how could this possibly work!! But I stuck with it and hung to every word she said and I am so glad I did my body started changing in remarkable ways and I felt strong and clear it took me awhile but with Amy’s constant kind words and motivation I began to think of food as fuel rather than a crutch. I found a new love for working out and my body and am amazed at its capabilities. I have now since worked with DAMY for nearly two years and in that time I have not only changed physically, emotionally, and mentally but I have achieved so much I have gone on holiday confidently in a bikini, I have run 3 fun runs, fit in to an amazing dress for my friends wedding, learned to meditate, love myself, become a personal trainer and quit a job I hated. Working 13-hour days! (but amazingly though I still lived DAMY doing it. Not without some tough times and help and support from Amy though) and now I am working towards my goal of sports/fitness modeling and loving every minute of it. I am confident, calm and inspired and so very grateful every day.

I think I summed up my love for DAMY and Amy above but every program (and I think I nearly have used them all!) have been great so well planned and I highly recommend them. DAMY is a way of life ………………and the new food creations are out of this world!!!

– Ruth (DAMY Method Program Member)
Ruth DAMY Success Story Before and After Photos

Steph’s Bikini Body Success“I actually feel like I am standing taller and straighter. I now look at myself with more confidence and pride.”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I noticed my weight loss results in my appearance the most. My arms are lean and my body is much more slender. Although, I only ever lost around 5 lbs because I grew muscles, it really showed in inches. I lost my gut and my arms and legs are now toned and defined. I definitely lost fat and gained muscle.
Steph Before and After Weight Loss Photo
Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

I believe this was the best part of my weight loss journey. I woke up feeling a 110% almost everyday. I didn’t have those 3pm energy melt downs anymore. I felt so healthy. My skin was soft and glowing all the time. Being a short women, I actually feel like I am standing taller and straighter. I now look at myself with more confidence and pride. I now know what I am capable of and that I can do anything. I now look forward to showing off my new body and I am looking forward to maintaining the new ‘DAMY me’.

What do you love about DAMY?

I loved that this was the kind of program I could do with my friends. It was simple enough for anybody to follow but also exciting enough to not get tired of it. The workouts were easy for me to do with my friends and they could even be moderated to do with anyone who wanted to tag along that day. I knew if I got stuck my answer was one email away. I loved all the recipe ideas and how I learned ways to make treats out of natural ingredients. I never felt hungry and my body stopped craving the junk and started craving the natural foods.
Steph Before and After Weight Loss Photo 2
Anything extra to say about your DAMY Program, DAMY Health, or Coach Amy Layne?

What I loved about the DAMY program was that although it was a big lifestyle change there was only one thing I had to do. Follow the program. That is what made it seem simple to me. When I felt overwhelmed or frustrated, I would just tell myself to follow the program. I took it day by day, meal by meal and all of a sudden I was done!

– Steph (Bikini Body Program Member)
Steph Before and After Weight Loss Photo 3

Kelsey’s Bikini Body Success Story“It is just like having a personal trainer and nutritionist with you all the time!”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

When I started the bikini body program I was 12 weeks post partum after having my second child. Needless to say life was busy but I was determined to get my body back. I did not have a lot of weight to lose but more importantly I had a lot of areas that I wanted tightened and toned. The bikini body program was a great fit. It was a gradual build up in diet and excercise (not like many programs out there that you start intense from day 1 and want to quit by day 3), I loved the exercise programs, I always have struggled with my legs and I loved how the workouts tightened my thighs and bum. I went down 2 pant sizes, losing 2 inches in my hips. I know it is not a normal measurement to take but I wanted to see the results on my lower abdomen as that is where I needed to tighten post partum and I lost over 2 inches and it tightened my lower abdomen back to normal.
Kelsey Natural Weight Loss Before and Afters3
Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY got me into a really good routine and got me back into the gym. I tell my husband all the time that going to the gym in the morning just makes my day. I’m just happier! It is my drug. As hard as it is getting out of bed, once and I do it I feel fabulous. Being “happier” just sets the tone for everything. I have more energy, I feel better about myself and I have a better attitude towards everything. My mental clarity is still coming back as I still have some baby brain moments.
Kelsey Natural Weight Loss Before and Afters 2
What do you love about DAMY?

There is so much to love about DAMY. I love the meal plan, the exercise, the feedback from the coaches and the uplifting emails and quotes. I am not the greatest self motivator, but being with DAMY has been such a big support for me in this area. The meals and exercise programs tell you exactly what you need to do and then you have Amy holding you accountable too. It is just like having a personal trainer and nutritionist with you all the time. And the recipes, OMG!! So good. Truly why doesnt everyone cook “clean” all the time. We really do not need all the garbage we put into our food and bodies to make it taste good.

Anything extra to say about your DAMY Program, DAMY Health, or Coach Amy Layne?

I really enjoyed my DAMY program. I recommend it to so many people who feel they are stuck in a rut and need something fresh. DAMY helped me reach my goals and gave me a healthier lifestyle, making me a better wife and mother.

– Kelsey (Bikini Body Program Member)
Kelsey Natural Weight Loss Before and Afters

K’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I have not felt this good in as long as I can remember…physically and emotionally!”


What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

While I didn’t necessarily have a lot of weight to lose, I did want to improve my strength and tone. I learned through Amy that the scale was not the best indicator of my progress, but the pictures were my go-to. I was so happy I took pictures every week. When I was having cravings or just not feeling great, I’d pull up my photos and it was such a great reassurance and motivator. I could not be happier with my results – it is such a great feeling to catch a glimpse in the mirror and see the positive changes in how my body and muscles are transforming!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY taught me a lot in terms of how to break up my workouts and how to provide my body with the proper nutrition. But more than that, I found the continuous positivity from Amy, whether through daily motivational emails or her enthusiastic responses to my weekly check-ins and pictures, really empowered me. Many of the daily quotes resonated with me and were just what I needed. It wasn’t always easy and there were days when working out wasn’t what I necessarily felt like doing, but I could see and feel what a great effect it was having on me and it kept me going. And there was no way I was going to slack…sending a weekly check-in really kept me accountable.

I was blown away by how personalized Amy’s responses were – it was clear she genuinely cared about my progress, results and she always answered my questions – or asked further questions so she could really pinpoint any issues and provide me with the proper information.

Now that I’ve finished the 12 weeks the eating and exercise has continued because its just the norm. I’m following the Lifestyle Program and its just as amazing! I’ve never felt better with how I feel, how I look and my lifestyle! I am so grateful I stumbled upon DAMY; it was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed!

What do you love about DAMY?

When I found the DAMY program it caught my attention because it embodied a healthy lifestyle and not a silly tag line strictly about weight loss. Reading through the site it was clear the program embodied a focus on physical and emotional health as well as a diet designed to fuel (not deplete) your body. The food plan was amazing. The options on the DAMY site were so tasty and easy to make – I had no complaints at my house and never had to make separate meals – my faves are the lasagna, vegan brownie batter smoothie (how is that not a treat!!!) and the staple protein pancake (ate this for breakfast everyday and never got tired of it!). I felt like I had so many choices and I found that planning my meals and making enough for leftovers made it so much easier to stay on track.

Amy is an amazing coach – actual coaching was never something I expected to receive from an online program, but it’s exactly what I got. Her positive energy, outlook on life and health is admirable! Thank you for everything Amy – I’m excited to continue working with you!


Extra: A special note from K!

Hi Amy!! How are you? I hope you had a great week!!

I can’t believe I’m all done….I am so thrilled! I have learned so much over the past 12 weeks about nutrition, fitness and myself. Sticking with the program for 12 weeks really started a pattern for me and I love it! I’m proud of myself and proud of my results!

Thank you so much for this journey. The message the program embodies is invaluable and I know the food and workout set up helped me immensely, but the continual motivational support really pushed me and helped when I needed it. The weekly check-ins kept me accountable when I needed it (there is no way I am sending a poor check in because I slacked!!! haha).

Amy you are an amazing person who I can honestly say has helped so much in positive changes in me. I am so happy I stumbled upon your website and programs and I am going for the Lifestyle Program because I want to continue improving and meeting new goals!

I have not felt this good in as long as I can remember…physically and emotionally!

You are the best and I am so thankful for you! I tell my friends and family about you and if there is anything I can do to help spread your message in anyway; I would be more than happy to help! I do talk about you all the time!!!

Talk to you soon!!

Always grateful,

K xx



Christina – DAMY Method Success Story“Amy’s program is SO easy to follow and you choose the foods for each meal so you are eating things you enjoy. I can make the SAME meal for my whole family and enjoy it with them together!”

“I found Amy online thru Facebook and got her DAMY Method Program. It was amazing. I felt so good and energetic in the first week and that is when I realized how bad of shape I was really in… I followed the program and saw results! I still fight procrastination. But, I make the time and then choose to just do the workouts and follow the eating plan. I still struggle but seeing the inches come off and the weight go down I am motivated to see it thru to the very end! The end of sluggish lethargy and unhappy shopping trips! I want to be a fit and beautiful mom and sexy wife and set a healthy example for my precious daughters. I will recommend Amy and her programs 100% to any one who is ready to see their life turn around. You can get your “Happy Back On” and feel like a new person! My goal is to be fit and energetic. I am on my way baby!!

I tried Atkins, Weight Watchers and South Beach… All temporary and hard to fit into a busy lifestyle. Amy’s program is SO easy to follow and you choose the foods for each meal so you are eating things you enjoy. I can make the SAME meal for my whole family and enjoy it with them together! We are all benefiting and I love it! I do NOT in any way feel like I am on a “diet” I love how customized this new way of life has become.”

– Christina (DAMY Method Program Member)
Christinas weight loss success story with DAMY Health

Kristen’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I have defined muscle for the first time! “

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I only lost about 5 pounds but I gained so much muscle! I lost about an inch in my stomach and thighs! I’m the same size in clothes as I was and I know this doesn’t sound like a very good transformation but it is! My body composition changed so much and I have defined muscle for the first time!

My energy definitely changed just from eating the right foods and really opened my eyes to a whole new way of living! I feel better about myself and I love getting your encouraging optimistic emails, they always help a bad day!

Another thing is because of DAMY I have been trying to cut out meat! It’s amazing because I was eating chicken every single day and now I’ve been focusing on eating vegetarian!

I love the structure of DAMY! There’s so much structure but it isn’t too much where you feel constricted! I love ALL the recipes and how you are so willing to answer any questions and help as much as you can!!

This program is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!! I’m trying to get my mom to sign up! Thank you so much 🙂
Kristen Before and After Final

Lekki’s Bikini Body Success Story“I felt utterly empowered to live a healthy life, and empowered to make good decisions about eating/exercising behaviours on my own.”


I came to DAMY an emotional and physical wreck. To start, I had a 8-year history of bulimia (on and off for periods of up to 2 years) but even when that was under control, I had no idea how to look after my body. I think it is a familiar story: trying every diet under the sun, but worse: getting addicted to quick fixes.

I cringe when I hit my lowest point: The Master Cleanse – 10 days of morning salt water ‘flushes’, then nothing but maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water and lemon juice all day, followed by a laxative at night. My husband begged me to come off it when my hands and lips literally turned blue. I never ate enough, but was obsessed with exercising: up to 3 hours a day. I maintained a low BMI and thought I was doing quite well.

In March 2011 my boyfriend proposed to me, and we planned a wedding for June: 3 months’ time. Cue a low-carb extreme diet, in which I replaced 2 meals a day with shakes. While trying to keep up 4 days weights and 3-4 days cardio. Good grief. I made the wedding, was a size 2-4 and thought things were great. After the wedding I ballooned. Seriously. I don’t know if I had messed up my metabolism, messed up my psychology or what, but by the time we went to the UK for our honeymoon in September 2011, I had gone to a size 8+. Not terrible, but not what I wanted to be. I felt out of control and desperate, and somehow something clicked: these crash or extreme diets were not working.

I needed something else, and I needed someone’s help and I needed it badly. I looked around at the options. I thought about Jamie Eason’s 12-week trainer – it looked like a wonderful plan, but so strict – I was worried it would trigger my old behaviors. I eventually picked DAMY because Amy was always posting healthy treats, and even pictures of herself enjoying meals out – it seemed like a plan I could fit into a lifestyle. And she drank wine (occasionally). Yes! I needed my wine 🙂 DAMY seemed a plan that would not be all or nothing.


I signed up to the 12-week best body ever challenge (BBEC) on the bikini plan. I started it the day I came back from the UK (mid-September 2011). Let me say: I am a Scientist working (broadly) in the area of nutrition. I should know what to do. I didn’t. I learned so much with DAMY and Amy’s help.

I watched the weight fall off and I can’t begin to share everything that I learned, but here are some things I did realise:

(1) It has to be REAL food (I eventually even cut out all artificial sweeteners)
(2) How to eat off plan properly (I hate the word ‘cheat’ now): how not to binge, how to plan it, how to select delicious but healthier options
(3) Not to fear carbs!! I ate them plentifully, but ate the right ones
(4) Not to freak out if the scale didn’t move, but when to stay on course and when to change things
(5) How not to judge myself entirely by my weight loss – a bad week does not = a bad person!
(6) my own body swings and rhythms – who would have thought that my monthly bloat could begin 10 days before I was due?
(7) Rest days are OK, and exercise does not have to take up a lot of time.

Amy was wonderful: she encouraged me every week without fail, and utterly personalized the program. Whenever she made changes she would follow up for 3 days to see how they worked. Amy was also no push-over (we has opposing views on the amount of vegetables were ‘necessary’ – she was tough!).

My husband loved how chilled I was, how delicious the food I was making was (he cannot get enough of the DAMY lasagna nor the pumpkin bake) and how we could eat together again. I loved the program and was aiming to win BBEC! But, 8 weeks into it, I had to back off. It was getting to be Christmas time, and suddenly I was so happy and chilled, winning BBEC and defining myself by my body gains / losses was no longer who I was. Great for some people who can do that! But not me, knowing my history I had to be careful. I also wanted to see if I had really learned one final thing: how to enjoy the party season, and the meals, and the pot lucks, in a healthful way: for mind and body. I wanted to go off plan sometimes, and figure how to work this in to my everyday life. I had a blast, and was so chilled.

So, I didn’t enter BBEC anymore (because I was not 100% ‘on plan’ although I was when there wasn’t an event, and felt I was cheating the challenge), but I focused on sustaining happy, healthy habits. I actually lost a bit of weight and even toned up more on the last 4 weeks (bonus)! At the end of the BBEC period (Jan 1st 2012) I was so happy with my body and mind. Back to a size 2-4, but no longer skinny fat, and I felt utterly empowered to live a healthy life, and empowered to make good decisions about eating / exercising behaviours on my own.
DAMY final


January 2012 – mid February was tough for me: I was traveling 3 out of 4 months, and was on job interviews, where I had to be sociable and ‘fit in’ so I really wasn’t that much in control of my food. I did retain my healthy habits though: exercising where I could, making healthier choices, enjoying less healthy choices without guilt when they were the only option, never binging, never starving. I finished January either the same weight or 1 lb more (which was pretty good for endless dinners, and drinks receptions) and decided to go back to DAMY bikini plan (the first 4 weeks) as soon as I had completed another goal: finishing Tough Mudder.
Bikini Body Strength Training
I completed every obstacle on Tough Mudder, and ran the full 1/2 marathon, on Feb 11th 2012 (the only woman in my group to do so!!) and resolved to pick up DAMY. I did, and on February 24th 2012 another dream came true: I found out that I was pregnant!!!! (Ha! On February 17th I also found out that I landed my dream job). It was the first month we had ‘tried’ and so DAMY obviously makes you very healthy indeed!

I stuck to DAMY for the baby, and lost 2 lbs, but then horrendous morning sickness and food aversions struck and I really couldn’t – but again, I stuck to the good DAMY habits of exercising when I could, and focusing on small regular meals (the quality of the food did go out of the window as I was unable to eat any protein or veggies and keep them down), but I had a healthy end to the first trimester: 3 lbs weight gain. I am now 14 weeks pregnant, the sickness is clearing, and I am back on DAMY, with the only changes being a larger meal 4 and an added serving of carbs for dinner. I am not perfect, as sometimes I still get sick (or get INSANE cravings) but I am doing well. And so happy. I don’t think I could have approached pregnancy so healthfully (again: in body and mind) without DAMY.
Bikini Body Weight Loss
So from me, my husband and my little boy (still safe inside me): Thank you AMY!!! I will be following your general plan and will be properly back in 7 months time I am sure!! And I would complete a BBEC in full then too!

(P.S. Amy: this is why I ‘fell off’ the DAMY radar: I didn’t want to tell anyone about the pregnancy until 12 weeks had gone: I can be very superstitious, even though I am quite religious!).

– Lekki (Bikini Body Program Member)

Kiara’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Amy is nothing short of a miracle. Such a light and filled with joy and love.”

I began the program at 116 lbs. For years I had an obsession with the scale. This time around, I didn’t weigh in. It was more about toning up for me and I see a difference in this area for sure.

My goal during this program was not really for weight loss, but rather improvement of overall health. I discovered that regular exercise is actually fun!!

Growing up as a dancer, I really didn’t spend much time on a treadmill or in a gym because I got all I needed at the studio. As I got older…oh the lazies crept in…it is true what we hear that regular exercise gives us the abundant energy we need along with feeding our bodies healthy food and changing the way you look at yourself. No more negative self talk, what you believe about yourself manifests in the world around you.

All 3 play such an important role in terms of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. I’ve grown in all 3 areas because of this program for sure and wouldn’t trade that for anything.

