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If you are looking for whole ingredient recipes this Holiday Season we have you covered! This is a full list of treats and desserts that are made with real, natural ingredients. Yes, they are still treats and/or desserts but all the artificial junk has been removed.

These recipes are packed with fiber and natural nutrients. Your body will know how to process these foods properly. They are also wonderful for anyone in your life that is looking to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle.

Below you will find a mix of recipes that can fall under categories like vegan, raw, vegetarian, no-bake, high fiber, gluten free and paleo. Take a look through our awesome list and decide which recipes will work for you and your guests.

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Healthy Holiday Chocolate Recipes







Healthy Holiday Pie and Cake Recipes















Healthy Holiday Cheesecake Bites & Squares












Healthy Holiday Cookies, Brownies & Cupcakes


















Healthy Holiday Fudge and Ice Cream Recipes








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