Welcome to the DAMY Raw Food Cleanse Challenge! This challenge is for two weeks. Within these two weeks the minimum we are suggesting is making one meal per day raw and the others as you choose (you can try being 100% raw, 50% or just stick with our one meal per day). If you want to do more than one meal raw that is great but all I’m asking of you is one.

DAMY Method, Lifestyle and Bikini Body Members are all welcome to take this challenge! The emails will be coming right to your inbox with the recipes so no need for additional sign ups. Follow the rest of your program as it is laid out.

What’s All Included:

  • Why Raw Food Challenge?
  • No Pressure Cleansing
  • DAMY Raw Food Cleanse Details
  • What to Eat
  • DAMY Pick and Choose – Raw Food Shopping List
  • Raw Food Cleanse Attitude
  • Raw Food Cleanse Quick Tips
  • Raw Food Cleanse Beverages
  • Share in the Fun – How to Get Started and Stay Connected
  • DAMY Raw Cleanse Daily Affirmation

Raw Food Cleanse Challenge

Why a Raw Food Challenge?

We are taking a gentle step into cleansing. This is going to give your body a rest from perpetually digesting meats, chemicals, dairy, gluten, refined sugars and other processed foods. This is going to give your body a break but also nourish your body with the highest level of nutrients. Cooking fruits and vegetables is fine but there is nutrient loss when we prepare our foods in such a way.

Many individuals when cutting processed foods, dairy and gluten from their diet find they have more energy, feel more vibrant, have glowing, clear skin, experience body composition changes (fat loss), feel more “alive” and have improved digestion. Studies are now showing that eating a vegetarian based diet aids in prevention of multiple diseases and afflictions. So, why wouldn’t we test it out?

This is not forever so don’t freak out. This is going to be fun.

One note everyone must read before they join on and say they are going to do this is: I’m going to say this once and assume we all loving, respectful adults who will all comply to this request. This is not a place to complain. This is a complaint-free zone and I firmly hold this community to that. Spewing negativity does nothing beneficial.

We want this to be enjoyable for everyone involved and not take away from anyone. So, keep it positive, healthy and happy!

DAMY Raw BLT (link here)


No Pressure Cleansing:

Throughout these next two weeks you can use the DAMY Recipes provided or you can simply eat from the raw food list below. This is a no-pressure zone. We simply want to help each and every one of you detoxify your bodies leading up to the month of July.

This raw cleanse is all positive and contains no “must-dos.” This is just a fun cleanse to reset our bodies leading up to the first week of July. We are now making it two weeks so everyone has enough time to get things together and for us to get some of the recipes rolled out. Again, you can make the recipes or you don’t have to. This is a no pressure zone.

DAMY Raw Food Cleanse

So raw means, simply put, not cooked. Raw or living foods have foods that have not been exposed to temperatures above 105 F (this means they maintain their enzymatic and nutritional properties).

Fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds are going to be the base of most meals. If you only had these ingredients you can do this challenge. Soaking and sprouting things like chickpeas and quinoa are 100% on this plan. This is going to be vegan and mainly gluten free (it is unclear if the soy sauce we are going to be using is gluten free or not). Everything else is gluten free and dairy free.

This is just one meal per day and you can choose a different meal each day.

There will be suggested portion sizes on each of the recipes. If you are following these this will help you! If you’re not just eat until you are satisfied. The bulk of your meals should be your vegetables.

Eat vegetables until you are full. The portion of nuts should roughly be the size of a deck of cards or smaller. The portion of fruit should be the same or smaller.
Raw Falafels with Mango Chutney

Raw Falafels with Mango Chutney


What to eat:

If you are choosing breakfast as your raw meal of the day a smoothie is a simple way to do this but I recommend choosing supper for your raw meal. I prefer supper as your raw meal time for a couple of reasons:

One, supper falls at the end of your day so you don’t have to exert as much physical energy after this meal. This is just a precaution for those that are used to having heavier meals – the further away from a raw, natural diet you currently are the more of a change you will feel. For most of us there will only be positive experiences.

The second reason is I’m rolling out some really awesome supper/lunch ideas! For DAMY Health Online Program Members (Method, Lifestyle, Bikini Body) I request that supper be your raw meal of the day as all these recipes will fit into your supper meal.

The basics for the next two weeks is organic, uncooked fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, water and spices. Again, your shopping list can be as simple or complex as you decide it to be.

DAMY Pick and Choose – Raw Food Shopping List:

There is a star (*) by the foods that I think are a must! Anything outside of those is just bonus.

Seeds and Nuts (organic, raw, unsalted is best):

  • *Almonds
  • *Cashews
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Pine Nuts
  • *Walnuts
  • *Flax Seeds
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • *Sunflower Seeds
  • Sesame Seeds
  • *Chia Seeds

Nut and Seed Butters:
Look for organic, raw or cold-pressed.

  • *Almond Butter
  • *Coconut Butter
  • *Tahini Butter

Spices (Organic is best)

  • Apple Pie Spice
  • *Black Pepper
  • *Cayenne
  • *Chili Powder
  • *Cinnamon
  • Coriander
  • *Cumin
  • *Curry Powder
  • *Nutmeg
  • Turmeric


  • *Apple Cider Vinegar
  • *Nama Shoyu (this is a raw soy sauce – Braggs liquid aminos would also work here)
  • *Olive Oil
  • *Sea Salt
  • *Stone Ground Mustard
  • Raw Salsa


  • *Agave Nectar
  • *Carob Powder
  • Dried Coconut
  • *Sundried Tomatoes
  • Raisins

All Veggies – local, fresh, organic is best!
All Fruits – local, fresh, organic is best!


