Epi 119: How estrogen imbalance causes weight gain

  Irregular cycles and menopause have both been associated with weight gain but their physiological mechanisms appear to be different. How can an experience of high estrogen levels and low estrogen levels both be associated with weight gain? In today's show we...

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Epi 118: Why are so many people quitting dairy?

In today's show we discuss why there is a wave of people across North America removing dairy from their diets. We are the only species who consumes milk from another species, in general our local industry treats the animals poorly and there are many correlational...

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Epi 117: How sleep is good for marriage

' In today's episode we discuss a recent study published in a Journal of Family Psychology which suggests that a good night's sleep is the key to a happy marriage. The details of the study are covered in today's show. Getting to know the negative effects of a poor...

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Epi 115: The mindset shift that always gives results

In today's episode we discus how making a conscious shift from having "problems" to participating in "challenges" can set us up for lasting health/weight loss success and positive achievement in all areas of life. When you look at any experience, event or occurrence...

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Epi 114: The secrets to breaking a cycle

Today we discuss our step by step process for breaking a cycle. This can be used to pull yourself from any nasty habit or to add a positive pattern to your current lifestyle. We both share examples of cycles we have broken and how we created change when dealing with...

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Epi 113: Can a sacred space in your home improve your life?

In today's episode we discuss my sacred space in my home. This is a space for meditation, journalling, goal-setting, reading, coloring and anything that raises me up. We discuss how my space was developed, everything that is in it and most importantly, how just having...

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Epi 112: Does drinking water really help you be lean?

In today's show we discuss creating positive habits that can contribute to reaching a healthy weight and that have lasting effects on all areas of health. Research has shown that proper hydration is correlated with being a healthy weight and BMI. In other words, those...

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Epi 111: Is cutting sugar worth it?

In today's episode we discuss the risks of high sugar consumption and how beneficial it can be to experience a sugar reduction. We share how we have reduced our sugar consumption, how it has benefited us and simple changes you can make today.      ...

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Epi 110: Weight loss and anti-aging foods to consume daily

In today's show we discuss how beans and legumes can improve weight loss and healthy lifestyle efforts. In general those who eat one serving of beans feel more full and satisfied than those who don't. This has the potential to translate into increased weight loss....

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Epi 109: Secrets of deeply passionate people

In today's episode we discuss how to develop and nurture your passion to achieve your highest potential. Whether you an an entrepreneur, working in a healing modality or actively trying to lose weight and improve your health you will find these tips beneficial....

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Epi 108: How to turn stress and anxiety into personal power

In today's episode we discuss how stress causes us to make poor decisions when it comes to food and exercise choices. When we are stressed some of us lose the ability to remember how bad it feels to eat junk food and what the ramifications of junk food will be. Listen...

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Epi 107: The Ultimate Guide to Cravings

In today's episode we discuss my healthy alternatives to common cravings. This cravings guide is not just for those experiencing the cravings of pregnancy. It is an excellent guide for cravings. Period. Listen today to hear my top recommendations for any craving....

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Epi 106: Where I place my sneakers

In today's episode we discuss new research showing how lifting light weights is just as effective as heavy for lean muscle development. There is only one catch - you need to workout to failure. Can cinnamon improve memory? In self proclaimed "poor learners" it can! A...

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Epi 105: Weight loss plateaus are bulls***…kinda. Part 2

In today's episode we discuss the mental/emotional reasons why you might be experiencing a "plateau" and how to recognize your barriers, break through and/or revert back to holistic weight loss. If you have experienced difficulty reaching your weight loss goals in the...

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Epi 104: Weight loss plateaus are bulls***…kinda. Part 1

In today's episode we discuss weight loss plateaus and how to break through. If you are struggling to reach your desired weight, have been stuck at a certain weight for a significant amount of time or just need the motivation to achieve your next goal this episode is...

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Epi 101: The Truth About Shrinking Your Waist

In today's episode I am (for the first time) spilling how I dramatically shrunk my waist. I tell you the truth about what works, what is a waste of money/time & how you can do this too. I was once called a "pot bellied pig", mistaken to be pregnant more than once and...

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