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Smoothies are a fabulous way to pack nutrients into your diet. They are the best way to get extra greens, fiber, protein and antioxidants into your daily life with ease.

We absolutely adore smoothies. They can be amazing for daily snacks or even for those days that you need a quick meal.

For me I love an opportunity to get greens and veggies into my delicious smoothies. This is a great way to also get nutrients into children or *cough* husbands!

When I regularly have smoothies in my diet I feel glowing from the inside out. I feel the vibrance of the direct live nutrients that I am consuming daily. I often refer to my smoothies and juices as my Green Goddess Juice.

*Special Notes:

  • To any of these recipes feel free to add added protein, leafy greens, greens powder, added fiber/fats or maca.
  • My favorite protein choices to add to smoothies are 3 tbsp of organic hemp seeds or 1 scoop of Sun Warrior Protein Powder (a natural raw vegan protein powder).
  • My favorite leafy greens to add to any smoothie are spinach, kale or dandelion.
  • My favorite added fiber/healthy fats are organic freshly ground flax seeds or chia seeds.
  • Maca powder is not for everyone. Please do your research before adding this to your diet. All supplements have effects and should be only consumed if necessary.

Below are my favorite Green Goddess Smoothies and Juices.


The Best Glowing Green Goddess Smoothies & Juices

All the best super green juices and smoothies including juicing tips and tricks.








Our Favorite Fruity Green Power Smoothies



Our Super Sexy Favorite Green Juices



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