So many of us feel guilt when we start to make healthy changes. We fear that others will judge us, that we will no longer have things in common with family or that we no longer have anything to talk about with some friends.

I urge you all to stop judging yourself. Love yourself and your changes.

If you are making healthy changes you do not need to explain them to anyone. Just own the new, healthy you. Be loving and kind to others. Make no excuses for wanting to live a healthy vibrant life. Change your own thoughts about your healthy changes and you will find that you will experience less resistance from others. After all, most of us don’t change… we just wake up to the true magnificence of our lives. We want to live it fully and to the best of our ability.

You are the only one that has to live as YOU for the rest of your life….make it great. 🙂


Make This Mental Shift

A lot of pain and suffering can be lifted just by making this mental shift. When you stop looking around to point fingers and blame…when you turn within…healing happens.

There are wonderful guides in this world but in the end you have to help yourself.

No one can take those daily steps for you. Today hold yourself accountable for your actions and reactions.

In all ways I pray to keep my mind and heart open. Ignorance is tragic.

I would also add – kindness, self-love & being present in the moment to the list of what makes people radiate beauty.



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This is my cold and wet baby seal pup 🙂


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