EPI 139: The smart way to drink coffee

In today's episode we discuss how to drink coffee to maximize its benefits without risking adrenal burnout. We understand that a caffeine fix can be necessary - here's how to have it safely. This is the smart way to drink coffee (I have been doing this for a few...

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Epi 137: Vegan is not synonymous with healthy

In today's episode we discuss how to be a healthy vegan. When making the choice to stop eating meat only using "meat substitutes" instead of real foods can be a major problem. Switching to high carbs foods is another major misstep to watch out for. More details in...

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Epi 133: How belief and self-esteem can improve weight loss

In today's show we discuss the power of staying positive along a weight loss journey. It is important and extremely beneficial. We discuss why and how to accomplish it. Can you build positivity and change from a "half-empty" person to a "half-full"? Yes, absolutely....

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Epi 132: How to cleanse after holiday eating

In today's episode we discuss how we cleanse after over eating during the holidays. Did you have one too many holiday treats this year? This episode is for you! We cover how to open detox channels, what should I focus on mentally and how can I get back on track with...

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Epi 131: How to survive the holidays (happy & healthy)

In today's episode we discuss a few tips for thriving this holiday season! The holidays don't have to mean a total nutrition, fitness and anxiety disaster. Keep your diet on plan, workouts up to par and mental wellness a priority with our holiday survival guide....

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Epi 129: This one song can reduce anxiety

Today we discuss how music sets the tone for our home (and helps to keep anxiety at a minimum). New research suggests one song might be better than most for reducing anxiety and we have a clip! Is chocolate good for the heart? Not exactly but cocoa on its own has been...

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Our natural birth story

In today's episode we discuss the natural birth of our beautiful baby girl and the vegan pregnancy experience that we had. Our journey was exciting, emotional and so rewarding. This episode details everything we did from diet, exercise, supplementation, lifestyle and...

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Epi 126: Sugar lies and cover-up exposed

In today's episode we discuss how the sugar industry paid researchers in the 1960s to downplay sugar's role in cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes and label saturated fat as the sole culprit. This set off years of low-fat products and diets. Today we discuss...

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Epi 125: 4 Week Shower Cleanse Challenge

In today's episode we discuss how environmental and industrial chemicals can affect our health. Two new studies are out that show significant harm from two completely different sources. The FDA has banned certain anti-bacterial soaps because of their hormone altering...

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Epi 121: Can we find a cure for Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease Prevention: The rate of lyme disease has been increasing rapidly over the last 10 years. Is it due to improved testing, climate change, an increased prevalence in deer ticks or some other mechanism? It is difficult to know. This week the NY Times reported...

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