What do you love about DAMY?

Please!!! What’s not to love. Seriously, have you all seen those photos posted on regular basis of all the yummy treats, not to mention the inspirational quotes. I’m hooked.

Amy is nothing short of a miracle. Such a light and filled with joy and love. A passion for helping others and seeing them succeed in their goals. No pretending about it folks, she’s the real deal and she shines. I appreciate, honor her and wish her continued success as this program reaches many, many more. Thanks you, Doll.

– Kiara (Bikini Body Program Member)

Kiara Before and After Bikini Body Program DAMY

Megan’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Exactly what I needed to slim down, tone up and look and feel my best…just in time for my 40th birthday!”

Megans Bikini Body Success Story

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

Lost 13 pounds!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY helped me get back to the gym and establish a very regular routine…no matter WHAT. Also, having a structure was super helpful for me as was having recipes at the ready. I continue to eat “on plan” but now it doesn’t seem like a plan…it just seems normal. A fantastic, new normal!

What do you love about DAMY?

Love the recipes. Love the accountability w/ the check-ins and that it forced honesty, which I think I’ve struggled with in the past.

Exactly what I needed to slim down, tone up and look and feel my best…just in time for my 40th birthday! So grateful for the plan, the exercises, the food and the support.

– Megan



Casey’s Bikini Body Success Story“You get WAY more than your money’s worth!”

A little background about me… I was a stick thin kid, but around age 12 I started to plump out and spent all of middle and high school overweight (technically with an obese BMI). I am 6ft tall, but my senior year in high school I was 230lbs and a size 18/20. Never again do I want to be my high school weight! I took things into my own hands and through exercise and food logs I lost 98lbs and dropped to a size 4 over 6 years. During that time I was a Division I collegiate rower, we got 4th in the nation my senior year. So really know what it means to work hard and dedicate myself, mentally and physically.

I’d been doing weight maintenance for nearly 4 years now, and in that time about 15lbs very slowly crept back on, some of which was muscle, some of which wasn’t. I just really, really wanted to finish what I started and finally get that cut stomach! Plus I am getting married this March! Then honeymooning in Australia for a month. The perfect opportunity to rock a polished bod!

My DAMY journey really helped get me back on track and will continue to impact my lifestyle/daily habits. Over the 12 weeks, I lost 5.3lbs, 1.5″ off my bust, waist, and hips, and dropped 3% body fat! I’m pretty proud of that – especially considering I did the program over the holiday/Christmas season!

Since completing the Bikini Body program and carrying on by myself for a month now, I really sense an improvement in my energy and self esteem. I know what it takes to be healthy, and I am proud to live and represent the lifestyle associated with that!

DAMY has really helped me get back on track with my fitness goals, and re-kindled my passion for organic, healthy food by inspiring me with new and exciting ideas via the vast recipe library. Everyday for the last 4 months (I could count the exceptions on my hands and still have some fingers left!) I’ve started my day with a protein pancake. They are just so tasty! And there are SO many varieties and things you can swap in and out to keep it new and exciting. You can even switch up the texture by cooking it like a pancake or an oatmeal “scramble”!

Another thing I am loving is the homemade Lara Bars. DAMY has helped me over my weariness of the food processor! For some reason it was always this mysterious appliance stored in the back of a cupboard and I never used it, just seemed like a hassle. Boy was I wrong! I gave it a permanent place on the counter, and it’s easy as pie to throw in my choice of nuts, some dates, and maybe some extracts and have a whole batch of bars for the next couple weeks! I have a stash in the freezer at work and enjoy one everyday. Mmm!

I admit I was skeptical at first, not sure if I wanted to blindly pay so much money to start the program! But it is very much worth it, and you get WAY more than your money’s worth. Having one-to-one accessibility to Amy is brilliant, she always responds in a timely manner and with very helpful information. I love her positivity, always gives me a boost. The daily motivational emails are so wonderful as well, as are having all your workouts laid out for you. I never had to worry what I was going to do at the gym that day, and having something specific that I was meant to do really pushed me to go and get it done.

This has been a great experience! And really instilled in me the style of eating, so much that I didn’t really even have to think about it after a month in, and now over a month out eating any other way sounds crazy! It just makes so much sense. I LOVE a company that promotes natural, healthy eating and lifestyle. It’s the only successful way to get to where you want to be! Only YOU can create you. There is no magical diet pill, and to be honest the hard work needed to achieve your goals is completely worth it, instilling in you a sense of pride in yourself, and the skills/knowledge to stay on track the rest of your life. DAMY does a brilliant job getting you on this track!

– Casey (Bikini Body Program Member)
Caseys Bikini Body Weight Loss



Kelli’s Success Story“Great program! I would recomend it to anyone who is looking to fine tune their body or just get back in shape after having babies – that was me :).”
DAMY Health Natural Weight Loss
1) What DAMY Health Program were you on?

Bikini Body Program

2) What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

– Lost 16 lbs.

– Lost 4 inches – bust.

– Lost 3 inches – hips.

– Lost 2 inches – waist.

3) Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

Definately my self esteem and my energy level.

4) What do you love about DAMY?

I love the menu options, the on-line support from Amy and the community boards. I like how it starts off less intense and becomes more intense as you gain strength and confidence.

5) Anything extra to say about your experience?

Great program! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to fine tune their body or just get back in shape after having babies – that was me :). Coach Amy is very helpful and was always willing to help tweek my program for my injuries and other reasons I needed any modifications.

– Kelli (Bikini Body Program Member)
DAMY Health Weight Loss Pictures

Jessica’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“The area I saw the biggest difference in was my waist (I lost 3.5 inches!)”
Jessica Front Before and After
What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I lost a total of 15 pounds and I had a total overall loss of 12.25 inches. The area I saw the biggest difference in was my waist (I lost 3.5 inches!). After the program was over, I literally had to go and replace every single item of clothing I owned, since nothing fit me anymore. It was a fantastic feeling that won’t go away!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY helped me to re-ignite my passion for working out and for being healthy. I feel confident, strong and capable of doing anything I put my mind to. Nothing compares to feeling physically strong and emotionally fulfilled, and DAMY definitely helped me to get there.

What do you love about DAMY?

I definitely did not feel like I was on a ‘diet’ while I was on DAMY. Even as a vegetarian, I was completely impressed with the food options and the variety. Being someone who loves to cook (and snack!), DAMY kept me satisfied with all the awesome recipes that were continuously coming through the pipe. Having the weekly check-in also helped to keep my accountable for my goals, which I think was an extremely important aspect of my success.

Amy is definitely there for you if you need anything, and she is really good at answering questions that you have. She is very positive, knowledgable and inspiring. Who doesn’t need someone like that in their life?!
– Jessica
Jessica Side Before and After

Sarah’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Before I knew it, 25 lbs had melted off!”

I started DAMY Health for the first time in March, 2012. There were several reasons why I was looking for a new health program. First, I had always been an athlete (playing varsity volleyball through university) and loved fitness but had fallen into a rut working full-time. I was discouraged with myself and had lost motivation to get myself back on track. Secondly, I had recently gotten engaged and knew that I wanted to look and feel stunning on my wedding day.

I’ve been through countless diet and fitness programs, from Weight Watchers to P90X to Jillian Michaels. As a long-time vegetarian I found these programs to be frustrating, either there wasn’t enough support to bounce meal ideas off of OR there wasn’t a workout schedule to complement the nutrition components. When I began my search to find a program that balanced all three (food, fitness and support) I came across DAMY Health.

I knew I loved the DAMY approach right away. I believe firmly in whole, local and organic foods but had given up portion control and exercise. Bringing these concepts back into my life was a huge step forward, even though dusting off the measuring cups and running shoes was scary. Unfortunately, I only made it 6 weeks at my first attempt on the Bikini Body Program. Despite loving the approach and the support, I had put so much pressure on myself to succeed that I panicked whenever I succumbed to a craving, missed a workout or had a bad check-in. I was afraid to show my face in the local gym where I had formerly been a regular. I was afraid to let myself see how much work I needed and tried to convince myself that maybe things “weren’t so bad”. Overall, I knew that mentally I wasn’t ready to take on a transformation and that I needed more work on myself so I made the difficult decision to bow out. I was disappointed but vowed to return – this time as a success story.

I decided to take off all pressure of timelines and check-ins and start the program again slowly. I followed the nutrition program to the best of my ability and started going to the gym at their earliest and least busy times where I could be free of perceived judgment and do my weight workouts. Slowly, I built confidence. I realized that people at the gym were not looking at me or judging me and further realized that putting on a few pounds isn’t the end of the world and should not mentally stop me from having a good workout. Eventually I got stronger and faster, added ‘kick-it-up’ options and remembered the self-confidence that comes with a good sweat. I started looking forward to my 5:30 am workouts and stopped going begrudgingly. My best results came once I changed my attitude from “I have to do this because my wedding dress doesn’t fit” to “it feels so great to start my day this way and to see my progress”. Before I knew it, 25 lbs had melted off!

In addition to the weight loss, I dropped 4 inches from my bust, 4 inches from my waist, 5 inches from my hips and 3 dress sizes. My wedding dress fit like a dream and the confidence I felt wearing it was the greatest wedding gift of all. What an incredible journey – I feel so blessed to have found Amy and David and am looking forward to continuing this lifestyle. I don’t feel like I worked hard for 3 months, I feel like I adopted a lifestyle that finally works with me and for me. My next goals are to start triathlon training, be able to do a pull-up and chin-up and to run a half-marathon confidently in a sports bra! (Hello core workouts!).

I hope that people reading my story realize that treating yourself with kindness and patience is incredibly important in transforming yourself. You’ll mess up; you’ll have days with struggle. Finding a routine that works for you takes time, so does finding the balance between going easy on yourself and kicking yourself in the butt. The most important thing to do is just keep going – a new chapter awaits you!

(Pictures below are me on September 9, 2012 and December 9, 2012. People ask me if “I’m going to start eating normally now” – little do they know! I’m moving onto new goals with a smile on and nobody can stop me now!)

Thank you, Amy and David! Your friendship and help has meant so much to me!

– Sarah (DAMY Bikini Body Program Member)

Sarahs amazing before and after pictures

Sarah Wintle4



Gail – DAMY Method Success Story

What sets DAMY Health apart from any other weight loss or fitness program out there today?

“Hmmm lets see…how does one answer this…first everything I read drew me to your program, even though I wasn’t a member at the time you took the time to answer the questions I had to ask…what sets you apart…DAMY listened to me and worked with me (really fussy, found food that worked for me). One of the biggest things I like was you guided but in the end I had to chose what was going to work, you never tried to force anything on me, always answered my emails quickly and your prices of your programs are exceptionally fair. The biggest thing that sets DAMY apart is YOU. I was not just another person struggling with weight, I was Gail to you and not once did you give up on me… bottom line…YOU CARE about the individual person this makes all the difference in the world. Don’t ever stop being YOU!”

What do you love about being part of DAMY Health?

“We all have our different families, the ones we are born with, the ones we married into, our church family, our work family etc….I find DAMY is like a family to me now, everyone encourages everyone…the like button on Facebook never stops and your recipes are top notch. I’ve tried stuff I would never have a year ago and you are right it doesn’t always feel like I am on a diet. It still amazes me sometimes that I can eat “that” and still lose weight. The losing part of my journey is over…I look forward to continuing to share the next part of my journey with DAMY.”

What benefits have you experienced from being a part of a DAMY Health Program?

“I have been part of DAMY for a year now….physically I have way more energy and the difference in my training for Karate is amazing. I walk further and faster than I have in a lot of years and feel good about it, I’ve lost a total of 58lbs, my jeans were size 18 and I just recently brought size 8. I went from size 2xxl shirts to mediums, my work pants I was in size 20 I now wear size 12 and they are loose on me, I don’t hide in my clothes anymore and as funny as this may sound I actually found clothes at Frenchy’s to fit me. I feel good about myself, something that I hadn’t in a long time…Thank you DAMY!!!!”

Anything extra to say about DAMY?

“Amy I’ve watch you grow from a little girl into the lady you are today. I love what you’ve become and how much you care about others, that is the difference that sets you aside from all the others. DAMY has changed my life…on a funny side I most enjoy being a walking advertisement for you. You have no idea how many people at work ask me about your program. I will continue to sing your praises (even to the ones that tell me I need to gain weight LOL)…again don’t ever stop being YOU!!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me conquer this battle. It’s been a long time coming…for the first time in my life I feel like I just might win the war!!!! Love ya!!!!”

– Gail (DAMY Method Program Member)

Gails 80 lb weight loss with DAMY Health_1



Sonja’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I lost 13 pounds, 9 total body inches and have an incredible amount of energy!”

My friend had been following Amy on her Facebook page. She asked me to check it out and it seemed interesting. I liked the recipes she was creating and offering.

I am in my early 40s and started putting on weight in my mid-to-late 30s. I was always the one who was trying to gain weight when I was in my late teens and early 20’s because I was so skinny. I felt like it wasn’t too bad that I was gaining a little weight, in fact I liked it because I was getting some curves and a nice figure. Previously I was just a skinny stick.

I’ve always tried to keep healthy and felt like I was fairly healthy in terms of eating and working out. I had tried different “healthy” eating approaches – Eating for Life, Weight Watchers, etc. I was always one to workout so that wasn’t an issue for me…in fact, I loved working out. I had been recently introduced to P90X and was on my 3rd round which had a “healthy” eating plan too.

This was supposed to be the trick in toning and helping me to lose a few pounds. I was now in a tight size 8 and could have comfortably been wearing a size 10. I refused to go double digit.

So I thought why not try one more thing. I am not slimming down nor am I toning up the way I want to and I’m still packing on the pounds.

I signed up for DAMY Health Bikini Body Program with my start date on May 1st. When I got the program, I was very discouraged by the workout and wrote Amy right away to ask her if I could continue to do my P90X instead of her workouts – they didn’t seem intense enough. I was used to working out 1.5 hours minimum 6 days a week. Amy wrote back right away and asked me to trust the madness in her plan. She told me to give it one week and then let her know what I thought.

Now let me get this straight, I was not fat and didn’t have “water weight” to lose. No one that I knew would have said I needed to lose weight. But the first week I lost 4 pounds and had some great workouts without being sore or unable to move.

I was having some health issues too that had been going on for about 6-9 months before I started Bikini Body – night sweats, low potassium levels but mostly I was feeling extremely tired and had no energy. I would come home from work, workout, eat dinner and fall asleep on the couch by 8pm.

I’ve had a complete lifestyle change and I owe it all to DAMY Health. Amy was always available for me throughout the 12 week program and would respond to all my questions, concerns and thoughts.

I lost 13 pounds, 9 total body inches and have an incredible amount of energy. And wearing a comfortable size 4. What I had attributed to aging was really my bad eating.

The first few weeks were challenging to get used to this “new” way of eating but now a month after finishing the Bikini Body Program I can’t eat any other way.

I have a new way of eating – clean eating is the only way. I have no more night sweats or potassium issues. And I have the energy level I had 20 years ago. I love, love, love my new lifestyle. I look great and feel even better. I joined the Lifestyle Program to make sure I could stay connected with Amy, her wonderful recipes and her encouragement.

Thank you Amy. I proud of myself and that is due to Amy’s encouragement and guidance through this program. You’re the sweetest!

– Sonja (Bikini Body Program Member)
Sonjas before and after her Bikini Body Program Weight Loss Success



Steph’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Physically, I can’t believe how I look! I’ve never looked like this before! I am stronger, leaner, and more toned than I have ever been in my whole life!”
Steph Before and After Bikini Body Program 2My goal for the BBEC (and Bikini Body Program) was to be lean, toned, and 125 pounds. More importantly, I wanted to stop judging myself and change the way I viewed my body. I wanted to feel grateful for the ability to get healthy and exercise. I wanted to stop avoiding places, people, and pictures. I wanted to wear shorts and buy a full bikini set for the first time in 13 years. I got within 1 pound of my goal and I am lean, toned, and stronger than I have ever been in my life. My attitude towards life has changed so much, and it has a lot to do with regaining control over things I thought I couldn’t. I haven’t bought shorts or a bikini yet… that will have to wait until closer to the summer! But I am so comfortable in my body, and the serenity that comes with that has altered my day to day in ways I hadn’t expected. I did it!!! And I still don’t believe my reflection!

My body has changed really dramatically in the past year, but it was this past 3 months where I saw a change in my body that I never thought I would see. My body is naturally curvier, and I thought that because of that, I could never be toned or have a tight stomach. I was wrong!

More so than my body, my confidence has changed. 4 weeks into DAMY, my fiancé told me that in the 5 years we had been together, I had never been sexier, and it didn’t have to do with my body but how I was carrying myself. I find I have so much more confidence in groups, I’m going out to see people a lot more than I have in the past, something I wasn’t expecting at all. I’m posing for pictures, and I never pose for pictures. I feel like a different person. I feel optimistic and happy and energetic. People are saying my eyes are shining more. I feel like I’ve woken up. I’m out of my slump. All that time I spent bashing myself, wearing the same thing every day because nothing else fit and hating myself for it, avoiding mirrors, avoiding people, has been replaced with this positive energy. You don’t realize how destructive you’re being to yourself, and how much time that takes out of your day, until get out of that state of mind. And you don’t realize how much that affects your relationships, your work, your family, and everything else outside of the thing your hating the most – your body. But people can feel that energy. That’s been what I’ve been enjoying the most. The confidence, the comfort in my own skin, and the joy that comes with having a healthy body and mind.