  • Coconut Water
  • *Nori Wraps
  • Dulse Flakes
  • Green Drink Powder
  • *Hemp Protein Powder

Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets:


Raw Food Cleanse Attitude

I want you to go into this with an attitude of cleansing, rejuvenating and loving your body. I want you to think of this almost as a beauty ritual. I want you to feel that sexy, free, natural feeling that eating raw provides you with.

When you go to eat your raw meal take the time to really enjoy it. Appreciate the beautiful, natural colors, the aromas and those succulent flavors.
If you are having dinner maybe even light a candle and make your eating experience the most nurturing, beautiful time of your day.

One meal a day is nothing to ask of yourself. Please keep that in mind. This isn’t to force weight loss. It isn’t a have-to-do type thing. If you follow this Raw Food Cleanse for the two weeks then yes, you will most likely lose some excess weight but this isn’t the goal. The main goal is to just feel great and let your body heal.

Just let this process happen. Journaling during this time could be very powerful. Definitely consider doing this. You can journal about how you are feeling each day, what’s coming up for you emotionally, what resistance you may be feeling towards the experience, etc. Journaling once per day would be more than enough.

If you work this it will work for you. You will only get out of anything what you put in. Bring your best and the sky is the limit. This may be something that sparks exactly what you have been looking for.

During these next two weeks keep in mind that you are cleansing on whatever level you decide. If there were anytime to be kind to yourself, be loving, patient and slow down a bit this would be it. Enjoy this process and just let it happen for you.

Raw Tostada
Raw Tostada


Raw Food Cleanse Quick Tips:

  1. Eating healthy with all your meals throughout the day will give you optimal results here. If you are eating a chocolate bar for lunch then a raw, healthy meal for supper you’re not going to have the results you deserve.

  3. Know going into this that if you do more than one meal raw there may be an adjustment phase. You could experience some detoxification. This could include: times of being tired or moody or a mild headache. These will be more prominent in those who have a more unhealthy lifestyle currently. Stick with it long enough to get past these symptoms. This is just sugar, caffeine, chemicals and preservatives leaving your body. You must go through this to get to the other side. It’s worth it!

  5. If you can, try to connect more during this time with nature. This can be a very powerful experience. Taking a walk in the park or forest, reading a book under a tree or simply just putting your bare feet on grass are all simple and great ways to connect.

  7. Exercise daily to whatever your current fitness level and exercise program entails. DAMY Method and Bikini Body Members you will continue on with your current program.

  9. Make this fun. Use fresh vibrant veggies and fruits, try some different spices, involve your entire family and try some of our fun, raw recipes!

  11. If you have a local Farmer’s Market try shopping there! Go for the freshest, organic and most attractive-to-you foods! This is about connecting with your body and fueling it with nature’s medicine.


Raw Food Cleanse Beverages:

Keep your water up! 2L per day for most people is a great amount to maintain this raw cleanse process. DAMY Health Online Program Members stick with exactly what you are doing for water currently.

If you drink coffee and want to continue doing so go ahead. Just keep it to 1-2 cups of black coffee (or using unsweetened almond milk).

There are a lot of natural herb teas that would be great during this raw cleanse.

Not drinking alcohol would be wonderful.

Coconut water once per day can feel like a real treat! It is a wonderful drink packed with electrolytes.


If you want to take this a step further I have been making a lot of recipes from Rawvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine.

It is really great! It is full of relatively simple raw food recipes.

Share in the fun – How to get started and stay connected:

  1. To get started we want each of you to scroll to the comments below and let us know you are in! This is a commitment to yourself. A leap of faith! You are welcome to come back and comment about how well you are doing at any time!

  3. Next, make sure to sign up for our blog posts to your email. This is how the raw food recipes, tips, tricks and anything that comes up in the next two weeks will go straight to your inbox. You can sign up here:

  4. We respect your email privacy

  5. If you come up with your own raw recipes that are share-worthy please put them in the comments below.

  7. If you have a picture of your raw food creations and want to share it please feel free to stop by our Facebook Page and add the picture! We would love to see it! Go here to add a picture.

  9. If you are on Twitter we would love to chat during this process! Make sure to use the Hashtag: #damyrawchallenge when tweeting!

Spread the love and inspire others by tweeting this link here:

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DAMY Raw Cleanse Daily Affirmation:

Here’s the DAMY Raw Cleanse affirmation for the next two weeks. You can simply say this to yourself on a daily basis, you can write it down where you can see it (maybe on your desk or on your mirror where you get ready in the morning) or you can just read it aloud at the beginning and end of your day.

What this affirmation can do for you is remind you of why you are doing this, why you deserve this healthy cleanse and what your true inner self really wants.

Use this as your focus to maintain a place of self-love during this process (or for anytime you are taking a trip to crazy town!). I find if I start my day with a conscious affirmation it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Here is your DAMY Raw Cleanse Affirmation:

“I am a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman. I deserve optimal health, fun, bliss, peace, success and freedom. My body is my temple. My body reflects my past choices, mindsets and actions. From this day on I choose to honor my body and make only loving choices for myself. I know that what I see now as my physical body is only a reflection of those previous choices. I now envision my body at its perfect healthy weight. This is all I focus on and know that I am currently creating it by every choice, thought and action I take. Today I choose to love myself and build the foundation of optimal health.”

Enjoy this cleanse, be active in our community, support each other and love yourself! Can’t wait to share this journey with you and hear about your success!

For Optimal Results:

Combining this Raw Food Cleanse with either the DAMY Method or Bikini Body Program will give you the best results.

DAMY Raw Recipes (Updated Often)

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