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Welcome to the first edition launch of The Healthy Rebel! – Our Raw Dessert and Treat Recipe eBook Cookbook.

If you have been a community member of DAMYHealth.com you know that this eBook Cookbook has been in the works for the last four years. We heard your cries for our first eBook Cookbook and wanted to wait until we had a ton of fabulous natural recipes to give you at once.

This has been a long awaited labour of love.

Why The Healthy Rebel?

The Healthy Rebel has a lot of meaning for us here at DAMY Health. On one level I, myself, am a “bad girl gone good”. Being a rebel runs in my blood and embodies who I am. The irony of that is I am extremely focused on health.

When I set out on my journey to lose body fat, gain muscle, be happy, healthy and successful in life I knew out of the gate I would always be a rebel. Every diet book I read told me I couldn’t have desserts. I didn’t believe it and I wouldn’t accept it. So, I set out on a journey to create natural, whole ingredient, real food dessert and treat recipes that I could have once a week or to serve during occasions while still losing body fat.

This is how I became The Healthy Rebel. I wanted cake and to fit in my skinny jeans.

All of the recipes you will find here are raw. Raw here at DAMYHealth.com means uncooked and as unprocessed as possible. If you long to be 100% raw please ensure all the ingredients that you have purchased are sincerely raw. All recipes provided are gluten free. Please ensure that this is true to the products you purchase if this is a concern for you as gluten can occasionally sneak into everyday foods.

Why Raw?

It is our firm belief here at DAMY Health that consuming foods in their most natural state possible is always the best option. Our bodies naturally know how to process and use real food. When we consume natural whole foods we nourish our bodies and minds. That leaves us in a clear, healthy, radiant state. Our mission here is to move away from the packaged and boxed foods and bring eating back to foods that come from the ground.

Yes, you can enjoy desserts and treats when they are made from whole, real ingredients.

Shock your family, shock yourself and enjoy the succulent flavors of real food again. Enjoy our recipes, enjoy vibrant health, join us in celebrating a healthy life and become your own Healthy Rebel.



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Healthy Rebel Raw Recipes eBook Plus Bikini Body Program
Healthy Rebel Raw Recipes eBook plus DAMY Method Program
*Exclusive DAMY Member Content: This wonderful ebook is now exclusively available to DAMY Health Program Members.

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