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If you follow my blog posts, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you know that I talk about temperatures effecting my appetite often. In the summer I am naturally drawn to raw fruits and vegetables.

For breakfast I often find myself having my green smoothie, for snacks I love green juice, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, veggies and hummus, for my meals I love a base of veggies, leafy greens and a mix of any of these recipes below.

I find eating raw, fresh foods during the hot summer months keeps my body temperature lower, keeps me consistently energized during the day and I find myself less irritable during extreme heat. The other great side effect of this is I consistently feel lean, tight, healthy and glowing.

For me, summer is a time to connect with nature internally and externally. Below are my favorite savory meals, snacks, lunches and suppers that I enjoy during the summer months. Enjoy!

The Best Summer Raw Meals
















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