I feel amazing! Physically, I can’t believe how I look! I’ve never looked like this before! I am stronger, leaner, and more toned than I have ever been in my whole life. And I am inspired. I didn’t know I could look like, this, or feel as good as I do. It’s amazing what’s happened to me in 3 months. It makes me feel motivated. If I have this much control over something I thought I couldn’t control at all, what else am I capable of?

I’m going to go for some more definition. The fat is gone! I want to keep working on the muscles! I’ve graduated to the gym now (for the 3 months of DAMY, I did all the workouts at home). Home worked really well, but now I need some heavier weights. I’m going to continue on with the DAMY eating and kick up all the workouts with heavier reps and more HIIT.Steph Before and After Bikini Body Program 1

The reason why I signed up for DAMY was because the program was so different from all the things I’d tried in the past: I didn’t have to count calories (that was huge), I ate good food from good sources that I prepared myself, I had to stay accountable to someone with a name and a face (Amy), whereas with other programs it was different people each time, and I didn’t feel motivated by people who didn’t know me, I liked that DAMY was a smaller operation who put their heart and soul into the work, I liked that they were local (Canadian), I liked that I didn’t have to take special pills or eat things that were “diet” or filled with aspartame, and I liked that the whole program was laid out in a way that was so easy to follow. In fact, all you need to do is follow it exactly as it’s laid out and you will get results. Throughout all these different fitness and weight loss programs that I did, the one thing that they never taught me, the one thing that is so blaringly obvious to me now, is that so much depends on the food, the times you eat, and the portions. I had been killing myself with exercise and wondering why I wasn’t seeing results. As soon as I adjusted my food to the DAMY program, boom! And another huge thing was that Amy was there all the time for motivation, support, to tweak your program and eating so it fit you, and answer your questions. She’s so wonderful and positive, and you can’t help but be inspired by her. She’s one of those kinds of people you want to do well for, because her feedback makes you feel so good. You can tell that this is a real labour of love for her – she could charge so much more for the services she’s providing, and she could put a lot less time into it, but she doesn’t. Her clients are important to her, and she gives them everything. So I guess one of the most important things that sets DAMY apart from everyone else is they don’t have Amy!

I loved the recipes! The food was really good, and so filling. My fiancé ate most of what I was eating and really liked it, which made life so much easier because there wasn’t anything that I might crave in the house. I loved eating every 2-3 hours! I never felt hungry, and the food that I was eating was so nutritionally dense. I loved being free from counting calories, which is exactly what made this feel like it wasn’t a diet at all. It just felt like the right adjustments to my lifestyle. I loved that Amy posted on Facebook most days. Whether it was advice, recipes, or other members’ success, it was great to have that little reminder every day, and to see that she was with us. And it’s nice to be able to connect with other people on the same journey as you. When you’re feeling like you don’t want to go for that run, there are other people on Facebook who can motivate through words or pictures! I’m going back to the food, but I loved the snacks, too. There was sweet, if I craved it, or salty, and the cravings that I did have were usually satisfied by replacing certain foods that weren’t great with clean eating. I ate protein balls every day!

The Bikini Body Program has so many benefits – where to start?! Physically, I went down three sizes and the area where I’m seeing the most change is my stomach (but the area where everyone else is noticing is my legs. I used to have big legs, now they look leaner and more muscular). I lost a total of 7 pounds, which is amazing considering I’d plateaued at 133 for a couple months and for the life of me I couldn’t break through it. I’ve also had a lot more energy. I used to crash every day in the afternoon, and I was always tired. I couldn’t seem to sleep enough. Now I’m energetic all day. I’m also finding I’m able to concentrate a lot easier and I’m getting a lot more done at work. And the self-confidence, as I’ve described above, has literally been life changing. Having a good outlook on life can be a very powerful thing. To sum it up, I’m happier, leaner, more outgoing, confident, and I’ve thrown out the sweat pants I used to wear every day (even to work!).

For me it was a lot harder deciding to do something about my health, and actually getting started, than it was going through the process of getting healthier. For 5 years I’ve been telling myself that on Monday, I’ll start, in the New Year, I’ll start, on the first of the month, I’ll start, but I never did. I knew I was unhealthy, I knew that, given my family history, allowing myself to go down that road was dangerous, but it all seemed too big, and too hard, to control. But it’s not. That’s the funny, simple thing about it. Once you dedicate yourself to it, you’d be amazed what you can accomplish in 12 weeks. 12 weeks is nothing. You can do anything in that amount of time. Yes, it can be challenging to adjust your eating habits and form exercise habits, and yes, there are cravings and days where you feel tired and it’s easy to make excuses. But tell yourself you’re going to do it for 4 weeks, and look at your before and after pictures. I promise you, you’ll be astounded. And that will be the fuel for the next 8 weeks. You can change your body and your health, you can have the confidence and the body that you want. It’s all so possible, but you’ll never know it until you throw yourself into this, and then, suddenly, it’s so clear. You have control. And it’s such a freeing feeling. And you know what the best part is? Achieving your New Year’s Resolution early and going into 2012 feeling like this!!!!

– Steph
Steph Before and After Bikini Body Program 3

Kristen’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I finally regained the self-confidence I had lost the past 3 years!”
Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 3My goal during the BBEC (Bikini Body Program) was to weigh 125lbs, get more toned and have abs and be confident with my body. I 100% believe I achieved these goals, my starting weight was 144lbs and my current weight is 125.8lbs, but not only did I achieve the number I had wanted, I was able to lose 2.5 inches from my bust, 3.6 inches from my waist, and 2.9 inches from my hips, and I also gained much more muscle tone than I had ever had. More than all of this though, I finally regained the self-confidence I had lost the past 3 years. I’m no longer trying to hide my body behind baggy clothes or embarrassed and worried about wearing a bikini, I’m actually the complete opposite now, I’m excited to show off my accomplishments! The other huge goal I achieved during the BBEC is with my attitude around eating, I have gained freedom from the emotional eating roller coaster and now have complete control over the foods I eat and I now desire to be eating clean and healthy foods to take the best possible care of my body and health!

My body has changed immensely, but I think the more important changes are in my life, I now am routinely going to the gym 6 days a week and am getting into the best shape of my life. I have soooooo much more energy and excitement and truely enjoy working out and taking care of my body. In terms of mental changes, before the BBEC I was so hard on myself and had such a negative attitude and would almost get into a depressed state about my weight and how far I had let things go, but now I am so pleased with my accomplishments and feel 100% better about my body.

I am so proud of myself for being able to complete this challenge and to actually stick with it, (seeing improvements and weight coming off each week made it easier to stick with it tho:)). My motivation has probably been one of the biggest areas of change, before my motivation was to lose weight and as soon as the scale stopped moving I gave up, now my motivation is to improve me health and well being. I have learned about the benefits of eating healthy and what is actually normal healthy eating, not what north-america considers normal and I’ve also learned how to set goals and always have something to work for.

My future goals are to continue with this new lifestyle for the rest of my life and to continually challenge myself to achieving new fitness goals, I would eventually like to have the body of a fitness model, so my first goals are to step up the weight training and workouts, now that I pretty much have the diet down and my husband and I also would like to run our first marathon together by the end of 2012.Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 2

This program works! It’s not about a quick temporary fix, although you will see quick results, its more about a complete change of lifestyle that is 100% do-able and maintainable. It’s really about a complete mind and body transformation. And the fact that we have access to you whenever needed is awesome and that it is so personalized, you specify everything to each of us and our own needs, which is unlike any other program I’ve ever tried. and its also the most affordable program ever!!!

I love the weekly check-ins, they keep me on track and accountable. I also love your blog and the AMAZING recipes you come up with!!!!! And my third favorite thing I love about DAMY health is the daily little motivation emails you send us, sometimes they come at just the right time :).

I have gained so many benefits from this program. Number one – the weight loss and body transformation, number two – the desire and motivation to workout everyday and to always be challenging myself and setting new goals, number three – the mental change around eating and the foods I eat and why I eat them (no more emotional eating), number four – the attitude I now have and self-confidence in my body, (I’m no longer ashamed for my husband to see my body) and number five – the energy and excitement I have for life now!

Coach Amy Layne is an amazing person, she responds individually to each of our weekly check-ins and is always so eager and enthusiastic and genuinely cares for each of our goals and achievements. She is soooo dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and is willing to put alot of her time in to us. Her passion for health is contagious, I honestly feel like so many of my own personal attitude changes around eating, fitness, healthy lifestlye, etc are directly because of Amy’s passion and attitude. She is amazing! Thank You Amy!

PS: about my pictures, the before pics were actually taken about 6 weeks into the program, because I had been too ashamed and embarrassed with my body to take a picture when I first started, totally wish I had of tho!

– Kristen

More of Kristen’s Before and Afters

Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 1

Nikki’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I finally feel like I am healthy – inside and out!”
Nikki Before and After Bikini Body Program 2“As of 01 Jan 2012 my goal is to work towards a body I am proud of. I have always struggled with my weight and my body image and to be at a weight where I am happy and proud is my ultimate goal. I hope to lose approximately 10 lbs to be at a weight of 130lbs by 01 Jan 2012. My goal weight is personally more of the “look” that I want where I can see the muscles I work hard at achieving and the ability to look like a healthy and balanced woman.” … Those were my exact words on my BBEC entry form (at the beginning of the Bikini Body Program). Reading them again has truly proven to me that I have definitely accomplished my goal. I woke up today ready to complete my check in and couldn’t wait to do so!! I finally have become someone who wakes up everyday feeling healthy, balanced, energized, and determined to be the best person I can be. I am finally at a point where I am excited to get dressed in the morning and to be able to fit into my clothes the way I always wanted to and don’t feel self consious about my body. For the first time in my entire life I actually ENJOYED being in front of the camera today!!! I seriously could have taken pictures for 2 hours because I felt so confident in my own skin and have never had that feeling before. I am still about 3 pounds away from 130lbs, but for once, the number on the scale doesn’t mean that much to me anymore. I can see healthy curves on my body, I can see muscles in my upper body that I work out in the gym, and I can see a waist line and abs peaking through!! To me, the number on the scale doesn’t make me sad that I didnt achieve my “exact weight”, but instead I feel like I have fully accomplished my goal of getting to a weight where I am happy and love the way my body looks!!! My self confidence and the smile that I wear everyday definitely outweighs any number I see on a scale. I have finally broken away from the idea that a number defines me!! No longer will I set a “goal weight” for myself because it is my physical appearance and my happiness that determine my true goal. I have accomplished my ultimate goal that I finally love me for me!! I finally can say I love my body!!

My body, mind, soul, personality, self confidence, energy… every little thing about me as changed for the better during BBEC. Eating right and excercizing has truly made me a person who doesn’t wake up tired in the morning and goes to bed exhausted at night. The right foods and the right exercise has made me a happier and more energized person. I finally feel like I am healthy – inside and out. I feel like I am doing something that not only has an effect on me now, but will continue to help me better myself for my future. I have finally gotten to a point where I don’t mentally beat myself up about not eating right. DAMY has shown me a new way to look at myself and love myself for who I am and what I work for. I finally live each day to the fullest and have learned to enjoy eating and exercising. I have mentally broken through the barrier that I used to have which would make me feel guilty and bad about myself after eating something not healthy. I have finally made it to a place where I can enjoy foods in moderation and wake up the next day, eat clean, and get right back on plan without any guilt!!! Instead of getting mad about my choices, I’ve learned how to “mindfully indulge” in foods I like without losing control! I have finally figured out how to enjoy life without mentally beating myself up about little things and knowing that planning ahead is key to my success!

I feel – lean, fit, healthy, strong, accomplished, and most of all- I feel EMPOWERED!!!! I feel like I have achieved something that I always couldn’t commit myself to doing. I feel ready and motivated to start the new year off on the right foot! I feel determined and motivated to finally accomplish an even greater goal that I have always wanted to accomplish but havent signed myself up for which is competing in a fitnes competition. I feel proud of myself and finally feel truly happy. I feel like a new person with a new outlook on myself and on my life. I have finally found “that place” where I love myself.

I feel like 2012 has great things in store for me!! I have always wanted to compete in a fitness competition, but have never had the confidence in myself to actually do so. Not only did I not believe that I could do it, I never loved myself enough to be proud to walk onto a stage in a tiny bikini. Never in my life would I have imaged I would be sitting here and know that I’ve reached that point where I feel so great about what I’ve accomplished so far that I want to sign myself up for something even bigger that has always scared me. But I am finally ready!!!! I have a new found love for myself and my body that I want to take myself to the next level and achieve the one goal that I’ve always thought aout doing but never had the confidence to do. My next goal is to prepare and train to compete in a fitness competition in April of 2012!!! Less than 4 months away!!!!

There is a LOT that sets DAMY apart. I’ve always stayed away from expensive programs because I could never justify spending the money on something I thought I could do myself – with DAMY this was never an issue. DAMY is THE MOST cost effective system out there that ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Not only do you get nutrition and workouts, but having access to Amy 24/7 and being able to ask any questions or advice you need and know you will get a thorough and personal answer back is priceless. It is obvious that Amy spends a LOT of time answering each of the weekly check ins and assessing where you are at and what you need to do to get to the next level. I never once felt confused or stranded on DAMY, I always knew that if i was confused or had questions I had someone there to ask. Amy is also extremely supportive. Amy’s motivational emails and insight are something that continuously kept me going – she is simply amazing :).

Being a part of DAMY has become part of my life. I am able to cook the recipes for my family and friends and everyone LOVES them!! Whenever someone asks me for a recipe I tell them to check out DAMY, everyone I know actually knows what the DAMY program is because I cant stop talking about it! DAMY is not a diet nor is it a short term fix. DAMY is a lifestyle – plain and simple. DAMY is something that has changed my life, the way I cook, the way I eat, and the way I think about myself. DAMY is a program that teaches you how to live a balanced life inside and out – it is much more than just a meal plan, as I said before – it is a lifestyle.

I have experienced TONS of benefits from DAMY. I have lost weight, I have lost inches, I have lost fat. Not only have I lost things, but I’ve also gained self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love. In addition to the mental benefits that come with being on DAMY I have also learned how to be aware of my body, aware of the foods I eat, and I now understand why I WANT to eat clean and cook healthy meals. I have gained an understanding of the foods that my body does well with and I’ve even learned which foods my body doesn’t like so much. (bye bye artificial sweeteners!!) DAMY has had both physical and mental benefits on me, and also on those who are close to me. My healthy habits have rubbed off on my fiance too who now enjoys eating healthy and exercising with me. I have convinced my mom to start eating clean, and my friends love my recipes! Being able to influence those who mean most to me to be more healthy has been one of the best benefits from DAMY!!

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!! I couldnt be happier with my results from the BBEC. I have truly transformed my attitude and my body in a way that I never thought possible. I woke up today absolutely PSYCHED to wear the dress I bought for New Years Eve and not nervous to stand in front of the camera in a bikini!! The smile I woke up with and the confidence I felt all day is something that I’ve never felt before. I have never been so excited to get dressed up and show off the body I work hard at obtaining. I have completely transformed my mind and body over the last 3 months! I couldn’t have done it without DAMY and especially without the support and motivation from Amy. DAMY is an amazing program that actually works, and I plan to recommend it to all of my friends and family for those who are looking to have a healthier lifestyle and transform their body and their attitude on life!! Thank you DAMY!!!!

– Nikki

Sara’s Success StoryOnly 10 weeks into the Method Program Sara is down 38 lbs and her husband is down 25!

I just wanted to write to you to tell you some things about myself and answer your question. I am not a writer or great with words, so feel free to delete this if I bore you.

I, like every women you have met, have tried my share of diets without long term success. I have always been bigger, but I am also 5’11 so that has helped. I have two sets of twins and have never again been the weight I was when I was pregnant with my second set of twins, thank goodness, but I was headed there again. I needed someone to help me with my weight loss and tell me what I could and could not eat. So I set out to try and see how to eliminate white flour and sugar from my diet and found your website with the information. I was amazed by your results and your other clients and no one had anything negative to say.
I joined without any hesitation and have never regretted it! I needed you to tell me what I needed to eat to live a better, healthier life.

I have to be honest, at first I was a little upset. I was so used to finding a new recipe and making or baking it. This was where my heart soared with joy and freedom. I felt like that had been taken away after the first few weeks. I would look at your recipes and think what is all this stuff, I have never heard of it, no way it can be good Boy, was I wrong! I now love what I eat and get to make.
In ten weeks, I have only had two things that are not on the plan – chocolate dipped fruit and 1 1/2 pieces of a boneless fried chicken wing. I have finally realized that food is a drug or alcohol to me and if I don’t take myself away from it, I have no control. So I have needed to be very strict.

I have been feeling so good, but not just because of the 38 pounds weight loss, which is good, but because I feel better about the choices I have been making. My family and friends have said wonderful things and think I look better, but I really don’t care what they are saying because I know what I’m doing for my body!
I tell everyone about you and your website! My sister is doing this with me and it helps to discuss this with her. My husband has lost 25 pounds eating what I eat, but he doesn’t follow it as well as I do. My kids (6 and 3) now eat healthier than ever and most of all I hope to show them how to eat properly and avoid all the mistakes and struggles I did growing up.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your help, your expertise, emails and recipes! I really could never have done this without you! I plan on continuing my membership with you until I reach my goal weight, and maybe forever! I now know that I could reach my goal weight of 150 or at least close to it and I could never have gotten there on any of the other diet plans I tried!

Thank you again and I pray that you continue to inspire others and myself throughout this journey!”

