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With the Holidays and Holiday celebrations happening in the next couple of weeks I wanted to give you some healthy appetizer and snack options.

For many of us this is a time of entertaining whether it be at our home or going to others. Either way I’m giving you some options to bring that are savory and that everyone will love.

Yes, I am completely guilty of making more sweet recipes than I do savory. That’s just who I am and how my brain naturally works but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t created a ton of savory snack and appetizer recipes.

Below you will find a variety of mostly vegan, some vegetarian appetizer recipes. These are perfect for serving at your next party or event.

A quick tip to make these recipes even healthier
– I enjoy serving the dips, cheeses and hummus with sliced cucumbers, red peppers, broccoli, romaine leaves and cauliflower.

For the chilli and curry I serve these in miniature ramekins with a small spoon. Everyone gets a few bites to enjoy while standing and socializing.
healthy appetizers

Vegan Cheese ball1

baked zucchini sticks1
Vegan Tandoori Cauliflower Bites1
sriracha cauliflower bites
spicy sweet potato fries1
hummus post
ezekiel chips


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