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Like when talking about my raw vegan caramels fudge is a food that I no longer indulge in since being aware of certain ingredients and how they react in my body. That is, fudge that is mass produced or commonly made.

I have since created my own version of fudge that tastes delicious, is high in fiber and is made with all natural ingredients. Yes, you can have fudge again.

The other bonus is this fudge is no-bake and made simply in your freezer. You can add protein to any of these recipes if you wish by adding protein powder or not.

*If you are vegan be sure to use the stevia, coconut sap, maple syrup or agave sweetening options over honey.

Below you will find my favorite fudge recipes in one convenient post.

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Skinny Fudge
Healthy Chocolate Freezer Fudge

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