– Sara



M. – Bikini Body Program Success Story

Amy, I just ordered a pair of size 6 Lulu’s online because my 8’s are too big and keep falling down at the gym. I should also note that when I started your plan, I was wearing a size 10! Nine weeks in, I have dropped two sizes and I feel great, even with a couple of bumps in the road in the form of summer bbqs and vacations. I can’t wait to see the difference by the time 12 weeks is up!
M. (Bikini Body Program Member)







Christina – DAMY Method Success Story

“I am working out every day and I LOVE IT!!! I just bought size 8 jeans and I havent worn that size in 10 years… I am down another 4 pounds. I can’t get over the energy I have and the happiness I have back in my life.  Thank you again, You were the best Christmas Present I got for myself this year! PS: I forgot to tell you my favorite skinny jeans were a size 16… I just bought Size 8 jeans that fit comfortable with NO MUFFIN TOP!! WooooHooooo!!! ;)”

– Christina (DAMY Method Program Member)





Ruby – DAMY Method Success Story
(First 3 Weeks)
“Hi Amy I wanted to let you know I am down 9.4 pounds in less than 3 weeks.Everything is loose. When I run on the treadmill my small size pants now start to fall down..LOL! Even my fitted lululemons!My starting weight when I started with you in November was 148.6 I broke through the 140s and am at 139.2.” -Ruby

(After the 8 Week Program)
“Hi Amy!! Monday will be 8 weeks that I have started with you at a weight of 148.6. This morning I woke up to 133.6. My goal was 135. That is a total loss of 15 pounds in 8 weeks. I will write a detailed email tomorrow about my goals for 2011!!! Really feeling it XXXOOO”

– Ruby (DAMY Method Program Member)





Holly – DAMY Health Bikini Body Success Story

“I was the typical yo yo dieter. I’d try a diet, lose the weight, stop the diet because it would not be realistic and sustainable, and gain it back. With the bikini body program and eating plan, it doesn’t even feel like I’m on a diet. I’m never hungry, and it’s amazing how good your body feels when you cut out all the extra preservatives and stick with clean eating. I’m not going to lie, I had my struggles, but Amy’s advice could always put me back on track After being on this program, I’ll never go back to how I was before. This program is sustainable and this is the reason for my success. I’ve lost 12 inches and nearly 15 lbs! Let’s just say I have never seen those numbers on the scale before. This program works. Period! I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what your fitness level!”

– Holly (Bikini Body Program Member)





Sonja Gaston Bikini Body Program
Sonja Gaston Bikini Body Program 2
Sonja Gaston Bikini Body Program 3



Trisha – Fat Blaster Success Story

“Good Morning Amy.

Well, week one is done…. 8 pounds GONE!!! This is a GREAT program!!! I’ve been on other programs and have not seen results so fast…and the food is good!

Cheers! To You and Your Program!”

– Trisha (Fat Blaster Program Member)







Julia – DAMY Method Success Story

When Asked – What sets DAMY apart from other weight loss programs?

I have significant food allergies and DAMY fit into my nutritional needs beautifully.  Most other programs I have considered did not fit, so there was no point for my participation.  I have been a “clean eater” for many years, but this program gave me some ideas and options that helped me get out of the food rut we had been in.  The nutrition and fitness support along with the positive motivational support is the DAMY difference!  If you put positive out there it comes back!

Amy, I feel that biggest success in this experience was finding my positive!  Yes, I did have fabulous results losing 18 pounds in 8 weeks and improved fitness but that pales in comparison to the improvement that finding myself and my positive has had!  Thanks so much for your help and motivation!

Have a fabulous day!

– Julia (DAMY Method Program Member)





“Wow! Thank you so much Amy!!!! This program has done so much for me, you have done so much for me! I am forever grateful!!!! Thanks again for everything!”

-Holly (Bikini Body Program Member)





Gail – DAMY Health Success Story

How were your results? How much weight did you lose? Did your size change?

Results were awesome, I’ve lost 45lbs and yes my size changed!!!

How long did it take you to get in the shape you did?

7 months

Did you experience any other benefits to your DAMY Program?

More energy for the sports I am involved in, can walking further than I have in years, was wearing size 18 now in size 12 and even 10, actually look at clothes instead of grabbing the first thing I see that use to help me hide.

How did you find DAMY Support?

Awesome, any question or help I asked for was given very quickly even with the time difference!!!

What sets DAMY apart from other weight loss programs?

Taught me to figure out for myself what to put in my mouth instead of being told what to eat, I found this way I ate what I liked keeping it to what was good and when I craved something I shouldn’t have, Amy helped me to deal with that one example being PIZZA and her caring bubbly personality made me try harder for myself!!!!

– Gail (DAMY Method Program Member)



Joanne Hart DAMY Method







Bikini Body Program Success Story

How were your results?

So far so good. I’m going onto my third week and so far have lost 8 lbs. Lets just say I never remember being 137lbs! my pant size is now a 9 down from an 11-13 depending on the style.

How long did it take you to get in the shape you did?

I have been casually working out for a couple years now but I had about ten lbs to lose before my goal weight. I am now two lbs away and in the best shape I’ve been in in a long time.

Did you experience any other benefits to your DAMY Program?

Increased energy, I had mild acne that has completly cleared up, I feel sexy for the first time in a long time and i’m comfortable in my own skin! Definetly an increase in my self-esteem.

Would you recommend our programs to others?

I have. Anyone who is looking for an easy healthy weight loss solution I recommend this to.

How did you find DAMY Support?

Amazing! any question I have they are there for you, even if it is a small question like “is unsweetened applesauce a healthy snack”, I got a response the same day.

What sets DAMY apart from other weight loss programs?

It’s easier then other programs but still offers a challange. there is endless amounts of clean eating recipes and I love to cook. Making healthy brownies and knowing I can eat one without feeling guilty is a good feeling. The food is realy and wholesome. I can easily make one meal for my boyfriend and I and alter mine to fit my needs without any work really at all. The workouts are fun a challanging and keep your body guessing. I love this program and can’t wait to reach my goal and show my new body off in Mexico!

(Bikini Body Program Member)



Evangelina Diaz Bikini Body Program



Hannah’s Success Story“DAMY Health is unlike any other weight loss or fitness program out there!”

DAMY Health fell into my lap. Just weeks after attending the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio and meeting fitness models Jamie Eason and Tosca Reno I was more than ready to loose the excess weight that had slowly crept it’s way onto my 5’2” frame in the last three years. I was ready to get back into my size 2-4 jeans and XS shirts that had been hanging in my closet since graduating high school. But I was lost and could not do this on my own. DAMY Health is unlike any other weight loss or fitness program out there. The first thing that caught my eye was the transformation photo. Wow! What I was even more surprised to learn was that the model in the photo was also the person who created the program. I was seeing firsthand what this program could do for me and that was exciting. I have not found any other program that allows me to have unlimited access to the creator of a weight loss or fitness program. The encouragement is out of this world. I firmly believe that having an accountability partner is crucial for weight loss. I get that with DAMY health! I love how simple and laid out the program is. No more spending endless hours trying to figure out an eating program and flipping through fitness magazines to find which exercises I would do that week (which may not even help). The meal plans are straightforward and allow me to choose the foods I want to eat. Too many times I would get stuck in the same old exercise routine because I would become ‘comfortable’ with the workouts. I love that all I have to do is look at the workout plan for the day and execute it. Gone are the days of doing the same routine every day. All the information is right at my fingertips. The program is simple but it’s not easy. There’s much effort needed to go into this program. But the outcome is so worth it. I like how the eating plans and the exercise plans go hand in hand. I really love that the Bikini Body Program is so affordable. It is $100 for 12 weeks. That’s a little over $8 a week! Considering what I get for $8 a week, that is a major deal. Last year I spent $45 every month for a 30 minute session with a personal trainer. They never once asked me what I wanted to achieve. They also told me I needed to eat meat, which I wasn’t willing to do. They never took my journey to heart like DAMY Health does. DAMY Health allows me to be a vegetarian; which is important to me for the physical aspect and animal rights aspect. It does not cut out food groups, but encourages me to eat all the food groups. I don’t have to count points. I love that it teaches me to eat whole, clean foods so that when I’m done with the Bikini Body Program I can continue my journey. It’s definitely not a 12 week diet. Some diet programs encourage the saying, “everything in moderation.” I believe this to be true for some people so they don’t feel like they are depriving themselves. But it took a while to train my body and taste buds to crave clean foods. If I eat a slice of take-out pizza or a chocolate cupcake, my body and taste buds want those kinds of foods. DAMY Health gives me access to healthy alternatives so I can stay on track.

I love being a part of DAMY Health because it means I’m doing something to better myself and help others to do the same. I’m physically and mentally able to do things I wasn’t able to before, or would otherwise stray from. I am never alone with DAMY Health. That is a big one for me. Having accountability means everything in my weight loss journey. I love that I get constant uplifting through the daily emails. By being a part of DAMY Health I am making healthy meal choices that both my mom and I can enjoy. My mom has taken a liking to many of the recipes I have made from DAMY Health. Whenever I don’t feel like doing my workout for the day, I can go on to the facebook page and read about others’ transformations and that encourages me to give it my all.

I have experienced many things in the last few weeks being on the Bikini Body Program. I am even more excited for more changes as I continue my journey. Although I have not lost a great deal of weight, I can feel my body composition changing. My muscles are getting tighter, I’m becoming stronger with my weight training, I’m standing up taller, my jeans are baggy and I fit into my size 6 jeans! The physical aspect of this program is, after all, the reason why I joined the DAMY Health team. However, I had no idea what difference it would make in my life beyond my physical appearance. Since joining, I have become more disciplined in my everyday life. No more are the days of sitting on the couch for hours at a time. I have more energy than ever before. Being disciplined to wake up in the mornings and do my workouts before my day begins allows me to have more energy throughout the day. I hardly ever get tired in the afternoon now. My sleeping pattern has been off track for many years now. I was even on a sleeping medication to get a good night’s rest. The next morning I was left with feeling hung over but without the great night before. Now I’m completely off the medication and getting a much better sleep. Telling a newly 21-year old that she can only have two servings of alcohol a week sounds like such a silly idea. But, with a lot of slack from friends, I have stuck to it and it saves my bank account as well! After all, alcohol was one of the contributors of my previous weight gain. I considered myself to be a pretty nice person before starting the program, but now I find myself smiling at people in the grocery store and other places. Overall, in my three weeks of being apart of the DAMY Health team I have experienced some amazing changes!

Amy has been a huge inspiration for me. The extra bonus is that she’s really sweet, encouraging, and truly cares about her clients. That makes her outstanding in my book. Thank you Amy!

– Hannah (Bikini Body Program Member)



Kaycee’s Success Story“The Bikini Body Program is such an incredible value!”

I haven’t been a member of DAMY Health for very long, I’m just finishing my first week, but I had been following your blog for quite a few weeks before signing up. Immediately after reading the first few blogs the first thing I noticed was how much heart and soul you put into every aspect of DAMY Health. In every single blog post I could tell how much you genuinely care about health, HELPING and ENCOURAGING people to reach their goals. It’s so refreshing and invigorating to know that there really is someone behind me all the way to pick me up when I fall down (and I’m not going to deny that this will happen a few times, I just have to make sure I get back up and back on track). There are so many programs out there that just CLAIM to want you to get to your weight loss goal (many of these I have been a part of), when realistically… they only care until they get your money lol.

DAMY is so flexible with the meal choices (all healthy and delicious options with the freedom of adding spices sauces flavour and YUMMINESS to everything!). DAMY is RELIABLE and structured, and I absolutely love it!!!! I used to get up everyday and do whatever workout I had read in my latest issue of Women’s Health Magazine. These were always great, but I’d only do them once… then do something else, and something else, and then something completely different again. There was absolutely no structure to what I was doing and it wasn’t doing anything for me at all. I love waking up in the morning and KNOWING what I have to do that day. Like I said, I’ve only been on the program 1 week, but I’ve got the achy muscles to show for it (YAY!!!!)

One of my favorites, I think is that DAMY is so realistic! I was doing the P90X and Insanity programs before this, and sure they made me lose weight. But WHO in their right mind would want to do that every day for the rest of their lives? Certainly not me…. that’s why I stopped lol the Bikini Body Program allows me days OFF, as well as the freedom to separate my cardio and strength training. Not only that, but its always different! AND with the private site, there’s the option of switching it up even MORE!!!! (recipes included, good lord I love your smoothies and your “larabars”, protein balls, EVERYTHING. I’ve tried so many. teehee).

Last but not least, The Bikini Body program is such an incredible value, and you don’t need me to tell you why! Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and even though I don’t think you’ve mentioned it, a DARN good cook that gives me TONS of recipe options for any meal. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Oh and Also, DAMY Health seems to be so true to what you stand for, its honest about everything, no sugar coating! (Literally and metaphorically… hahahaha :D). I’m so grateful to have you in my life now!!! Thank you SO much!!

Being a part of DAMY health is just like ALWAYS having a health encyclopedia at my hand whenever I need it. That “YOU CAN DO IT” attitude is gosh darn hard to come up with on your own, but having the forums and access to the DAMY professionals, yourself and David, it makes it loads easier to get through those weaker moments. As I said before, the meal plan options are so extensive, I am not limited to just 6 different options per meal with 1 snack a day, or something else crazy like that. I love love love the way you have it laid out, so I can choose my protein, my vegetable and my “grain” depending on what I’m feeling that day. Choices. Amazing 😀 Diet? nowhere in sight. The plan is more like training someone how to eat healthy with appropriate portions for the rest of their life. The way it’s supposed to be!

It’s only been a week, and I already see a difference in my muscles!!! They were achy after the first workout so I KNOW its working!!!! My arms are getting more defined, and at some point, I WILL have abs! lol :D. I can already tell that this plan is going to be a complete body transformation for me (as well as a healthy eating transformation, mostly at night… I’m a night eater lol or, I WAS a night eater). The foods I eat from this meal plan make my body feel a million times stronger; I swear I can almost feel my metabolism roaring after every time I eat! (is that possible? It is now!) ESPECIALLY after a hard morning workout (I love morning workouts, makes the whole day go better!!!) 😀

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful program for the people who can really use the help. You’re so encouraging and unbelievably helpful. Not to mention user friendly!?!?! HELLO BLOG. (best thing since sliced bread? pretty much!!!!!) I check every single day to see what else you have created or just want to share.

Thank you SO much. lovelovelove

– Kaycee

“Hugs, Kisses and Cookies” ……… healthy protein cookies of course. 😉 (Bikini Body Program Member)

Kaycees Before and After Pictures



Karen’s Success Story“DAMY Health is the first program that I have recommended to friends, family and clients!”

One of the biggest things I find is that it is not a “fad diet” or a nameless/faceless program. It is a great way to show how to accomplish a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose weight, tone up and feel great about yourself and what your doing. The support is unbelievable and response time is fast. You feel like your individual needs are recognized and problems are addressed by someone who understands/cares about helping you achieve you goals. The direct link with the creator of the program is the best! You’re not going through “umpteen” different people to find a right answer to a question. I could go on all day about the great differences there are when joining with DAMY Health, but I’ll stop here 🙂

I love the fact that I know so many people doing one of the programs that it has worked for or is working for. There is a huge support of the DAMY Health community for each other, which is a great motivator (aside from the already fabulous motivation from Amy herself)! The menu of healthy meal options is awesome! There are things listed to suit everyone from the fussy eater to people who only have so much time to prepare a meal. I don’t feel like I’m on a “diet”, personally I wouldn’t do something that starts with “D.I.E” so the fact that it’s teaching a healthy lifestyle is perfect for me! I also love that it is easy to follow. After the initial shock of “what I cant have…” you realize that there are a lot of choices there and you have room to get creative with recipes as you are not really as restricted as you think.

I have benefited by losing a few pounds and some inches of garbage weight around my belly/thighs/hips (those horrible areas for we women to try to lose unwanted inches). The toning from the exercises is amazing! I’m loving the results of the effort I have been putting in! I find with being happy about what I see in the mirror my confidence has gone up. I find that I have more energy throughout the day to work, play, and exercise. I feel happy in my own skin again!

I have to say how much I love this whole experience! The support and care Amy gives to everyone is amazing. DAMY Health is the first program that I have recommended to friends, family and clients. Amy you’re an amazing individual and we all love and appreciate your hard work and dedication to helping us reach our goals!

– Karen (Bikini Body Program Member)



Jessica’s Success Story“I love how it is an actual plan that is a realistic lifestyle and not just a fad diet!”

I love the DAMY programs because they are so affordable and they work! I love how it is an actual plan that is a realistic lifestyle and not just a fad diet!

I love the numerous healthy recipes! There is always something new and fresh that I can try that fits in with the lifestyle.

My favorite benefit – my body shape is starting to look a way I never thought it could. Next up would be the amount of energy I have. I can’t forget the increase in my self-esteem, confidence, mental clarity…the list could go on.

I love all the positive energy I get from the DAMY site and Amy – you rock! Knowing that you are a real person and you went through all the same struggles as me is such an inspiration; the sky is the limit! 🙂

– Jessica (Bikini Body Program Member)



Megan’s Success Story“I do not feel at all like I’m on a diet!”

