As I dive a little deeper into my 30’s this week I can honesty say I am so excited!

For me now being excited for my birthdays is a shocking change because in my teens and through my early 20’s I truly hated my birthdays. They were these painful reminders of another year past and me feeling this deep regret that I was not living my best life. I wasn’t giving any area of my life my best shot.

So I always felt sad and like I was wasting this precious life.

My life is not perfect and I have not met all of my goals but I have stepped into giving everyday my best. And… since doing so I LOVE my birthday.

I look back on the year proud and grateful. 30 was easily the best year of my life and the fact that it was that good without having many things in my life the way I want them to be….makes me super excited to see what 31 brings 🙂

Thank you to everyone that has made this last year so amazing for me. Especially my @DAMYHealth Community.

You bring me more joy then you will ever know. Thank you! Xo

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