I know there have been a couple questions about stevia and its uses. Here are a couple notes about this wonderful stuff!

*If in a recipe I used agave but state that you can use stevia the measurements are not equal. As a rule you always use less stevia than agave or other sweeteners.

*When I bake with stevia I use the Baking Stevia Formula by Krisda. This formula is less sweet.  If you are using the packets they are sweeter and you need less! Make this adjustment.

*If you are a DAMY Health Member and you have any question about a particular recipe just email me the recipe and the question. I will help you figure it all out.

*I highly suggest that you get the baking formula for baking. It is easier to use, less expensive and is the right measurement for my recipes.

*Stevia is great but remember you want to use it in limited amounts. Replacing one dependency with another is never a good idea. You want to have it but not every meal you eat in the day.

*Different brands of stevia have different tastes. Some simply don’t taste very good. Buy a brand that you like the flavour of. If you don’t like one type of stevia try another.

Baking Stevia I use is here: http://www.krisda.ca/productbaking.php

Photo credit – http://www.krisda.ca/

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