What I feel that sets DAMY Health apart from any other program out there is how customized it is. I know you take your time with each and every person to come up with the best program, workouts and meals to make it easy for everyone to participate and get the best results. The people that you have on your program are not just numbers to you, you really want everyone to be at their full potential and reap all the rewards of living a healthy life. You are always there for us, whatever questions or concerns we have you answer them and you do it really fast. You actually take the time to get to know your clients and what sort of lifestyle they have – children, etc. This is certainly not a “one shoe fit all,” “thanks for the money,” “good luck” type of program… You love all your clients and really want to see them succeed and that is why I chose DAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I love about being a part of DAMY is certainly the food!!! I loved food before and ate really healthy, but it has opened my eyes to different things to try and let me tell you, my food is never boring and always sooo full of flavour. I take pictures of my food before I eat it I just love it that much… hahhaha… I do not feel at all like I’m on a diet. Diets are something that come and go, you get where you want to be, then go back to how you were eating before and before you know it you are back to where you started, that is not the way with DAMY… This is certainly a lifestyle change that is easy and there is no way you would ever go back to eating unhealthy after you eat this way. I see people eating unhealthy and there is absolutely nothing appealing about their food. My kids love everything that we eat. Just yesterday we were shopping and Moira saw these little fruit shaped things with sugar in them and asked me what they were, I told her what they were and she said “mummy, people eat sugar for a snack,” with a disgusted look on her face. She’s four; most four year olds would be throwing a fit on the floor to buy those… not my children :). She gets the concept of DAMY and knows who you (Amy) are. This is something that I know my kids are going to carry on throughout their lives!! I feel like being a part of DAMY has brought people into my life, number one I have you in my life now, after school, etc, people go their separate ways and now after years here we are and you are making such an impact in my life! I have starting talking to other people too simply because they are a part of this. It gives us a positive ground for communication again.

I have experienced a lot of benefits. I have suffered from depression for years, this gives me something to look forward to everyday, as soon as my eyes open I’m thinking about my workout, when my workout is done my whole day feels better… On my rest days I don’t know what to do with myself. It gives me the motivation to get through my day and feel great!!! After the first couple of weeks I could not imagine my life without workouts… I will never stop…. it has given me a sense of confidence that if I can do this then I can do other things. I have always wanted to workout, but never have, I was embarrassed to walk into a gym and not know what to do, etc. I love my workouts now and have complete confidence in them. I hold myself a bit higher when I walk now, I know that things in my life will come together, we all go through hard times and it is how we respond to these things that make us grow, I am working towards a better life for me and my family. Things will get better, things will change. I owe this to you and your program. I feel things that I have never felt before, I have confidence and I know that I am somebody!!!

It has made me change a lot of things in my life, I have let go of some of the people in my life that have not been a good influence or that have not helped me grow and it has made me spend more time on the relationships that have done that, I have given a friend of mine the confidence to start working out too and we encourage each other every step of the way, this new found confidence has made this easier for me to do, knowing that it is for the best.

My energy levels have changed. Before I was ready for a nap when Rowan had a nap. Now I am full of energy all day long and find myself doing more with the kids. I have a new attitude that things will get done, there are more important things in life than having a showcase home all the time, if there are toys on the floor who cares, it is our home, we have fun here. Before I wouldn’t allow that. I have learned to slow down… not everything has to be done at once… I spend more time on the little things that matter, reading an extra book before bed is more important than the dishes… I can notice changes in my body but its the changes in my mood, attitude and life that make this program great for me.

I had to take a sleeping pill (2 actually) because I just had soo much on my mind and could not relax, and I had no energy all day long. I have stopped taking these and feel great. I am sleeping great and I can relax now. I also owe this to you!!!!

Thank you Amy, you have no idea what this has done for me and how much I really and truly thank you… I would not be doing this if it weren’t for you… you are soo supportive and give me a boost when I need it. I think what you are doing is soo great, not only for me, but for yourself and everyone around you and involved in this. I am really proud of you and proud to say that you came from here!!!! I talk about you and your program to everyone, how much I love it and how great you are… I wish you all the best in your life and I know that what ever your dreams are that they will all come true because you deserve it… “When you’re from a small town you gotta dream bigger,” right!??!? xoxoxoxoxo

– Megan (Bikini Body Program Member)



Andrea’s Success Story“Everyone keeps asking me what I am doing, and it has only been two weeks! They say I am glowing, and look great!”

Personally, I am in Florida and you are in BC, but I feel like you are right HERE with me. I am new to the Bikini Body Program (second week), and every time I email you write back EXTREMELY fast. I appreciate that so much. It means you really care about your members. You are a HUGE support system for me. You encourage me in every email no matter what question or concern I have. All the different recipes definitely keep the program enjoyable. This is not a ‘boring’ program at all. The recipes keep me wanting to try something new to eat, instead of eating the same thing everyday!!

The workouts (weight and cardio) are new to me and incorporate more body weight, which is exciting. It makes keep pushing for a few more sit ups, push ups, and jump squats.

And, WOW, the program price. You can’t beat that anywhere, especially how I have expressed how quickly you are to answer any of my questions. This program is no joke. I am so excited. It definitely has me eating better, more self-esteem, and confidence. I feel a lot better in just these first 2 weeks. Even though, I have had one too many protein balls (love them!), I have not cheated, and I don’t want to. This program keeps me on track with healthy eating out and no processed foods! I am impressed with myself!!

I really love that I do not feel like I am on diet! With all the different recipes, it’s exciting! I bought my first food processor when I started the program. My husband laughs at me because I really use it everyday (twice a day!). He can’t believe how dedicated I am to this program. He knows how much I want this transformation, and how long I have been wanting to do it. I just could not give up the sweets and processed foods (because they were so easy to cook-not any more)! He likes eating healthy too, but I have to ease him into some foods. That is easier knowing I am cooking for someone else as well. If not, I just refrigerate and eat it myself when able!! It definitely is a lifestyle change, but I love it. Everyone keeps asking me what I am doing, and it has only been two weeks! They say I am glowing, and look great! I love that you are right there if I have any questions or concerns, no matter how important or silly a question might be (to me!) You are quick to answer any question!

WOW! Not so much weight loss, I can’t tell, at least. But I feel amazing these past two weeks! This program is so different. I have so many food choices where it’s exciting. I want to try all this great food and say bye to that other “stuff.” My confidence and self-esteem are definitely better. I have an attitude that I can get through this program with amazing results (with your help, of course!). I love that the food I am putting into my body is ALL nutritional. It’s very different in that no calorie counting, but that is okay. I never knew before how much fat is really good for you (and carbs!). This program is just AWESOME! I am so thankful to you in so many ways!

THANK YOU! Please keep the recipes coming! You are a huge inspiration to me. This program, that you have allowed all of us to share with you, is just wonderful.

– Andrea (Bikini Body Program Member)



Holly’s Success Story“DAMY IS PRACTICAL!!!!! It is so easy to follow no matter where you are!”

DAMY IS PRACTICAL!!!!! It is so easy to follow no matter where you are. There is always going to be choices out there and DAMY Health allows you to make the right choices. It doesn’t just tell you how to eat; it gives you the knowledge to know what to look for and how to eat clean and healthy. I personally found that Amy thrives to help you become aware of how your body is changing, not just the physical aspect but also energy, mood, anything you can think of. I found her weekly check-in questions not only were for her but also allowed me to become aware of how I have changed. I would even go so far to say it’s not so much a clean eating plan but an awareness plan! It is so great and simple, I barely even have to think about it anymore, it just comes natural.

I am from a small town and the closest “big city” is four hours away. My biggest concern with this program was the amount I was going to have to pay to buy organic and clean. I would say I’ve saved money but I’m not spending more then what I was before, and I even have money left over to buy my boyfriend little treats for his lunch! I love the lifestyle, I feel proud when people ask what kind of diet I’m on and my answer is “I’m not on a diet, just eating better!”. It feels so good to know that this program actually works and the support is absolutely amazing!!!! Amy is Great! Any question you have she can answer, and if she can’t she’ll find the answer for you. You really do feel like part of the DAMY family!

Since joining DAMY Health, I no longer have the diet mentality. I’m no longer a yo-yo dieter and I still allow myself to have a treat here and there. I have lost 10 lbs now and recently took a trip to Mexico. I have never been so proud in my bathing suit and I could tell my confidence had definitely boosted. My bathing suit bottoms were a small which for as long as I can remember, I’ve never been a small! My attitude was better and my relationship with friends and family has grown. I no longer nap in the afternoon and find overall I need only about 7-8 hours of sleep to feel well rested for a day of work and then a workout after dinner, where as before I needed 9-10 hours to have the same amount of energy. Overall DAMY has never once been a negative experience for me and I will continue down this path. This is now my lifestyle and I am so proud to be part of this revolution!!!!!

AMY is amazing. Like I said before, any question she’ll answer. The moral support from her is also amazing. Recently, my father-in-law was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer which is now slowly slowly spreading over his body. He is only 56 years old. When we found out, of coursed we rushed 8 hours away to where they live to see them. Being around family and lots of social events my clean eating went down the drain and needless to say I fell off the “bandwagon” so to speak. When I e-mailed Amy to let her know what happened, I have never received so much support from any one person. She was so amazing and I am so grateful I was able to lean on her emotionally when I needed a lending ear, and not only that, she has helped me to get back on track. Thank you Amy for everything you have done for me. You’ve changed my life and I am forever grateful!!!!! You are much more then a health coach, you are a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with and an inspiration to all!!!!

– Holly (Bikini Body Program Member)



Debbi’s Success Story“There is no other program out there that has this kind of support and guidance through the whole way!”

For me weight loss is incredibly difficult, I am constantly yo-yoing in my weight, feeling insecure and unhappy. What has helped me with the DAMY Health method program is that it’s not a counting calories kind of ‘diet’ because it’s not a diet at all; it’s a way of life. Whenever I have a stupid little question or am having a rough day, you are always there to email back and give me the support I greatly need, especially when I am in an environment where people are telling me that I am being ridiculous eating like this and it’s never going to work because if I wasn’t born with abs I won’t have them. Amy, you have helped me work through some of that. But it’s also the fact that I’m not giving up any foods, if I want pizza, there’s a recipe for healthy pizza. I have never really cooked before and this past Sunday I made an entire clean turkey dinner on my own, to which my mother raved about. I’m not only learning how to be healthy and happy but I am also learning much needed life skills, portion sizes, cooking tips, etc. The list of benefits is endless. And there is no other program out there that has this kind of support and guidance through the whole way.

My favorite part about DAMY Health is the support. It is difficult making changes in your life and when you have someone with you, championing you the entire way it means so much to me. I laugh because I once told you how I thought I was eating so healthy and I told you what I had eaten that day and your response was something along the lines of, not one thing you just listed was healthy, but now I do that for my family. I look at what they are eating, boxed meals and frozen dinners, stuff I use to eat that I would now turn my nose up to. Also the recipes on the website have opened up my taste buds. I have tried foods I never would have dreamed of eating before and they are all so good, because of the different recipes to cook them.

Since being in this program for a short 2 1/2 weeks I have lost 5 lbs and have toned up my legs, arms and a bit of my stomach, things I
thought were never going to change because I was already working on them. But what I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t doing it properly. I also feel so much better after I eat, I never stuff myself and feel gross after a meal and my general happiness level has increased, I am finding myself more content with everyday life and less stressed and I don’t seem to worry about the things I can’t really change as much anymore, although I am still a work in progress.

I just want to say thank you Amy for being there for me. You are amazing. I never dreamed I would crave veggies over a donair ever in my life, but I am enjoying so many new foods and you are always there when I have my stupid little questions, so thank you!

– Debbi (Bikini Body Program Member)



Laura’s Success Story“It’s amazing to have a trainer take the time to ask the questions, how are you, you seem stressed, you are working too hard, what can we do for you. Not only does she ask, Amy also truly cares what your answer is!”

Any chance I get to talk or write about you is a moment I refuse to let pass me by. I honestly cannot say enough good things about DAMY Health. I love how when I get off work, sometimes at 3 am, and I check my email, Amy replies within 10 minutes. Yes, 3am!!! I do not expect this at all it is an added bonus. Amy carries through on her promises, with enthusiasm. You get on-going support as a member of any one of the DAMY Health programs, as well as amazing support when you are on DAMY Lifestyle. Without the ‘check-ins” for the maintain portion, it would have been easy for me to lose motivation to stay as healthy as I have been. The dailies to the Monday Motivation and now the newer food ideas, keep me going. What I also cannot get enough of is the new ‘good for you’ treats. I loooove my chocolate, so any chance to turn it into something that is DAMY approved, I am on board.

I love that when I tell Amy, hey my inner thighs and tris need help, she points me in the right direction and modifies my current workout. If I have not changed my workout in a while, she asks, “hey, how are you liking the workout?” It’s amazing to have a trainer take the time to ask the questions, how are you, you seem stressed, you are working too hard, what can we do for you. Not only does she ask, Amy also truly cares what your answer is.

I really enjoy having a private website that I can go to when I need a new ab program or meal idea. I get bored easily and need to be challenged and eat different things. I feel that with DAMY Health the ideas are endless. Just when you say to yourself, that is it, there are no more ideas, surprise Amy comes up with a new one, hence the 3am emails. I was just at Chapters yesterday with a fitness magazine in hand, I scanned this mag, and then put it down. I thought to myself, I don’t need them because I get personalized, more interesting information from DAMY Health. So I am saving trees, money and keeping my new years resolution.

I have connected friends, boyfriend, mom, mother-in-law, and next co-workers, up with DAMY Health.

The benefits… well, I joined for weight loss. However, I feel better. I have more energy and sleep better (new program so my body loves the rest). The biggest benefit for me has been finding support in healthy living and connecting with Amy, who has become a huge part of my days and an amazing friend.


– Laura (Bikini Body Program Member)



Julie’s Success Story“What sets DAMY Health apart is that there is no other program that deals with the mind body and soul!”

What sets DAMY Health apart is that there is no other program that deals with the mind body and soul. This is more a complete lifestyle makeover one that really sticks with you, it not only helps you get a better body but to also become more at peace with who you are.

I love so much but my absolute favorites would be all the wonderful recipes. I have had to go out and buy all new cookware because I enjoy being in the kitchen so much which seems so funny since when I used to diet the kitchen was the last place I ever wanted to be! I also really like all the support I look forward to the weekly progress report so I can stay on track and the daily emails have so many useful tips!

Before I started this program I was tired, fat and lonely. I have found that since I have started caring about myself again and treating my body well I have done a complete 180. I socialize more and most importantly when I look in the mirror now I never talk down to myself but instead praise myself for the changes I am beginning to see. One major thing I never saw coming when I began the program is that I am really organized now and life just seems to flow instead of crash together. Thanks for everything!

I just wanted to say A big thank you for all your hard work and for having confidence in me when I felt nobody else did!

– Julie (Bikini Body Program Member)



Wendi’s Success Story“DAMY Health taught me to be, well, healthy! – The losing weight just was an added bonus!”

Literally EVERYTHING sets DAMY Health apart — I never understood how you could NOT change your eating habits and lose weight – obviously my eating habits got me to where I was so why would I want to do the same only in smaller portions – other programs tell you “yes you can have the French fries, BUT only 14! And if you chose those 14 French fries that was in lieu of something else.”

DAMY Health taught me to be, well, healthy! – The losing weight just was an added bonus! I didn’t realize that I was striving to be healthy NOT skinny — when you are eating healthy, the healthy mind and body follow suit – it’s hard to explain but DAMY Health is not just another cliché weight loss and fitness program – it’s a total overall change in how you operate your days – once that change is instilled you feel better and you feel healthy – because you are!

I really feel DAMY Health is like the life manual. You know when you have a baby and are told what to feed a baby, when to feed a baby and when to introduce certain foods – without that information when my first child was born I would of been stressed and lost – I feel like that is what DAMY Health did for me – gave me the “manual’ on what I SHOULD be doing.

We all know you can CAN feed a baby pop out of bottle – but who would do that?

Well believe or not – was no problem shoving that crap into my body – DAMY Health was more like, sure you can have pop – but why would you do that?? — It just made sense. It’s all provided for you, at your fingertips – literally — I feel like the rich and famous with my very own consultant, and to be honest, DAMY Health treats me like a star!

The part I like the most is the POSITIVE attitude, I feel like I am part of something special – I cannot say enough how positive Amy is.
HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY – mind and body – Yes, I have lost weight, I have remolded my body, I am energized, feel more positive but to me that is what healthy is – a positive feeling everyday!

I wish everyone could be as motivating and positive as you – what a wonderful world this would be! – Keep up the good work – thanks for introducing me to DAMY Health – can’t wait to see what you do next!

– Wendi (Bikini Body Program Member)



Paige’s Success Story“It’s a great feeling having to buy the smaller clothing. My skin has started to look better and my life has become much more positive!”

I have tried a handful of other programs and never have I had so much encouragement and motivation like I have had from DAMY Health. DAMY Health is much more than a weight loss program, it is a lifestyle change. You are not asked to follow a point system in order to guide your eating habits; you are asked to follow a variety of simple meal plans that work and make sense. Being a mother of two small children can make it difficult to lose weight but having the opportunity to do the workouts from home and have Amy with you every step of the way as your personal trainer makes the process much easier.

The best thing about being a part of DAMY Health is the food. You have the opportunity to check out some amazing recipes that are provided to you on the website and you know that the ingredients and portions are meant for your new healthy lifestyle. My family loves the new, tasty dishes that I make plus we feel fuller for longer!

My personal experience from being a part of the DAMY Health program has been fantastic. I have never been able to lose the baby weight from my two kids and I have finally starting to shed those pounds and am only on week 6 of the Bikini Body program. It’s a great feeling having to buy the smaller clothing. My skin has started to look better and my life has become much more positive. By not feeling hungry all of the time I am able to concentrate better.

