Today is Day 25 in “DAMY’s 28 Days of Healthy Holiday Recipes”. Here is the count down so far in case you have missed any:

Day 28 – Egg Nog Almond Joy Blizzard
Day 27 – Skinny Molten Lava Cakes
Day 26 – Phyllo Pastry Cups

And today, Day 25…

Today’s recipe is for my Skinny Pecan Pie Tarts – These are unreal!!! You will not miss the real thing this Holiday season with theses little cups of joy!

This pie filling is raw, vegan (when made with Agave) and Gluten-Free. Oh, and it tastes delish! Yes, it does contain fats and sugar but all from natural sources!

This treat is worth it in every day. Your guests will love them too! For parties think about making your Phyllo Cups in the mini muffin tins for bite sized treats.

Today I am showing them made with the regular sized muffin tins. If you want to add to this recipe adding cinnamon and stevia to your cups while making them is a great option. I love them plain to off set the sweetness of this pecan pie filling.

If you have different eating concerns and can not find healthy phyllo pastry you can always make a raw crust simply by grinding nuts, dates and spices!

Make sure to try this easy dessert this Holiday season! Can’t wait to share day 24 with you all!

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Skinny Pecan Pie Tarts

Makes 12 regular muffin tin-sized servings plus.



  1. This is so simple!! Place all ingredients into your food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. Take pie filling mixture and place evenly in your Phyllo Cups.
  3. Top with extra pecans for decoration and added crunch.
  4. Place in the fridge or freezer for a couple hours.
  5. Remove and serve!

Tip – I find the more pecans on the top the better tasting!

Tip – If you do not own a high powered food processor make sure to chop your nuts, dates and bananas well before processing.

Tip – These are great topped with our Coconut Whipped Cream.

DAMY Members – this is a treat recipe to enjoy and serve this Holiday Season.




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