How much weight can you lose in 7 Days? What can you really do in just 7 days?

Well, you can really accomplish a lot. You can increase your energy, improve your digestion, improve your sleep cycles, your skin will begin to heal, lose excess water weight & bloat, shed some body fat, watch your clothes fit better, and you can start to feel lean, fit and sexy. You can heal cravings and ignite your motivation to create long term success! Yes, a lot can happen in just one week. AND it only gets better from there.

Looking at our long term goals we can become extremely overwhelmed.

This is why it is so important to focus on feeling good first.

Yes, in the first 3 days of changing your lifestyle you may feel some “detox” effects. In the first 3 weeks of any change it is the most challenging in that you are creating motivation (I believe that real motivation is created. To read more about this check out this post.)

I believe in most cases motivation is created not a lightning strike. I like to picture a goal like pushing a rock up a mountain. Before your new “goal” becomes a lifestyle or habit you have to tend to it with consistency, faith and continual commitment.

The first 3 weeks of a goal or setting a new mindset/lifestyle is like pushing the rock to the top of the mountain. You have to be there daily, working at it, attentive, making the right choices, really working towards getting to the top. But once you get to that 3 week mark your new lifestyle starts to set in and things start to roll on their own. The detox and struggle with change slips away and gives birth to your new way of life.

You still have to put the effort in and recommit often to your journey (always being consistent)… but now you have the flow, the motivation and the healing mind/body guiding you.

Lasting change comes from letting go the idea of a diet and owning a healthy, consistent lifestyle. It is about focusing on feeling good in all ways, choosing always the highest good, or the best choice for your long term health and wellness.

This is a picture of my client Alyssa just 7 days into the Bikini Body Program:


You can read here about Alyssa’s amazing 20 pound weight loss over the 12 weeks on the Bikini Body Program.
Alyssas Bikini Body Program Weight Loss Success
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