Amy Layne has been fantastic. I am the type of person that asks a lot of questions and not once have I waited for something to be answered.
Although you may not be in the same city or province, DAMY Health gives you the opportunity to have your own personal trainer who is there to motivate you and help you to achieve your goals.

– Paige (Bikini Body Program Member)



Evlynn’s Success Story“Being part of DAMY Health is more like being part of a family than a program!”

Everything about DAMY Health sets it apart from other programs. There is nothing like it. The support is amazing. Amy is amazing. She really cares. Other programs are more than happy to just take your money and forget about you. Amy sent me a training program when I told her I was considering doing a half marathon. She is able to put together customized workouts for you to help you reach your goals. AMAZING!!!

Being part of DAMY Health is more like being part of a family than a program. I know that may sound corny but it’s true. Amy especially is like the sister I never had….again….corny. Sorry. The recipes are to-die-for! Amy is a magician in the kitchen. I have so much energy now!

You can’t NOT have a positive attitude with Amy in your life!

DAMY Health ROCKS! And Amy… well, what can I say….LOVE HER!!! XOXOXO

– Evylnn (Bikini Body Program Member)



Sherry’s Success Story“I have FINALLY reached my physical fitness goals, and without the help of the DAMY programs none of that would have been possible!”

For the past few years I have pretty much tried every diet plan known to man! I’m serious, weight watchers, pills, cleanses, you name it I’ve tried it! Then about a year and a half ago I finally lost about 25 lbs. My approach was definitely similar to DAMY. But I just figured zero calorie foods were zero calories even if it was packaged foods! But I knew that there had to be a healthier way to live! With that, I could never really seem to get to my “ideal” weight! So… after searching for a healthier way to lose a lil more weight, and reach my fitness goals, I found DAMY! I love the clean eating approach! I feel like not only have I been able to reach my short-term goals with this method, I will be able to carry it on for a lifetime!

I love cooking, and cooking for others! So I love reading and trying out all of the awesome recipes from the website. Having different options is a must for me, and I love having so many awesome recipes to choose from. There has never been a time while being on this diet that have felt like I have been deprived of any of the foods that I love.

Also, I love that I can write Amy an email and she always writes me back :). And she has never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. I feel like she really cares about her clients, and wants us to succeed!

I have been on this program for almost a month now, and it has exceeded every expectation I could have had! I have FINALLY reached my physical fitness goals, and without the help of the DAMY programs none of that would have been possible! Not only do I feel beautiful on the outside I feel beautiful on the inside! By feeling better about myself I have found that my attitude towards others around me has changed! Positive energy is contagious!

Thank you so much for giving me the tools to better my life in so many aspects! I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been!

– Sherry (Bikini Body Program Member)



Kristin’s Success Story“1 Google search is changing my life!!!”

Every other program is so regimented with food and workouts – there is no room to play or enjoy the new healthy lifestyle that is being created. I love food. Period. I refuse to starve myself, cold turkey cut out foods I love or eat something that I can’t even buy at my local grocery store. DAMY is SO much more fun with food and I look forward to getting into the kitchen to try new recipes. I’ve struggled with the balance of exercise and food for a long time. The DAMY Bikini Body Program is mapping out BOTH in 4 week blocks to keep is interesting (as well as body confusion). It has been made simple to follow, fun and gives me the power of choice! I feel like I’m in control and not the other way around. I love being able to email, Facebook and twitter DAMY and actually receive a reply! That never happens with other programs… ever!!

1 Google search is changing my life!! I found DAMY by accident, a few weeks ago after a night of eating poorly and drinking. I was in need of ways to naturally sweeten my water and a detox. I have tried to eat clean for the past couple of years, but I have found that if there isn’t enough variety, I lost interest… fast! When I found DAMY Health, I just knew that this was my ticket to unlock the rut I’ve been in for years. I have been telling EVERYONE I know about DAMY and have been trying different recipes on my friends who have only great things to say. A close friend and I message each other (we live an hour away apart) whenever we make something new – we’re obsessed!!

My boyfriend is loving the new healthy menu because I’ve never cooked this much in the 2.5 yrs we’ve lived together – he’s getting a break from meal making and loves what is being made. I. Am. Happy!! Really happy – I no longer walk by a mirror and think, Yuck! I see a healthy, happy and soon to be super fit chick who is looking forward to continuing this new lifestyle.

I’m less emotional – which is different b/c 3 weeks ago, I could’ve shed tears at the drop of a hat! I’m definitely less tired in the afternoon and don’t feel the need for a nap when I get home.

Last year, I worked with a personal trainer who spent months shaking that negative monster off my shoulders. Her and I had breakfast together yesterday and she said that I have a wonderful positive light around me… I have found my happy switch. The wonderful thing is that this is only the beginning!! = )

Amy, you are a chemist in the kitchen!! I am so grateful that you have such a talent and that you are willing to share it so openly in your blog and programs. I love the pictures you have posted – it lets me know that I’m making it right!
Keep them coming!

Thank you…. you are an angel!!

– Kristin (Bikini Body Program Member)



Felicia’s Success Story“The workouts are quick, intense and easy to do both at home or at the gym!”

To me it’s a health and fitness program, but most importantly, it has become a lifestyle. DAMY is like no other program out there. The support is great, as anytime you are feeling down, Amy is there to lift you and keep you going. She answers any question honestly and as quickly as possible. The workouts are quick, intense and easy to do both at home or at the gym. If I get bored with a workout, I know who to email and I will have a new supplemental workout ready in a few hours! It’s fantastic and I am so proud to be a member that I am always bragging to friends and family! Where else can you get all of this for only $14 a month! NO WHERE! I Love it!

I love being apart of DAMY Health, and will continue! I love how when ever a new season is coming in, or a holiday is coming up that Amy prepares us all with suggestions, replacements, and reminders! DAMY keeps me honest with myself and my health. Anytime I want to make a traditional meal, snack, sauce, etc. I know I can go onto the DAMY website, or send an email out to get only a healthier version.

I love how my husband may not be 100% on plan with this but he supports me 100% and is always open to trying my new recipes (most of the time he loves them!). I have noticed that I have struggled less with my weight, I complain less, my energy is through the roof on most days and I have a more positive outlook on life.

I have never been overweight, but I have always struggled to be healthier and more fit. DAMY was my answer because it is definitely not a diet, or a phase. It’s a lifestyle choice.
I have experienced nothing but great results. I first started out in November 2010 when I joined the Slim Down for the Holiday’s Program for 8 weeks. In those 8 weeks I managed to lose 12lbs. Since then I have kept that weight off. I have been able to manage my weight at 120lbs. I do sometimes fluctuate, but that’s okay with me because I still feel fantastic. I am physically stronger, fit and healthy. I have a more positive attitude, my energy on most days is incredible. I work nightshifts and I have noticed that I am more attentive and more awake throughout the night. This alone was enough to keep me hooked on DAMY! I have noticed nothing but good things, and I am so blessed to have been introduced to this program because it’s a lifestyle I will continue to live by. Thank you DAMY.

Amy you are an incredible person and help so many on a daily basis. We love what you do and the support you give. DAMY Health is an incredible program that I will continue to talk about with others!

– Felicia (DAMY Method Program Member)



Lacey L.’s Success Story“I am an extremely picky eater so I was shocked that there were so many things I wanted to try!”

The very first reason I wanted to start with DAMY Health was that it seemed like something I could get into and stick with for a long period of time and wow was I right about that!! You guys have made it extremely easy to make healthy choices without it seeming like you are on a “diet”. I have tried many things over the years (No carb Diet, Weight Watchers, and “Googling” different things for ideas on diets) and everything worked for so long but always seemed to dwindle away and eventually I would revert back to my own horrible eating habits that have been giving me problems for the past 7-8 years. DAMY Health for me has been a lifestyle change and not just a diet, which is by far the most important thing that I have been looking for and am loving every minute of it!!! The support is amazing and the price was insanely low compared to every other diet out there! I really can’t say enough about it I love it!!!

I have to be honest, at first I was overwhelmed with the package as there is so much to read and go through but once I was able to sit down with it I realized the options are endless!!! Once I made it through all the food choices and selected a ton of grocery items that I loved eating and many different things I had never thought about eating before! I am an extremely picky eater so I was shocked that there were so many things I wanted to try. I was absolutely amazed with my husband’s willingness to become involved as well. I didn’t really ask him to do this with me, at first, as I thought he wouldn’t want to change the way he ate food and never in a million years did I think he would trade his hotdogs and chips for chickpeas and almonds!!! He doesn’t struggle with his weight like I do so it wasn’t something I would consider to be a priority of his but now he has embraced the DAMY lifestyle!!! He now goes shopping with me to pick out new ORGANIC items that are healthy and now we enjoy trying new things and experimenting with all of our options!!! Plus we were able to use a lot of the new foods for our baby, who is now eating solid food, so we are proud of the fact that our child will be able to benefit from having parents making healthy choices so hopefully he will want to follow in our footsteps and lead a healthy lifestyle as well. It has been so easy to cut out the fast food and junk food with minimal temptation to “cheat” as I don’t crave the unhealthy foods at all as we both know we aren’t missing anything.

I have only been on the program for 3-4 weeks and so far I have noticed a huge difference in my size more so than weight. I love staying home more than going out all the time, which has brought me closer to my husband as well. We always seem to be on the go but now we make the time to make supper at home and pack more for trips instead of relying on eating where we end up traveling to. It is really hard to describe what you have done for us so far and to think this is just the beginning!!! I can’t wait to move forward in my program and keep the positive results going! I needed this push towards a better lifestyle and am certainly enjoying the comfort and security I get from your program. Also I look forward to the added years we will have due to making the best of our lives and embracing the entire world of DAMY Health 🙂

Thank You!!! You guys rock!!!!!

– Lacey L. (DAMY Method Program Member)



Leanne’s Success Story“The support system you receive is unbelievable!”

I think DAMY is different than other program for tons of reasons, but most importantly because the support system you receive is unbelievable! I’ve never heard of 24 hr access to someone for questions…. and receive an answer so soon! For that reason alone sets DAMY apart. I also LOVE the fact that I can search recipes and YUMMY snack ideas anytime! I am always full and satisfied!!! People always assume that healthy eating is boring or just salad; I was that person before I joined for sure! I definitely think my favorite thing about DAMY is the support system… and the fact that Amy is living proof of the results you can achieve if your willing to change your lifestyle. I feel not only am I doing this for me, but I also want Amy to feel proud every time I lose weight or inches, because that let’s her know I am working my butt off and taking this very serious and that I believe in her method :).

I usually have no energy at all, my 8 month old has a lot to do with that. He keeps me busy!!! I’ve been on the program not even 2 weeks yet, I’ve lost 5 lbs and I find myself asking my fiancé to go for a run with me at nights!!?? I hate running, usually!!! Lol It’s the weirdest thing! I feel refreshed, lighter…because I know I have control now, I’m catching on nicely! And the fact I can fit into my pre baby jeans… Enough said!!!!! 🙂 LOVE*

Thank you 🙂

– Leanne (DAMY Method Program Member)



Linda’s Success Story“I have lost 20lbs and went from a size 12/14 back to my size 8 jeans!”

I think that DAMY is so different from any other program because even though Amy gives you suggestions on what to eat you get to chose from the list what you like and want. The workouts are great the variety keeps you wanting more, no more boring workouts. Amy is always there for you if you stumble… and I have stumbled many times. She is only an email away. She made it easy for me to afford to join by having deals on certain programs so you can be a part of the DAMY team. I enjoy making my meals so much and everyone at work just waits to see what I bring for dinner. One lady asked if I could go cook for her. 🙂

I really enjoy being a part of the DAMY Health program because it makes me feel good. The food is clean and there is no more processed garbage. It’s a lifestyle change and you really have to want it… I did. I never felt like I was on a diet, I eat 5 times a day even if I don’t feel hungry. It keeps me balanced, I have all kinds of energy and tell everyone I know about the program when they ask how did you lose so much weight? I say oh my god you have to try this awesome program DAMY Health, it’s so great. 🙂

I have so much more self esteem since I have lost my weight with DAMY. I would never even think about going out with the girls when they asked because none of my good clothes fit and the ones that did were just plain tight and awful. I felt so yucky, I was embarrassed about the way I looked. My mind was always foggy and I even went to the doctor and got checked and he said it was probably thyroid. With my DAMY plan I have a clear mind and way more energy. My weight kept me from getting down on the floor and playing with my daughter, it always made my knees hurt and my midsection always felt like it was in the way it was so uncomfortable. I have lost 20lbs and went from a size 12/14 back to my size 8 jeans. 🙂
I have my small waist back and I love every little inch of it :). I can now get back down on the floor and play Barbies :).

I would just like to say that I am so so grateful for finding Amy and her wonderful program. I was stuck in the weight loss rut and she taught me how to look after myself and become a healthy person so I can be here for many more years for my little girl. 🙂

Without this program I would have probably given up and just gone back to binge eating and stuffing my self with junk food. This program is such a blessing for me and so many other people. Amy you are a great lady and I hope you know that. 🙂 You are such a young person to do such a great thing for so many people. You need to give yourself a big pat on the back and be very proud of everything you have achieved.

Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you so much XX 🙂 Oh and a big thank you from my little girl now her Mommy can get back on the floor and play :)!

– Linda (DAMY Method Program Member)



Sherry’s Success Story“I am a real person on this plan, I am not a person on a member list, my goals, struggles, and achievements actually mean something to DAMY Health too!”

DAMY Health is an unique program that when you join you are NOT a numbered member that received generic e-mails and diet recommendations that all members receive from some unknown leader! We receive personalized e-mails and recommendations about which program will help us reach our goals. I love that fact that even before I was a member, Amy took time to answer questions and I had access to recipes and was able to be part of DAMY HEALTH Facebook group. It ensured me that was was a program that I could follow and could make work before I even paid one cent!! The programs are so reasonable that anyone that needs a weight loss program and coach can afford it without worrying about spending lots of money which can add unnecessary stress when you are losing weight and spending too much to do it, no gym needed if you can not fit into your budget, DAMY gives you the workout and meal plans at one low price!!! Even better it is only $14 a month to stay a member after you reach your goals so you are never on your own to do the dreaded maintenance afterwards. That fact that we can contact Amy so many different ways, it is like having DAMY with us all the time…in the kitchen, grocery store, at the restaurant and even at the parties where the tempting snacks are there to try to avoid. Amy is there to help us make the right choices without missing out on the treats and there to help us buy the right foods for meal preparations at home. We are given our Food categories and how to match them up for our plan and time of day meal or snack, along with recipes. How much easier could it be… IT CAN”T! There are so many meal ideas and recipes to choose from you can’t possible get bored, and the recipes are easy!!

What I LOVE BEST is I am a real person on this plan, I am not a person on a member list, my goals, struggles, and achievements actually mean something to DAMY health too. It means a lot to me that Amy has been through this struggle of a weight loss journey herself and understands. She is a real person that knows what it is like to be a “carb-holic” and have cravings. Amy has done it with good old clean eating and exercise. So, I know it works and I can do it too! You really do not feel like you are on a diet because there are treat recipes, there is no calorie counting or figuring out point values, I am BAD with numbers, they turn me off. All we have to do is pick food from the categories and put them together or even easier we are supplied with meals planned out for us, we don’t even have to make a shopping list, it is all done for us, all we have to do is EAT at the right time and right combinations and right portions…. We can do that, we all know how to eat, and that is all we have to remember to do!!!

There have been wonderful benefits in the past 8 days (that is how long it has been since I joined) I am down 4.75 pounds, and lost 2 inches from my waist!!!! I feel so good, have more energy already, and my family says I seem to be enjoying myself trying different recipes and they eat them too! I just came off antidepressants a month ago and the first 10-14 days were very hard but a few days since joining the DAMY Method program the withdrawal symptoms are gone!!!!

I want to Thank You for being there for me and I want to Thank you for all the great things you have done with so many of my friends. Amherst Nova Scotia owes you a big THANK YOU…you have taken us by Storm and there are a lot of very Happy Healthier people here now, keep up the great work, I recommend to EVERYONE to check out DAMY HEALTH!!!

– Sherry (DAMY Method Program Member)



Jessica’s Success Story“She works closely with you and personalizes your program and guides you on the right path for a healthier lifestyle!”

Amy really gets it and offers her honest, loving support 24 x 7, which is more than any other personal trainer or program offers!!! She works closely with you and personalizes your program and guides you on the right path for a healthier lifestyle. The program cost is minimal based on the unlimited support, nevermind the tips, recipes, workouts and 24/7 support!

I like the idea of having a personal coach, who not only is living proof of what the DAMY Lifestyle promises, but who listens and responds to her clients! On a daily basis, Amy shares new recipes to keep eating clean fun opposed to eating the same old thing! I love the ideas, nevermind her personal recommendations for beauty products!

I feel focused and in control, which goes way further then the number on the scale. I have lost weight and regained self worth. I am excited each day to try a new recipe and be a part of a community of people who want the best from their life. Amy has created this forum… She is an inspiration and it’s obvious her passion is to share her knowledge and give people the tools to live the best life possible!

I feel like Amy is a good friend… She is not someone who is only interested in profit… She loves what she does and it is evident in every message she shares on her blog, email or Facebook. She is truly inspirational!!

– Jennifer (DAMY Method Program Member)



Jillian’s Success Story“DAMY has saved me from myself!!!”

