Sparkling wine or champagne are traditional celebratory beverages. Mimosas are known famously as a side to a fabulous brunch. I wanted to shake up the traditional mimosa and add a little healthy twist.

In place of orange juice I am using Mango Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented beverage that some claim has gut healing and immune system benefits. There isn’t a lot of evidence to support these claims (that I have found) so I highly recommend trying kombucha and seeing how you physically feel.

Remember, there is still sugar in kombucha so it should be used more as a treat or add-on than replacing regular herbal tea or water.

Personally, once in a while I enjoy sipping kombucha. I have also enjoyed making wine sparklers or mimosas with it!

This recipe is super simple – buy a nice quality sparking wine or champagne that you enjoy the flavor of on its own (dry is better) and a couple bottles of mango kombucha.

In each champagne glass fill half with the mango kombucha and half with champagne!

If you are serving these for guests or a special event you can decorate the rim like I did in a couple of different ways. You can dip the rim of the champagne glass in some agave, coconut sap or maple syrup and then into coconut flakes, coconut sugar or ground coconut flakes that makes an icing sugar-like consistency.

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