These ice cream sandwiches are my favorite treat so far this summer! They were so delicious. I served them on a plate and ate them using a fork because I really filled them up with our delicious healthy ice creams.

Yield: Using the recipe linked I made my ice cream sandwiches with 2.5 inch cookies which totalled 12 ice cream sandwiches.

This recipe is gluten free, grain free, all-natural, whole foods, vegan, full of fiber and delicious!

How I Make My Healthy/Natural Ice Cream Sandwiches

I made most of my ice cream sandwiches using the molds featured below. They are so simple. I did however run out of molds so I made a couple ice cream sandwiches using a cookie cutter as a mold.

They turned out okay but not as pretty as the ones where I used the ice cream sandwich molds.

In my freezer I already had pre-made cookie dough blizzard ice cream and strawberry banana ice cream and in my refrigerator I had left over brownie batter. So all my ice creams were ready to go.

For the cookies we used our amazing gluten free, grain free, vegan sugar cookies found here. Make sure your cookies are made cut out using your desired ice cream sandwich shape and are completely cooled.


  1. First, I cut my cookies out using the ice cream sandwich molds.
  2. I baked them and let them cool competely.
  3. I then took the cookie cutter mold, added 1 cookie to the bottom, filled up the rest with my ice cream and placed another cookie on top.
  4. I placed my molds in the freezer overnight.
  5. The next day I simply popped them out of the freezer, out of their molds and served.
  6. It was really simple and the flavors were divine!

If you wish to decorate these as I did simply use our chocolate ganache. The recipe can be found here (just do not freeze the ganache in the recipe linked).

Ice Cream Sandwich Molds



Using a Cookie Cutter as a Mold

If you don’t have an ice cream sandwich mold you can use a cookie cutter to create your own homemade ice cream sandwich mold (The round ice cream sandwich with the chocolate chips on top was made using a cookie cutter as a mold).

Ice Cream Filling Options

All ice creams are vegan unless listed otherwise.

The ice cream sandwiches featured in the photos are my personal favorite flavors. Each of the ice cream recipes can be found linked:

Other flavors of ice creams that are delicious and can be found listed below. Some are being used in the form of blizzards, creamsicles or other desserts but all can be used as an ice cream base for these ice cream sandwiches.

I hope you love these delicious, all-natural ice cream sandwiches as much as we did!

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