I was worried when I started the program, I’m a fussy eater and I don’t often like to try new foods but this program is amazing in that it doesn’t restrict your choices, they give you a guideline and you choose foods that fit into that guideline!! It made it soo easy for me to pick things I like and also things that were more in my budget range. I’ve also become a person that is trying new things all the time, especially the new recipes. They are awesome.

The support was also a huge thing for me. I am a wife and a mother of two and my family is really not participating in the program with me, so I don’t have a lot of support at home. Amy is a godsend!!! She’s there for you no matter what you need and she’s brought me back from the brink a couple times, she’s goal oriented and smart and those qualities rub off on her clients and have helped to make me a stronger more confident person!!

I have soo many people around me that are doing a DAMY program and it’s now like we have our own little support group! We encourage each other and cheer each other on and help each other through tough days!! There are so many amazing women that are reaching their goals with DAMY and I’m proud to be among them, even on the days when I fall of the wagon!!

DAMY has saved me from myself!!! I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m sad, angry, happy, bored… I had lost all my energy and had started to slip into a very ugly place, where I was unhappy with who I had become. Since starting the program I have gotten my energy back ten fold and even though I’ve struggled a bit I still have seen the light of how amazing my life will be when I get to my goal of making this a permanent thing. I’ve fallen of the wagon so to speak and i just tell myself get back on and see what tomorrow brings!! I’m happier and feel better about myself!!

I’m proud of how far I’ve come and have come to realize that this is a life changing experience. It’s not about losing the weight anymore it’s about being a better me and being proud of who I am, and I’m getting there slowly but I’m getting there.

Amy is amazing!!!! I have no idea how she does all she does but I hope that she slows down enough someday to have some children because if they turn out anything like her they will change the world for the better in amazing ways!!
Love You Amy!!!

– Jillian (DAMY Method Program Member)



Vanessa’s Success Story“I feel better about myself and am not always so tired all the time!”

I think what sets this program apart is the same reason I chose to join… the daily e-mails, the workouts (I always had trouble finding good workout routines, I like the fact that I have choices of different routines for different experience levels – This way, the more I grow into them, the harder I can push myself) and the grocery lists/meal plans. I have searched and searched for effective healthy eating foods, but could never figure out quite what to choose. I like having options right in front of me and always having new recipes to try. So many things set DAMY Health apart from other fitness programs I have looked at. These are just a few I have noticed so far, being only a week into it.

I love the choices. Workout choices, meal choices…it’s great. I also love seeing daily emails and wall posts on Facebook. (Seeing them every day is actually what got me thinking about giving it a try.) I love the fact that there are treats that I can make (with recipes…love them!!) so that I can involve my kids in my healthy eating choices, and they don’t even realize it!! To me, that is so important.

Although I am only about a week into the program, I have noticed a difference in energy. I feel better about myself and am not always so tired all the time. That was always a big problem for me.

I was skeptical about joining the program. Saw the wall posts all the time, and read them but looked the other way. Always thought this was something that I could do on my own, but every time I would start exercising or change my eating habits…it wouldn’t last. I have spent hundreds on Fitness DVDS, Health & Fitness books, different foods to try (some I didn’t like at all…maybe because I didn’t really know what to do with it. Was not a fan of Greek Yogurt the first time I bought it, once I figured out how to use it…big difference!!) and exercise equipment. It was always just me and after a few weeks or a month I would give it up. I like the fact that I have someone that will be checking in on me weekly and always sending me daily emails and newsletters. It kind of means I am not actually doing it on my own. If I quit in a week’s time…there is someone there that knows I gave up. That’s not acceptable for me, so I know this is something that I will see through. It’s one thing to give up on something when no one knows you are doing it, it’s completely different when someone is paying attention. Just wanted to say that much about what I think of the program and what you do. I respect it a lot. Keep it up 🙂

– Vanessa (DAMY Method Program Member)



Sheri’s Success Story“I finally found a plan that works and makes sense!”

DAMY Health has an amazing coach. Amy is always quick to answer our questions, provide insightful advice and she graciously inspires her members.

I’ve explored many online trainer options and had found that the delay between my question and receiving an answer was sometimes days. I feel so blessed to finally find someone who truly cares about the success of her clients.

The programs are inexpensive which is so beneficial for single parents like me. I love that I can contribute only $14 a month for ongoing support and love from DAMY!

The nutrition is basically laid out for you, which is so helpful! In the past, I struggled with putting my nutrition together and ended up eating less than what I should’ve. I finally found a plan that works and makes sense.

DAMY Health rocks! I have been able to use Amy’s meal ideas and share them with my family. Keep in mind that I have a 2, 3 and 4 year old. I was surprised to see that they loved it! You have no idea how thrilling this is for me. The meals are cleaned up and more delicious than the original “fat filled” meal. Haha! I really do not feel like I’m dieting, but living a healthy, do-able lifestyle. Thanks DAMY!

With the few months I’ve been with DAMY, I’ve experienced weight loss, motivation to keep working hard and the realization that I can stick to my goals. This plan works.

My skin has cleared up, I feel lighter and more confident. My sex life has peaked. (Weight does affect your libido and how you feel prior to sex.) I don’t feel like sitting on the couch anymore! I want to be active. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, do something fun outside.
I am so happy that I finally have the energy I need and the positive attitude I was lacking. I can’t say it enough, but THANK YOU DAMY HEALTH! 🙂

AMY – You rock! Thanks for everything you do. I know I may not check in that often, but I love the workouts, the nutrition and your inspiration. You’ve saved me time in the kitchen and have introduced me to so many new, yummy foods. For that, I thank you. 🙂

– Sheri (DAMY Method Program Member)

Kim’s DAMY Method Success Story“My energy went from almost non-existent to unstoppable!!”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I lost 25 pounds, inches all over, dropped from a tight size 16 to wearing anything in size 14. I gained muscle tone and strength, too!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

My energy went from almost non-existent to unstoppable! I feel much better about myself now and have the confidence to take on any healthy lifestyle challenge!

What do you love about DAMY?

I loved that everything I needed to do was written down in my binder, right there for me! I felt in control and like I finally understood what it would take to lead a healthy life. I loved the weekly check-ins too!

Anything extra to say about your DAMY Program, DAMY Health, or Coach Amy Layne?

I owe Amy and the DAMY program everything. I have my annual physical tomorrow and can’t wait to find out how my cholesterol has changed. I know my doctor will be happy with the weight I have lost too!

DAMY was truly life changing.

– Kim (DAMY Method Member)



Olivia’s Success Story“I don’t think I’ve ever had so much success with a diet before in my life!”

To be totally honest DAMY came along at the right time for me. I was already considering purchasing a diet plan (something similar to DAMY) but it was very expensive. I was searching how to make LARABar recipes and then I found Amy’s blog and then, there she was. It was like the angels going “aahhhh!” and there was the light and everything. What caught my eye – and so therefore what sets DAMY apart is that Amy (and David for the guys) are dead, flat, and honest. Amy’s before picture is everywhere on the site, sort of as a reminder that, even though she looks fantastically amazing now, she was bigger and unhealthy in her eating habits too. That she really did go through all the struggles that most people who come to DAMY come through. Also, on the honest front is that where some people would push you to get the most expensive program – Amy looks after your best interests at heart. I was prepared to buy the Bikini Body Program (I’m slightly obsessed with the Bikini Body Program – hello, have you seen those results?!) and I lost about 50 lbs on my own. Amy asked me a few questions, and told me to go with the The DAMY Method program. I was like, are you serious? And she was like yes. Do the Method first, and stick to the program, and then you’ll be ready for the Bikini Body Program…. and I’ll be there with you every step of the way. (so I bought it. it really stuck in my mind, because the Method was on sale at the time… Bikini was not). Usually when people go “I’ll be with you every step of the way” they mean until you pay and you have to wait weeks, and then you get pat answers. No sir, not our Ms Amy. She gets back to you within 24 hours. With a very cherry “Hi doll!” (Makes you feel loved and special), and a full hearted answer, as if she took the time to actually understand what you meant and wants to give you the best choice. And no question is a dumb question… nor is there a limit to what you can ask. Amy commits to you like… white on cauliflower rice :D.

I’m a vegetarian (or trying very hard to be), and the DAMY team is with any vegetarians (or vegans) every step of the way. Things can be moved around, altered, to fit your lifestyle. (try being vegetarian, and a student!). And if you think this is your typical diet: WRONG! She teaches you how to love food as it is, no unnecessary spices or seasonings and tons of yummy options.. Hello. Key Lime Pie Protein Balls. Fudge chocolate cookies. Where else can you eat food like that (and not have to count points, or net carbs and other nonsense). No counting, not foolishness.
I lost about 10-13 pounds with DAMY. And I know more will come off. And Amy is right there. And she’s happy for me. Which makes me happy.

I love that Amy cares about my emotional wellbeing as well as just trying to get the weight off. She really is about holistic as well as nutrition and fitness. You can’t be happy when you are thin, if you aren’t happy. Every week during check in, she asks “How are you feeling? What’s going on? Do I need to know anything special?” And these aren’t just random questions, to ask, them. They help you see how your relationship with food is, try not to focus on food as a crutch and so forth. There are tons of lifestyle changes… if you think you can never have a drink again – well Amy has recipes for that. If you want to see how the others are doing in the program… well there is a place for that. 

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much success with a diet before in my life. And there is a reason for that. This is not a diet. It’s clean eating, laid out for you, simple and easy. Everyone asked me how am I doing it, and I say: Amy Layne – DAMY Health. I recommended this to EVERYONE. (including my mom).

I feel loved. (this makes it sound kinda stupid) but I mean that whole heartedly. Amy doesn’t make the weight loss the whole sum of my existence. I’m more than just the number on the scale and Amy sees that. So yes, I have weight loss, and size is changing, and the “magic number” that I want to reach is closer and closer each and every week… but my mind set is change. I am a very positive person for everyone else, except myself. Amy is changing my “doom, doom! I suck at everything” attitude, and changing it to “Yes, i CAN.” I’m more focused in school, my skin is more clearer (and I’ve been clean eating for a while too). I have weird work/school hours, but I have much more energy. 

DAMY Health is changing my life. It’s become a part of my life, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Love Amy. Love DAMY Health. Love yourself and get it.

Amy. You are awesome. That’s it. The very fact you can put up with me – well that just makes me feel utterly happy. 🙂 Thank you for Method – even though it’s tough (in the “I love to cook with spices!” sense :)), it’s working, because I feel it working. I love DAMY Health because it’s making me part of a healthy lifestyle eating family, and I love you because well you are awesome and a great inspiration.

– Olivia (DAMY Method Program Member)



Jen’s Success Story“It’s like having your own personal trainer and nutritionist!”

To me, what sets it apart the most is the personal interaction… check-ins, phone calls, e-mail’s answering any questions or concerns, etc. No other program I know of can offer this. You may be able to call an 800 number and talk to somebody, but it will never be the same person… they don’t know you, know what your going through, what your struggles are. They won’t look at what you’re eating and suggest things to change that may help. Other programs are very impersonal. You are a number and not a whole lot more. With DAMY, it’s personal… you talk to the same person each time, that same person answers your e-mails with all questions and concerns. Suggestions are made for your eating plan and workouts. It’s like having your own personal trainer and nutritionist!

I love the accountability DAMY offers. For me, especially at the beginning while I’m trying to break bad habits, I need to know that I’m going to have to answer for everything I do and eat that week. Amy will be waiting for me when check-in time comes around!

I love that I can zip an email with a question or concern and I know that there will be an answer waiting for me in no time at all. I’m not left to guess at what I think something means or what I think I should do…all I have to do is ask and I’ll know that I’m doing it correctly. I don’t feel like I’m drifting along on my own!

The food choices are out of this world! I can have my favorite things that were a forbidden food on some diets. The beauty of DAMY is that it’s not a diet… it’s a lifestyle!!!! This isn’t a temporary thing to do until you drop some pounds; it’s a new way of living! And when I do fall, which is bound to happen, it’s not like you have to start all over at square 1. You just pick yourself up and keep on going!
I love that it’s not “weird” food that you have to buy in a gourmet store or food my family won’t eat. I don’t have to make 2 different meals each night…what I eat, they can and will eat. They also love to do the workouts with me! It’s great to be able to show my kids a healthy way of living. Rather than grabbing a cookie or a bag of chips, they go for veggies and hummus, apples with PB, and rice cakes with almond butter! It’s great to see that they LIKE these snacks. I’ve even caught them turning down candy from their friends because “it isn’t healthy for me”…YEAH!!!!

I haven’t been with DAMY too long so I haven’t lost a whole lot of weight loss. However, the changes I have noted so far are clearer skin, a more upbeat and positive attitude, and a “can-do” attitude. I know that it’s going to take some time to drop the pounds I want to, but I’m okay with that because for the first time I’m going to do this the healthy way! It’s not just for weight loss this time; it’s for overall health and well being.

Amy, you are amazing. This is a business for you, your job…but you don’t act like it’s “just a job”. You take a personal interest in everyone. You want everyone to be as healthy as you…to experience the great benefits. Your attitude and enthusiasm are absolutely contagious. It’s so much easier to keep going every day when I know that I have someone there cheering me on! You believe in me and because of that I believe in myself for the first time in a LONG time.

– Jen (DAMY Method Program Member)



Jessica’s Success Story“My skin is glowing like never before!”

The freedom of the food choices was a big reason I chose DAMY. And the fact that I knew Amy from high school and had heard what an amazing program she had prepared helped a lot too. The fact that she lets nonmembers “troll” her FB page and blog is a great help too. It allowed me to kinda test drive the program if you will before committing to the program.

Community support is a huge one for me! The fact that she’s a local gal and a lot of the people from “home” are on the program helps. I know the people who are struggling some days along side of me. The personal support that DAMY lends is huge too. At this stage postpartum it’s been really tough and I have had a really difficult time. I haven’t lost much weight (4lbs and I’m almost done the program) (none of which is DAMY’s fault!) and Amy has been right there to say it’s OK. Tomorrow is a new day and we can get through it. She has helped me break through some emotional eating issues that I have and has taught me that every day is a new day. Even though I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to, my family has adopted a clean way of eating and learned lots of new recipes. We have all benefited from DAMY.

Like I said above…. the benefits are endless. I have become more aware of my emotions and why I eat. Following the DAMY program has taught me the benefits of clean eating and eating on a regular schedule.
Also, my skin is glowing like never before!

Great job Amy! You have created an amazing program and have helped endless women not just shed the pounds, but change their lives! I feel proud to say that I know you, went to Brownies with you! (LOL!!! Do you remember that? I found a picture recently and realized it!) and recommend your program whenever I get a chance!

– Jessica (DAMY Method Program Member)



Evlynn’s Success Story“She is able to put together customized workouts for you to help you reach your goals!”
Everything about DAMY Health sets it apart from other programs. There is nothing like it. The support is amazing. Amy is amazing. She really cares. Other programs are more than happy to just take your money and forget about you. Amy sent me a training program when I told her I was considering doing a half marathon. She is able to put together customized workouts for you to help you reach your goals. AMAZING!!!

Being part of DAMY Health is more like being part of a family than a program. I know that may sound corny but it’s true. Amy especially is like the sister I never had….again….corny. Sorry. The recipes are to-die-for! Amy is a magician in the kitchen. I have so much energy now!

You can’t NOT have a positive attitude with Amy in your life!

DAMY Health ROCKS! And Amy… well, what can I say….LOVE HER!!! XOXOXO

– Evlynn (DAMY Method Program Member)



Melissa’s Success Story“I love the support of course and the fact the choice of foods are easy and don’t break the bank!”

Having only been in the program for a couple of days, the big thing that I see right now is support. Knowing that I can email Amy and she emails me back quickly with an answer is fabulous. I have been eating clean for a couple of years but have had 2 babies in the middle of this. Gained a lot of wait with my last and it has been very difficult getting it off. I felt like I needed more accountability and someone to guide me in the right direction. I also needed to know what foods to eat at what time of the day too. All of these qualities is what led me to DAMY Health- the support and detailed list of foods as far is when to eat to them. 🙂

I love the support of course and the fact the choice of foods are easy and don’t break the bank. HA! I also like how the recipes that are available consist of unprocessed foods, easy to make, and are really good! I love everything about DAMY Health.

Like I stated earlier, just started a couple of days ago and haven’t weighed myself yet, but I have experienced more energy and my clothes are starting to feel not as tight. When you feel good in your clothes, that is a major boost in self-esteem. Sometimes I think people get so consumed with the number on the scale and they forgot about the other things that are important when eating healthy. Yes I want to do it to lose weight, but I also want to feel better about myself and gain more confidence. I do believe that being a part of DAMY Healthy will help me to accomplish my goals of overall health. 🙂

Just want to say that I have bought into a lot of “weight loss” programs and would always feel like I was one in a million other people out there doing the same thing. Never had any support. Just said here this is what you are supposed to eat and thank you for your money. 🙁 I don’t feel like that here. The fact that I am able to talk with someone and get help in this process is worth every penny! Knowing that I have support from someone who knows what they are doing…PRICELESS!

– Melissa (DAMY Method Program Member)



Sabrina’s Success Story“It is an excellent program for those who want 100% personalization and have someone who truly cares about your goals and wants to help you achieve them!”

As a person who struggled with weight my whole life, I finally was able to lose 95lbs in a year and a half by exercising and making better food choices. I was ready to continue my new lifestyle by continuing to eat healthy and toning my body so I was looking for a program that would help me to better myself. I wanted a program that I could do in my everyday life and not have to be confined to calorie counting or food scales because I wanted to embrace the “lifestyle change.” After all, you can’t go to a restaurant with your food scale right? I found DAMY Health on YouTube one day and after watching a few videos I went to the website and looked at what DAMY Health was and the various programs offered. They were all so great and very affordable! There was actually a special for the Fat Blaster at $38.00. The timing couldn’t be better because at that point I was at a plateau in weight for about four months. The Fat Blaster was amazing and I was able to lose 5lbs which felt so great considering my body was not changing for the past four months. I felt more energized and ready to continue DAMY Health. I was offered to continue my membership by doing weekly check-in’s, getting advice, recipes and so much more! I was amazed at how affordable it was…only $14.00 per month! The other programs that I had looked at were in the $100’s and offered little to no personalization. Amy is always there to answer any question you may have and offer advice to better achieve your goals, no matter what time you can email her and you’d be sure to get a response super quick! It is an excellent program for those who want 100% personalization and have someone who truly cares about your goals and wants to help you achieve them.

My favorite part about DAMY Health, other then the AMAZING personalized support from Amy, is the recipes and daily blogs from Amy. I tend to get bored very easily with food and I am always looking for new ideas. Amy sends so many recipes, as well as many being available on the members-only site, that I always have something new to try. There are also great recipes for those with a sweet tooth, which is very helpful considering that is my major downfall. The program has enabled me to continue my lifestyle change and I am always improving. Every blog sent offers new words of wisdom and perspectives that always keep me motivated just when I think I am going to give up or just when I am going to grab that candy bar. I open up my emails for inspiration and support to keep me going strong.

Being a part of DAMY Health has giving me so much energy! I am the type to take frequent naps. But, when I am eating the right foods and exercising according to my coaching from Amy, I find that I am in much better shape in terms of having energy and not needed that afternoon nap to help me get through the rest of the day. The program has made me more toned and I noticed that now it’s not about weight loss for me but more of toning and eating the proper foods to continue to get my metabolism burning. At one point during the program I was going through a depression and I went to Amy to talk about it. It made me feel better that someone was going to be there for me when others would not. It gave me motivation not to let it take over my new lifestyle and try to get through it and come out in a positive. And by keeping my mind straight, I did just that.

DAMY Health is the best decision I have ever made. Like I had mentioned before, I have dabbled through other programs and nothing compares to DAMY Health. There is so much support from Amy, as well as affordability, that it makes continuing my lifestyle change much more easier and continues to motivate me to make better choices not only with food and exercise, but with life in general. Had I not found DAMY I would probably be stuck in a plateau because nothing was working. I recommend the program to anyone looking for a change in his or her food and exercise habits or just someone ready to jump start on a healthy lifestyle.

– Sabrina 🙂 (DAMY Method Program Member)



Christina’s Success Story“My kids have even tried a lot of the foods and like them too!”

DAMY Health is GREAT! It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle and also one you can stick to! There’s also lots of neat foods you can try, many of which I haven’t tried before but love it! Amy’s very creative when she’s creating these recipes. And if you need any help, support, have questions, need encouragement Amy’s always there! 😀

I love DAMY’s foods and the fact that Amy’s always there for encouragement. My kids have even tried a lot of the foods and like them too!

Since joining the DAMY Health Program, I lost 4 lbs the first week! Before that, my normal loss was 1-2 lbs a week. I never lost 4lbs in one week before DAMY.

Amy is AWESOME 😀

– Christina (DAMY Method Program Member)

Maddie’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“My arms and shoulders are more sculpted and I finally got rid of that bit of pesky fat on my back!”
While on this journey I lost a total of 8 pounds. I wasn’t overly concerned about losing numbers on the scale, (but it was nice to see) as i was more concerned about just changing the appearance of my body. The before and after pictures do not do any justice for what happened to my body. As a whole I lost 10 inches! I am definitely one that when I lost weight it just slowly comes off everywhere and not one place more than another.

My clothes all fit better, I was able to get some new summer shorts in a smaller size and overall, even though I’m not to my goal yet, I feel tighter and tinier! My arms and shoulders are more sculpted and I finally got rid of that bit of pesky fat on my back! I’m very excited about that one!

I think best of all, my sure fire reinforcement of my improvement was one Saturday when my husband decided to come to the gym with me and do my functional workout and he only made it half way through, and he is a fit guy! It was at that moment that he and I both realized exactly how hard I had been working; and it was so rewarding for me to know that I could do that workout completely!

DAMY has also helped me see the discipline I have in myself. I was very proud of myself to see that I had the self discipline to go through the whole program. I feel it’s something not a lot of people can say they did/do. My self-concept and self-esteem have been boosted, I have more sustaining energy through the day and I sleep much better at night!

What I loved most about the DAMY program was the daily emails. The little motivational quotes or pictures that I got each day really helped remind me what I was trying to accomplish and the only person that was going to stop my was myself. They have taught me to just be more positive, no my body isn’t in the perfect shape I’m trying to get to at the end of the 12 weeks, but that’s okay, I can look back and see how far I have come and how much easier it will be to get to my goal now more than ever. Those emails are definitely what got me into the right mindset!

I loved how much Amy was always cheering me on. Especially on those weeks that I felt i wasn’t getting anywhere! She reminded me that I was getting somewhere and so I couldn’t give up as I would only regret it! I love her optimistic personality, it definitely is what took this program from good to amazing!

– Maddie (Bikini Body Program Member)



Belinda’s Success Story“With other programs I’ve always been made to feel guilty about a slip up, but Amy just encourages you more! She truly wants everyone to be the best that they can be!”

DAMY Health can’t even be compared to other weight loss programs! I chose it because of the positive motivation and basically personal cheerleader it comes with! The program I’m doing (Method) is so easy to follow no matter how busy you may be or what fitness level you’re at and the personalization of it was what attracted me to it.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready for a complete lifestyle overhaul and DAMY Health was just what I needed! Old habits are hard to break, but the change does not feel impossible anymore with all the positive motivation and support that comes with being a part of the team! I’m a very picky eater, which always made most of the “fad” diets too hard to follow, but being able to make smarter choices about the foods I do like makes the DAMY Health lifestyle doable!

I am still new to the program, but the change in my attitude towards everything has already drastically improved. Putting together my binder as soon as I printed the program gave me such an empowering feeling… I think it was my “ah ha!” moment!

I think if everyone thought more like Amy Layne the world would be a much more caring, positive place. I’ve been following DAMY Health on Facebook since the beginning and she has never stopped encouraging people to be their best in the most positive manner. With other programs I’ve always been made to feel guilty about a slip up, but Amy just encourages you more! She truly wants everyone to be the best that they can be. Thank you!

– Belinda (DAMY Method Program Member)



Beth’s Success Story“I love that Amy is there for me all the time. The support is phenomenal and the food is great too!”

DAMY gives results! Since my son was born almost 3 years ago now I’ve tried so many different diets and workouts and I would lose a pound and just gain it back again. Running 5k a day just isn’t reasonable for me… DAMY is. I can do everything in my home while my son plays. It hasn’t even been a month and I’m almost down 20 lbs. This is HUGE! DAMY isn’t a bunch of beautiful woman making me feel like crap about my weight. DAMY is one beautiful woman saying “You can look like this too, and I’m going to help.” I love that Amy is there for me all the time. The support is phenomenal and the food is great too. I don’t feel like I’m on a “diet.” Every recipe I’ve tried to date is 10x better than the version I used to eat. My boyfriend stopped buying groceries and just eats at my house because he loves my “diet food.” Most days I’d be lucky to get my son to eat supper… Now he eats his own and I’m left fighting for mine too. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that by having a healthier lifestyle I’m also helping other people to be healthy.

I think my favorite part is that DAMY does it all. I’ve worked out, I’ve seen nutritionists… but nobody does both. Yes, the woman at the gym might give me a pointer here and there but she doesn’t specialize in healthy eating. DAMY is the real deal. I can go to one place and find everything I need to know.

I love that I can eat most of the foods I ate before. The recipes are different, better for me AND they taste better. I like food… that will never change. Now I can eat and not feel guilty every time something tastes good. I love being able to make my family happy with the meals I cook every night.

Since I started with DAMY I’m down almost 20 lbs! I feel great! I know I still don’t look much different, but I know that the ball is in motion. I know change has started and that makes me feel fantastic. I have 10x more energy than I did last month, I can play with my son when he wants without it being such an effort. I’ve even noticed a difference when I walk up the stairs. I still get winded but not as bad. I just feel much better as a person. I’m starting to love and appreciate me again.

You rock! The whole thing rocks! You should be very proud of what you’re doing for the world. 🙂

– Beth (DAMY Method Program Member)



Melissa’s Success Story“I feel healthy and am making better choices in every part of my life!”

I like that I have 24/7 access to somebody that can answer any questions I may have about my diet.

I love that I am making a lifestyle change and that when my 8 weeks is up I know I will see results and will keep seeing them. I have had a lot of problems with my stomach, I’m really sensitive to a lot of foods… Nothing in my diet plan makes me have that “I feel gross” feeling. I feel healthy and am making better choices in every part of my life.

I feel very positive about the future, have more energy, and love looking through Victoria’s secret KNOWING that I’ll be able to wear one of those cute outfits REALLY SOON!!!!… and Its been a long time since I could do that and look good!

Amy your a sweety and I love what your doing! As long as you always beat to your own drum life will bring you lots of rewards! Thank you xo

– Melissa (DAMY Method Program Member)







Sabrina – Fat Blaster and DAMY Method Success Story

How were your results?

I lost about 4-5lbs which was helpful because I had been on a plateau for about 5 months. My clothes were fitting loser and I felt lighter, energetic and leaner. I could finally fit just right into the size 5 jeans I had.

How long did it take you to get in the shape you did?

Prior to DAMY Health I was beginning a “toning” journey after a weight loss journey where I lost 95lbs in a year and a half. The Fat-Blaster helped to continue and BETTER my toning jounrney. I am currently contining getting into better shape by finishing up the DAMY Method program.

Did you experience any other benefits to your DAMY Program. Ex. increased energy levels, smaller pant sizes, changes in attitude?

Like I said before. My clothes were fitting much better and I felt lighter. I felt more energetic and leaner.

Would you recommend our programs to others?

I would really recommend DAMY Health and I have even mentioned it on my Youtube Channel!

How did you find DAMY Support?

DAMY support is amazing I always feel motivated to do better each week because I want to see the feedback on how well I’ve done and what I can further do to improve my diet, workouts and overall health.

What sets DAMY apart from other weight loss programs?

DAMY is different because it’s not about counting calories, measuring, or some complicated system. It’s simple real food with smart eating and right portions in mind. DAMY teaches you how to balance healthy eating and exercise during everyday life activities. It’s genuine one on one support that caters to your specific needs 🙂

– Sabrina





“DAMY, I thought you might like this… Lady comes up to me at the grocery store and said, “you look wonderful” thank you I said. She then asked “did you really do all this following Amy’s program?” I replied  “Sure did!”

I am a walking advertisement, Gotta love it!!!”

– Gail





Claire McNeil DAMY Method







Julia – DAMY Method Success Story

How were your results?

I lost 18 lbs!  and Yes I did change my size.  I went down to a size 6-8 (depending on the brand).

How long did it take you to get in the shape you did?

Despite my physical limitations, I managed to improve my fitness!  I have gotten back into swimming (my long lost love)!  I continue to improve and have etched out some time each day for my fitness.  This is something I had lost track of somewhere along the road of being Mom and girlfriend and friend and working full time.  Your program helped me stop and take stock of what is necessary for me to be fit and healthy so that I can better manage my other roles.  RE-FOCUS of priorities was the key for me!

Did you experience any other benefits to your DAMY Program. Ex. increased energy levels, smaller pant sizes, changes in attitude?

I had gone out to buy larger pants prior to starting the program.  I was soon able to put those pants away.  My regular pants fit looser than they had previously and I even went out and had to purchase smaller ones!  So empowering!  Each day is an opportunity for improvement!  I can do it and I am!  I have always been a list maker (but had lost site of my own needs-so I made a list for that) and your love of lists really struck accord with me!

Would you recommend our programs to others?

I have recommended the program to others!

How did you find DAMY Support?

I found your support very positive and helpful!  Loved the recipes and motivation!

– Julia





Kristy – DAMY Method Success Story

Did you experience any benefits to your DAMY Program?

Absolutely! Clothes felt awesome, I got a lot of compliments, felt so much better about myself, my attitude was much better, pms didn’t seem to effect me much, overall completely healthier.

Would you recommend our programs to others?

Yes and I do all the time =)

How did you find DAMY Support?

Amy, you’re amazing, you respond quickly, always so positive I just love it! =)

What sets DAMY apart from other weight loss programs?

It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet. That’s what’s great about it.

– Kristy





“Okay, this may sound lame but I had to tell someone! I wore shorts to the gym tonight which I’ve never done and I didn’t once look in the mirror and think woah!

Epic leaps!

This is so exciting for me because I cover up when I’m at the gym and I’m so excited I allowed myself to not cover up as much. I didn’t know how toned I was actually getting until tonight! Thank you so much! This program has been a huge confidence booster and life changing! Love it!”

– Holly





“Hey Amy,

Just wanted to say great recipe with the crepe!!!! I had it for breakfast this morning and my boyfriend had normal crepes and he was jealous of what I was eating for once!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the great recipes on your website! Black bean brownies are next on my list!”

– DAMY Member





“I know you have seen this quote before; however, I want to share it with you again.

I’ve no idea who wrote this but it is beautiful…

‘To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.’

Thanks, Amy, for all you do for me out of the goodness of your big heart!


– Ann





“Hey Amy!

Just wanted to let you know I had an amazing workout tonight and measured myself. Since I started I’ve lost 11 inches!!!! Yay!!”

– DAMY Member





“Wow! Thank you so much Amy!!!! This program has done so much for me, you have done so much for me! I am forever grateful!!!! Thanks again for everything!”

– DAMY Member











“Hi Amy,

Just finished the 3-Week Fat Blaster (LOVED IT!!)….12 pounds gone!    Whooo Hooo I’m going to get the 12-Week Bikini Body eBook today.


Trishsa (Fat Blaster Program Member)



(DAMY Program Member)



Hi Amy,

I started following your blog through a link through Dr. Lee Thompson’s facebook page and wanted to thank you for the article you sent out this week called “This is it”….I can’t tell you how much it has changed my mentality. I’m in the process of some huge life changes and the article gave me so much motivation which I needed at the right time. On top of this helping me, one of my best friends is going through some really tough times and I sent the article to her and it seems to have helped her start to focus to get back on track. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that what you are doing is very much appreciated.

All the best,

Michelle 🙂             (ALP Blog Reader)



“I bought some new jeans this week…….size 2 freakin amazing! Down almost 7lbs the first week. Noticeable differences in my legs, back, stomach and face :)”

(Bikini Body Program Member)



(Bikini Body Program Member)




I just wanted to let you know, yesterday I ran a 22 min 4 km ( 2.5 miles) at an average pace of 8.50 (per mile pace). This
is a personal best for me. I happen to run in miles as my garman watch is set to miles and am not sure how to change it.
However, it makes me SUPER excited to be improving already and it is only run week 3. I am so excited in fact, I am looking at signing up for 1/2 marathon number three for this year.

I have seen results in having a flatter tummy, and thinning out through the chest area. It is not that I ate terribly prior to joining DAMY Health, I think being accountable makes a difference for me, as a result I have noted clearer skin.

Anywhoo. Thanks a million for you insight. I just wish my friends could follow the DAMY train as well.

Laura (DAMY Member)



Thanks sooo much Amy. You have been so great with helping me. I am down 12 pounds all together and I think I am starting to look pretty good.

(Bikini Body Program Member)



Hi Amy!

What a difference a bit of planning makes! and the good thing is it has entered other aspects of my life at work i have begun planning my days and my productivity has doubled! it does make sense that you can’t leave anything to chance. I having been loving DAMY TV aswell for extra bits of needed motivation. You really are inspiring!! i have rallied that my quest for wanting to be skinny has left the building. I am now on a strong and healthy crusade and to be happy with myself. i want to be able to tackle any situation that comes my way. I have been reading back on my journals and wow what a difference!

Hope your well and happy 🙂

Ruth xox (DAMY Member)



Speechless LOL I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting to say this, “Amy, I am ready to start your maintenance program now!” I think I can be happy at this weight.  I gained 2 lbs while I was away but as soon as I got back on the road it was easy to get back to what I needed to do and the 2 lbs was gone within 4 days.

Talk soon and big hugs for all the support you’ve given me!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya

Gail (DAMY Member)



(Bikini Body Program Member)



(DAMY Member)



Wow. I love your blog! I happened to find it just the other day and read almost the whole thing! So grateful to have found you…women like you inspire me! Thanks so much for your giving heart…I look forward to reading much more from you:)

– Kyla (ALP Blog Reader)



The Creation of the Bikini Body Program

“After years of frustration, emotional eating and fad diet after fad diet I got to work finding the permanent solution to weight loss freedom. I went back to school and became a Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer (previously I was a Make-Up Artist and Esthetician). Throughout my weight loss journey I lost 27 pounds of body fat off my 5’1″ frame and completely changed my body composition.This program is based on science and breaking through emotional barriers to achieve your weight loss goals. I am extremely active in all my client’s journeys. Our programs are the BEST Programs Available! This is real life changing methods. What are you waiting for? Be the next DAMY Success Story!”

– Amy Layne CPT, CHN, Lifestyle Expert
DAMY Health Owner and Co-Founder


Amy Layne Amazing Weight Loss



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